Brian Anderson on Being a Gay Professional Skateboarder

Brian Anderson on Being a Gay Professional Skateboarder

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  1. The thing that’s so dope about skating is that the community doesn’t judge. Doesn’t matter your skin tone, or your gender, or your sexuality. It’s a VERY open community. Anyone is accepted as long as you have the love for it.

  2. Literally no one cares that he is gay we just skate for skating

  3. Got more balls than I do

  4. Brandon beibal! dead

  5. "Hey camera, is that a carl zeiss lens you're wearing?"
    I'm dead

  6. i thought everyone who skateboarded was gay

  7. “You’re gay!? Great more pussy for me”

  8. Dude who gives a fuck if your gay keep doing you bro

  9. Your really good dude so who cares if your gay

  10. RIP Jake Phelps 2019

  11. Homophobia implies that people have an irrational fear of gayness. Its completely false. People arnt scared of gays, it just doesn't make sense and its gross to normal people.

  12. get the fuck away from skating, vice. no one cares that a skater is gay.

  13. Tim Osaki Skateboarding Gay Style

  14. I’m not downplaying it, but I feel that being a gay skateboarder shouldn’t matter. At the same time it’s cool they did this video with him because I can say I’ve never heard the term gay pro skater

  15. Dude is the least gay guy I have ever seen. Mad props for his courage man

  16. Lol…Brian is a cub. All about them bear daddy's

  17. Right on. You're awesome.

  18. 942 people are secretly worried that cocks are delicious.

  19. Who cares lol dude shred

  20. He loves riding the wood

  21. Who gives a shit if hes gay. Has nothing to do with his talent for skating.

  22. Man…I have alot more insite on how tough it would be to have that shame. Unfortunately I had my own shame doing heroin every day for 6 years with out anyone knowing. For EVERYONE finding out at the same time. I'm so grateful for forgiveness.. Live on brother.

  23. B.A.= Brian Anderson also B.A.=BAD ASS!

  24. Nobody gives a fuck about a gay skater!!! Vice is has gone down hill!!! Way to political

  25. blondey can relate

  26. Why does it matter that hes gay again?

  27. why does mike carroll try to act so chill in this interview when he is such a raging pussy baby in his video parts

  28. Great dude. More pussy for me. Lmao

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