Building With Hempcrete & Lime – Astonishing Insulation & Sustainable Material for Homes

Building With Hempcrete & Lime – Astonishing Insulation & Sustainable Material for Homes

(Building with hemp- hempcrete & lime) we first used as a thinking read must be

in 2003 it on a on a little cottage in Jordan we were using you know our usual

lime mortar and blaster and so on the cottage and the owner was very keen to

use entirely natural sustainable materials and the use of hemp came up and I looked into it

and nobody in used it you know that first job I did with it and and then all

my research about it and I went to France and saw quite a few projects

there were people who were using it and I started using it myself as a wall

insulation and roof insulation all kinds of different things and the more I used

it the more enthused AI was about it the use of Hampshire is a wonderful

natural breathable material incredibly compatible and with the general

principles of good conservation which is vapor permeability and and what have you

and obviously mixed with hemp lime which is what one must use on historic buildings

it’s very easy to use yes it’s you know it’s not rocket science and it’s quite

easy once you get the hang of it these are bags of hemp see this this

particular one is a is a French hemp you can see there I just pull it out here

that’s the what’s called hemp Shivan it’s the woody core of the hemp plant

cut up into small little pieces and this is what we we mix with with lime and and

it can be this can be used as a plaster in our instance we’re using it as a as a

an insulation this is a sound insulation and a thermal

insulation between floors just given a light tamping to solidify
it over here this is hemp wool so this is

made from the outer fibers of the hemp plant and matted together and this is

used we’re using it here as a roof insulation and it’s a particularly

wonderful material to use it’s thick steady it holds its form which is very

important in terms of maintaining its insulation qualities and it’s also much

nicer to install because you don’t have all those nasty fibers getting in your
throat here’s the the hemp will being used in

the in the roof the roof rafters are up here and we’ve created a second ceiling

structure about 300 mil or 350 ml Innocents between the underside of the

roof and these new Timbers here and within that area we we have put three

layers of 100 mil hemp so 300 ml of hemp you can if you look at look up here you

can see the thickness of the hemp there through the through the hatch campus

extraordinarily vapor permeable and you can feel that you up here with this

already it’s comparatively warm since this hemp has gone in the origins of

hemp it was developed in in France originally actually for one of those timber frame buildings you see in in Normandy in England you have a lot of

them as well you build a timber frame and the timber frame ends up in the

middle of the wall and the hemp forms a kind of a big Ward around it see of the

timber in the middle and the hemp surrounding all of the timber frames so

all you see is hemp inside and outside and the timber frame being in the middle

so that would be what’s known as hempcrete so that’s the same stuff we’re

using here only was a slightly different lime mix and with water added hemp costs

are more expensive than conventional building there’s no no question about

that whatsoever but a hemp building comparison with another high

specification building is no more expensive than that really

frankly the bulk of that is actually labour because it’s so labour-intensive

using it in comparison with more conventional materials usually when I’m

talking to clients about the use of hemp in in in a building that’s the criteria

that I explained to them that there are other insulation materials you can use

as well but if you have a strong ecological agenda (sustainable) then hemp really is

the best choice there’s a lot of a lot of misinformation out there about the

use of hemp in building and you know you can’t use it on damp walls you can use

it where where condensation is at issue in various things like if it isn’t cured

damp it’s not waterproof it will rot it is an organic material so you have to

take the entire envelope and into consideration this building here the

house was built in 1740 a typical of its period tall and thin and some

three-story buildings got this lovely cut stone granite architraves we’re here

in County Carlow amount of hemp we use now is less than it was ten years ago

there’s no financial incentives for people to do it and there ought to be I

mean they’re you know you can’t get a grant for hemp you can’t actually got a

grant for any material that is actually suitable for an historic building so

none of the materials that we’re using here are Grant eligible construction

industry as a huge contributor towards you know the whole global warming issue

and hemp could could have a big impact if people allowed it to a curve ( Hempcrete for a sustainable future )

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