Boris the Professional – Sysadmin

Boris the Professional – Sysadmin

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  1. i suspect igor and vadim are related

  2. Looks kinky.

  3. Is this the new DrDisRespect stream

  4. Vladivostok's mayor is Igor Pushkarev

  5. DisRespect is that you

  6. I have the same socks as you.

  7. What is this song

  8. Not enough keyboards, blin.

  9. To everyone about to say boris is fat or he is "thicc" watch the end of the video. He pulls a towel out from his shirt.

  10. What does urod means?

  11. Ricky's slav cousin

  12. Im Sure My Grandfather Was In KGB… So Good Luck


  13. How many years of /g/ did you do? and what years? I did 2009 to 2013. Never worked a job in the computers but I know more than enough to know I need to be my own boss if I want to work with computers.

  14. This is The Office (US) but Slavic. Boris is Dwight and Igor is Jim. Keep it Cheeki breeki.

  15. What's that smooth jazz? Sounds nice, if you know the name do tell.

  16. Dwight Shrute intensifies

  17. Work is not called “happy fun time” for a reason.

  18. Kali Linux is my favorite toooo

  19. Igor is Urod xDDDD

  20. Kali Linux is a hacking system

  21. Kali linux favorite OS 😂😂😂 fuck yeah!

  22. Sysadmin is exactly this

  23. I invite every slav in the party. But not Igor, he is urod.

  24. And if Boris was…. a lumberjack ? hummmmm

  25. Slave sysadmin. . . There's a joke here about how old everything or something. Or vodka

  26. Didn’t know Boris is Chewbacca fan, lol!!!

  27. Hmm… Kalinka Linux?

  28. pentium 4, the speed of light

  29. Who wore it first? Boris or Doc Disrespect? Who wore it better?

  30. This guy looks like the slav version of Dr Disrespect…

  31. boris is thiccer then homemade mayonez

  32. He looks like DrDisrespect…

  33. When I grow up, I want t9 be sysadmin.

  34. This all applies to pretty much any computer desk job in the tech world :'D. Oh and Linux ftw! I generally prefer Mint, but have used Kali too.

  35. U look like Dr Disrespect

  36. How is Mashka though?

  37. boris you are not slick daddy, you are slav king. firm handshakes all around, and blyat, was that a fine mustache. good face reveal.

  38. boris is hungarian confirmed (the sunflower seeds he pulls out of his pocket)

  39. i have this set as my homepage for youtube so everytime i open youtube he gets a view

  40. OPA! hungarian semechki and now hungarian translation, too!
    Nagyon jó lett, abszolút átadja az angol verziót!+++

  41. I can't help it, but he looks like Dr. Disrespect

  42. the slav Dr Disrespect

  43. also programmer,
    can approve

  44. How this video only get 500k views

  45. You look like the doc

  46. Thicc Lips, Thicc muscles, Thicc towel under that shirt, Thicc everything, cutie eyebrows, and most of all funny ?!… Damn it Boris, stop rising my expectations, I'll end up single.

  47. if boris was sysadmin, he would be called Vadim

  48. CYKA HACKERS BLYAT!! Pentium 4 in 2019 come on….

  49. That microsoft keyboard is the most comfortable yet the least affordable keyboard. 🙁

  50. Why is this literally my father?

  51. At 3:53 you can see a ring on one of boris's fingers which is the finger where engagement rings are put.

  52. Look at that biceps blyat

  53. Vladivostok vladi-vladi-vostok

  54. I can recognise any hardbass made by Dj Blyatman that's made in the past two years.

    But this up beat lofi I cannot find anywhere, comrades, please help… I can't get this song out of my head blyat…..

  55. He agrees that Linux is superior

    Now you know he’s going places

  56. I work in IT, and relate to this on a spiritual level xD

  57. Nahui Blyat why you show us your skin?

  58. 2:03 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  59. Looking handsome👍 блядь!

  60. Debil get off my account!!! Btw I don't drink coffee.

  61. Cashews blyat? No semechki? You going all soft and western spy on us? 🙂
    [Edit] My mistake. Looked like cup of cashews at first. Got worried

  62. I'm curious to know where he is actually from.

  63. Poor Игорь.

  64. Lol..I'm glad I found Boris' channel. He is really him…

  65. 4:22 Best way to solve tasks at work, OMFG

  66. Are those a wig, or real hair?

  67. this video is hilarious

  68. Thats not kali lmao

  69. My man a beefy BOI

  70. 'He steal stapler? I drunk his coffee with Laxative'

  71. install gentoo, it'll fix all slav problem

  72. I use kali linux too lol, for multiple purposes from FM radio station to watching xvideos.

  73. Whait is this boris?

  74. I thought Boris is Belarusian but then I realized
    he is Russian

  75. someone calls
    "No that is not my job. IS NOT MY JOB DEBIL"

    10/10 what we Sysadmins do.

  76. Possibly your finest video 😀

  77. never thought i'd see slav chewbacca play sysadmin

  78. URODDD :DDDDDDD OI BLYAT I turn my pc like that

  79. i love watch mashya and bear

  80. As a sysadmin I feel personally attacked blyat

  81. Inb4… Shash-link
    Kali is best debelian distro

  82. Too much mayonnaise and kvass on your front boris

  83. Replace every 'Igor' with 'Vadim'.

  84. What is your issue with Igor…

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