Book The PERFECT Gig with These 5 Tricks!!

Book The PERFECT Gig with These 5 Tricks!!

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  1. What's that flourish you're doing on the thumbnail?

  2. holy sh.t my birthday was really the 22 of June ,u mind blown me with the "youtube prediction"methode

  3. Do you speak as good German as English

  4. Where can I get decks in bottles?

  5. Really really helpful video, I will definitely use the one with the invisible deck and the locked box.
    I only have one question about a problem I am dealing with lately… How do I know when I am ready to do my first gig?

  6. Awesomeness😄🍒

  7. Hey Chris i loved the video and advice but it was a little misleading. i thought you meant magic tricks in the title. please just change it to tips or something. But i learned a lot from this anyways! keep up the great work 🙂

  8. June 22nd is my Birthday…

  9. I loved this
    Really needed this
    Thanks Chris

  10. Oh. So when you say tricks, you mean tips. Not prestidigitations.

  11. I've never appreciated a channel more than Ramsey's right now. Out of every magicians channel I've seen, I've yet to find any that truly go into the logistics ans technique of the craft and art itself rather than just a series of cheap tutorial videos.

  12. I like you soon much can you give a video of turning the card in finger

  13. why are there white circles around your pupils?

  14. please more of these vids!!!?!?!?!?!

  15. Hey chris how much does the average gig pay?

  16. Thanks so much for this video Chris. This is really helpful. I feel like I know how to make a strong impression with my magic now. All of your stuff is great! There are a few other really good Magic Channels on YouTube, but none like yours where you actually go over basic presentation and give tips on what you personally do for things. Keep up the good work man. @ChrisRansey

  17. You are awesome, Chris!

  18. We magicians are becoming more extinct day by day, the 21st century has taken over everyone with technology.

  19. yo i have question . can anyone tell me where can i find the chris ramsey's video when he REACTS on the stealing watch and the impossibulb 😂
    please tell me guys .


  20. I could sell one deck and buy things (cutprogramm…)for a Youtube Channel and maybe show magic for german people

  21. Great marketing idea. Do you ever do lectures?

  22. such a great video. so much information, I really needed this, was stuck for a while with gigs and approaching businesses so thank you so much for that 🙂

  23. which one do u use the most?

  24. awesome vid, very helpful advice!

  25. hey, great tips man! and chris could you pls pls pls show us how you do that one trick that you talk at 4:00 ?!

  26. dud your very creative

  27. This video is actually incredible. I can only imagine how powerful these tricks are in practice, definitely going to be using them to score my first gig, thanks!

  28. Hey Ramsay how is it going? Im Esteban, 21 years old and i been performing magic for 12 years already , just want to let you know that you rock man, pretty funny and cool videos, keep going on that, have a great day!

  29. Is your fedora from Village hat shop? It looks like their crushable hats I have one brown and a grey one. They have cool fedoras for cheap
    great video btw

  30. Great tips, I've used similar concepts with great success!

  31. Hey Chris, I'm Zack- I have been doing magic for a couple years now and I want to try to start advancing and actually getting gigs- I'm 15, where do you think I should start?

  32. honestly love this channel

  33. June 22nds my sister's birthday

  34. IT is about time that someone showed up for young magicians that teaches substance – kudos Chris

  35. How much money should I be requesting per gig???

  36. How would you do a index of 52 cards in a wallet? I have never done a index before but want to so how should I go about it?

  37. Umm I'm a kid it isn't legal for me to work I guess but I would love to be good at cardistry

  38. Hay Chris
    I have actually tried the invisible deck one last month
    And I would really love to tell you what happened
    So if you see this please if you can get back to me
    Thanks you're the best !

  39. How much would be a good amount of income from a gig?

  40. Hey Chris! I saw a video of you doing something similar to a 3 card monte but you had 2 normal cards and 1 blank card with like a $12 or $14 card on that. I can't seem to find that video anymore but, can anyone please help?
    Thanks in advance!

  41. This was honestly some of the best advice. I have done many things to get gigs including one or two from this and they work! 100% gold on this video.

  42. Those are some Beast Tips Thanks Bro.

  43. great stuff thanks

  44. I live in Philippines i want to do it. In boracay beach. Because theres plenty of fansy restaurant on beach. And you can get the attention of the crowds.

  45. Please visit the Philippines.

  46. Your 101% welcome here

  47. Im not that good at english im sorry

  48. Please do a tutorial about mind reading

  49. These are great. Thank you.

  50. 日本人いいね押して

  51. Great ideas, Chris! I think I’ll try to send a random prediction to someone and tell them to call me to fulfill it.

  52. you are the best chris as always.. this is a huge help to starters

  53. Perfect gig? Just bring enough fenolftaleïne 😀

  54. The first thought that came to my mind in working in a restaurant was to work at Chili's. Comment your first thought for a restaurant to help people get good ideas.

  55. I would love to perform the YouTube one

  56. here you have actually really strong things ppl.
    Chris just showed yoou how you can literally perform miracles if you just think like an magician. And to think like a magician involves also to think like a spectator/lay person.

    So much times ppl dont see the "strongness" of certain ideas/effects because they forgot to look at magic like regular ppl. And, on vice versa, magicians get stuck on tricks that are not actually that impressive to lay ppl, because the trick is impressive to other magicians.

    You all know it ppl, when you do the trick involving seven controls at once to a 17th, 36th, second and 4 other positions in the deck, you make false shuffles/cuts without loosing 4 breaks, than you reveal the cards by flying by themselves, then you do 3 colour changes, you pluck the card from the ceiling, one is brought to you by a wild hawk, other is revealed by dog whose fur colour has a pattern of the pip, and last one you reveal by president of your state on one of his speeches coughing it out, and the spectator goes: "Thats cool. I know a trick also, let me show you, so, we need 21 card…."

    Than you spring cards out of frustration and the jaw drops immediately. "Guuuuuys!!!! GUUUUUYYYYSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! COME!!!!!!!!! FAST!!!!!!!!! This guy is incredible!!!! Do it! Do it again!!!!"

    we've all been there, we must think in both ways ppl to be good.

    PS. I invented a "live long and prosper" for magicians. Its "may you allways be one ahead" 🙂

  57. Rick Lax walks in and before he does a trick, they offer him a job.  Rick’s the magic boss!

  58. craZy coOL coNcept!! …stable genius! just new one could be found.. lol!!

  59. Μy birthday is actually at 22 of June haha 😱

  60. The locked box with the invisible deck is genius

  61. I found you recently and I haven't watched any other youtube channels since. You are honestly the best youtube ever!

  62. Whoo 500th comment!

  63. wow the real long con when i find Chris Ramsay's channel and he guesses your birthday?????

  64. This video is gold.

  65. chris.. man keep this channel up.. amazing content super super usefull

  66. The thumbs downs on this video are the business owners who thought he was really performing black magic

  67. 8:33 JIBRIZY HOLLA!!! Hahahahahmuahahahah

  68. Such an inspirational video ! Thank you 🙂

  69. This is great stuff Chris! I know you love reading, do you have any book recommendations that talk about the emotional impact of creating lasting impressions like what you shared in this video? In other words, where did you learn about these "tricks"?

  70. Awesome video bro. Thanks for the advice 👊🏻🤜🤛

  71. woW ! Heavy informations ! THX so much man.

  72. Loved this video ❤︎💖💗💙💜

  73. sup fellow canadian

  74. I booked the best gig ever because of this awesome information.

  75. This was very helpful. I've done charity gigs in the past and put my face on my business card lol. They will be getting changed now haha


  77. You read my mind through the screen… I was born June 22

  78. This shit is so fucking clever I'm laughing my ass off. 😂

  79. Fuck, why I’m not able to give more than just one like

  80. Where can I buy a invisible deck?

  81. These are some brilliant tips! Thank you, Chris! I'm hoping to feel confident enough with my limited skillset to be able to perform publicly in the next six months or so. I practice every day. You, Xavier Spade and Alex Pandrea have all been such amazing inspiration to me. My life has completely changed because of what you do. I hope someday I get to meet one or all of you and maybe, just maybe…I'll be good enough to impress you 🙂

  82. Book. It has been done. Hope this actually works and thanks for all the fantastic ideas🙏🙏🚶

  83. The business card one for sure but it could be applied in so many different ways which is dope

  84. Best YouTube magician videos come from Chris Ramsey! You actually care about your followers, and make your videos more then just a tutorial. Keep it up because you're # 1st 😉

  85. man, that was cool. I was just listening to Chris about the mind reading and telling the birth and he guessed my birth, what a piece of luck.

  86. If the business company doesnt call me..both my box and invisible deck will be a waste

  87. Have faced rejection in your gig or street magic.
    I tried I got rejected.

  88. Dude you fuckin smart lol

  89. Keeping it a 100 % I appreciate it !

  90. Really great video! And I love the video quality of your content🔥

  91. Shit June 22nd is my birthday, how did you know that?

  92. "What's in the boooox!?" 😉

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