Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

All right. We’re going to
test your knowledge of some everyday items that
you get at the supermarket. When’s the last time that you
have been at a supermarket? A long time ago. OK. [LAUGHTER] All right. This will be interesting. All right. If you can guess
three out of the five products within $1 of
each one, the audience will get something, OK? [CHEERING] If you get all of them, we’ll
pay off your children’s student loans. [LAUGHTER] No danger there. No. [LAUGHTER] All right. TWitch is going to
be our prize model. And here we go. There is Rice-A-Roni
right there– [HARP MUSIC] –the San Francisco
treat, of course. How much do you think
Rice-A-Roni would be, within $1. Hm. $5. [LAUGHTER] OK. Let’s– The audience didn’t like that. [LAUGHTER] Let’s see. Ready? Oh, it’s $1. [BUZZER] Mm. What a bargain. I’ll take five. I know. [LAUGHTER] All right. Ooh. OK. Tide Pods. You’ve been hearing a
lot about those lately. What do you think? $4. [OOHING] Aw. No, no. They want me to go higher. Yeah. Let’s go with $10. $10. $10. All right. Ready? $19.97. [BUZZER] It’s expensive to do laundry. I’ll take a half. It’s very costly. OK. Now, very important– This is my best
chance with this one. Really? Yeah. Because you floss? Absolutely. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I floss as well. It’s very important to keep
your gums in good health. [HARP MUSIC] All right. That’s floss. [HARP MUSIC] [LAUGHTER] How much would you
say that floss is? I would say, $4. [GASPS] Look at you! $3.78! [DING] That’s one! [CHEERING] All right. All right. You need to get both
of these within $1 so that they get something. That’s going to be hard. If not, you got to
run to your car. [LAUGHTER] [CHUCKLES] Totino’s Pizza Rolls. [HARP MUSIC] One bag of Totino pizza rolls. [HARP MUSIC] Totino’s, have some tonight– [HARP MUSIC] [LAUGHTER] –hot from the oven. [HARP MUSIC] I’ll go with $22. [SHOUTING] No! No, no. $15. $15. No! $7. Lower, lower. $8. All right. Let’s try it. $8. $8.98! [DING] [CHEERING] Totino’s. That’s two in a row. Phew. All right. How do you feel about this? This is TGI Friday’s Frozen
Spinach & Artichoke Dip. [HARP MUSIC] It’s 8 ounces. [HARP MUSIC] 8 ounces. It’s branded. You know, you guys
think less than $10? Yes. [SHOUTING] Yes! Yes, we do. [LAUGHTER] Yes, we think it is less. Like, $7? Who said what? $5. He’s saying, $5. [SHOUTING] $6! Somebody’s– $5 or $6. $6. I would go with
maybe lower than $5. Wow. [LAUGHTER] OK, we’ll go with $4. Yeah, go with $4. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] [DING] [CHEERING] Thank you. Good job. Yeah. Thank you. All right. That was a big help. [DINGING] There we go. I want to thank Bill. I want to thank Bill. Thank you so much
for being here. It’s been a pleasure seeing you. And you probably want to
know what you won, right? [CHEERING] Well, you’re all
going to come back for one of my “12
Days of Giveaways.” [CHEERING] [MUSIC – “IT’S THE MOST
wonderful time of the year. Ding dong ding. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball-peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]!

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  1. "I'll take a half."
    Sure thing Bill, 14g coming right up

  2. There is literally nothing Ellen can give him. She donates to charity? He has his own charity. Give him something? There isn’t any object in the world he can’t buy that she can. Give the whole audience something? He could buy every single person in the audience a Lamborghini and a million dollar house and his wife probably wouldn’t even notice any money was missing.

  3. Considering Bill makes more than a hundred dollars a second, if he dropped a dollar bill it would literally not be worth his time to pick it up

  4. I like so much his smile

  5. That video is 4 mins. HE MADE LIKE 50 K IN THOSE 4 MINS

  6. billionare bill gates

  7. Business plan? Start a grocery store close to bill’s house

  8. Ellen awkward moment

  9. Who d richest in d world?evry 1's First Sounding "Bill Gates".. May b he is 2nd, not an issue

  10. I'm sure after this he may be buys whole mall just for improving his buying skills 😂😂🤣🤣

  11. Another regular on The Lolita Express !

  12. We have the same birthday, i hope even 1% of his billions, i could have…

  13. Like Ellen has any idea😂 she may not be Bill Gates rich but she's still loaded. Missed an opportunity to play this game head to head with Bill. She stood there nodding with the audience with her little cheat sheet in her hand. Lol.

  14. Bill – how much do it cost ?
    Shopkeeper – 1$.
    Bill – I dont have change give me 108.2 billon .

  15. ellen: gives him 20k dollars
    Him: stands up not knowing what to do bc hes already rich

  16. Hello Ellen
    Yes Reply

  17. has he ever been to dollar general

  18. Hi, Bill Gates, best Friend!

  19. @2:36 ellen secretely prompts him to go lower lol thats Hilarious.

  20. Ellen doesn't know either…

  21. This is intresting…..

  22. Who all did spot Camila Cabello in the front row…!! 3:15

  23. His Refrigrator may be his Supermarket.

  24. Can't do this I am Canadian

  25. Everyone on the comments saying he doesn't flaunt his wealth. He may not be wearing Gucci but I bet his shirt is atleast $300

  26. He’s not a millionaire, but he’s a billionaire.He’s so humble!

  27. Rich Trash!….LOl…no difference

  28. A philantropist with full of hypocrisy.

  29. They should put up Mac OS bundles and Android phones to make it even more interesting

  30. I was expecting the same as bill gates expecting the prices !

  31. how nice would that be to go to amazon and be able to add 100 things to your shopping cart
    and know no matter how expensive these things are it wont even touch 0.00001 of your money

  32. Bill is just like so akward

  33. Remember don’t go broke trying to look rich

  34. Bill : *breathes
    Makes billions of money

  35. If he would be the prez. The world will know him by his simplicity and great work that he will to boost the society….great human being

  36. 22 dollars for totinos?

  37. The harp guy was not funny…

  38. The audience told him the answers 😂

  39. I like Bill so much, he is so kind, generous and doesn't show his health at all!

  40. He's so adorable oml

  41. If you answer all wrong you gonna pay their taxe- chill Im joking.

  42. i Wanna be on ellens show

  43. Ellen acting like she grocery shops aswell while she is a billionaire

  44. bill gates guesses the price for yachts:
    bill gates: 100%

  45. What a class act then we have the orange idiot trump.

  46. Bill is a whole mood

  47. You gota realize he was born a normal man

  48. Is it just me or does he love to wear sweaters and collared shirts

  49. So how does he get groceries ? what if he needs a water on his way ? does he never go to a shop or what

  50. Respect for Bill Gates
    He is so simple and humble

  51. He is so simple!!!I like him!!

  52. Bill Gates sir huge respect for you!!

  53. I met him once in an elevator and he started talking to me out of no where and tbh I didn’t know who he was until I got out of the elevator. But he was so kind. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  54. If only all the peons laughing it up in applause in the audience listened to Gates's interviews where he's outlining his support of the elite's global depopulation agenda to narrow down the world population to 500 million with the help of vaccines.

  55. They are Looking Like Father and Daughter "Ellen Gates"! 😂

  56. The audience definitely wanted to leave with something😂

  57. Damm 19 dollars for 1 kg of washing powder, your government, corporates etc are looting you.

  58. $5 for a box of rice. All of those billions and clueless. Well at least he was a good sport. LoL

  59. Being rich really makes a difference

  60. I am bill sorry rich

  61. Bill Gates favors the Georgia Guidestones.

  62. bill : *buys Ellenshow

  63. Bill Gates=Simple Man

  64. Bill gates: I don't know what the price of veggies is but I know what the price of the supermarket is coz I go shopping for one every other week


  66. Imagine him on the price is right

  67. Bill Gates As President? Vote Here By Liking Here👍🏻

  68. Bill Gates is awesome!

  69. well this depends on where the items are sold right?

  70. He don't buy groceries ,he buys supermarkets

  71. Back in 2001 I seen him drive pass the Bellevue/Redmond Safeway in his Ferrari 360 modena. That is probably the last time frame of his grocery market days lol

  72. Amount of time ellen took , he probably would have earned enough to buy 100's of each

  73. So is no one gonna talk about the fact that this was called „Bill‘s grocery bills“?

  74. Anybody want to guess how much his outfit worth

  75. I have nothing agains anyone who has become successful. But not knowing things like this really shows how uncivilised you are…
    Bill gates is human like everyone else. He may live a better life, but he's not better than everyone else.

  76. Simplicity level 9999999.

  77. Yet when in Los Angeles he can often be found at a certain burger joint waiting in line with the rest…. He knows what the burgers cost

  78. I'm from Algeria
    I trieing to learn English
    I benvit a lot with you
    I love your so much

  79. Imagine being Bill Gates for 1 day, even the imagination cost you some money

  80. One of the failures of America is that people actually like Elen and watch her show instead of doing or even watching something sensible

  81. He showed his presence of mind at very beginning, I will take 5.

  82. Student loans wowowo

  83. Those were surprising for Ellen too lol

  84. fun fact he can end poverty

  85. peak white people comedy

  86. Bill gates is the perfect example of
    "Aim is to be Rich not look Rich😎"

  87. I don't like this guy.

  88. Remember my name, Im the next richest showcase of all abed….

  89. Everything is so much cheaper in England :3

  90. he is looking so adorable and handsome here…

  91. After ,how much for the show

  92. And today I came across another video of some freak bragging about how much he payed for his clothes, purses and stuff.. How tasteless. This man has a class that no money can buy.

  93. Bill's just like, last time I bought those I bought the company.

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