Biggest Mistakes Online Coaches Are Making

Biggest Mistakes Online Coaches Are Making

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  1. Hope you're really avoiding these mistakes and remember: when you're ready to get started and become SUCCESSFUL as an online coach/service provider then book your free consultation call with us here:

    If the link still works it means we still have a spot open for you!

    Best wishes,

  2. Excellent content as usual MAX, had a great call with Nico. In that one free session, he lit me with enough fire to CLEARLY identify my roadblocks and get out of my comfort zone to go after my goals. Looking forward to our next call when I smash our target 🙂 ps. Nico is a legend. Please get him in a video or give him a raise lol

  3. This is the best video on the channel by far… I feel like I've pulled value out of every second thank you for the amazing content keep it up bro!

  4. Max, I agree with you 100% about the teacher-student theory. I took many chem classes as an undergraduate, and it wasn't until I got a mentor in graduate school till I began to truly understand chemistry.

  5. "You can change somebody's life by selling."

  6. I have my two first clients to help but I'm afraid to ask for money for my services because I'm not experienced or fully capable to help them yet…should I just ask to be paid to practice or what?

  7. I see myself with the first fear! Need to work on it RIGHT AWAY!!! TKS MAX!!

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