BI Norwegian Business School | A Flying Start

Do you want to study abroad? You might not know that BI Norwegian Business school holds three international accreditations. An honour awarded to less than 1% of the
world’s business schools, and that my friend will give you a flying start to your career. But you see, studying abroad is about so
much more than our accreditations and your successful future. Right now you
have to leave your friends and your family Your everyday life at home.
Suddenly you’re in a new environment. You’ll need new friends new connections and basically a whole new life. So, we have decided to give one of you a flying start to your new life. By pre-introducing you to everyone. Let’s start with everyone at our campus. Our marketing class will create billboards, highlighting your personal interests, post them all around the neighbourhood. And of course, all over our beautiful city of Oslo. Look at this… this introduction will also include a short documentary about you on national television. You’re good – a natural. All our students at BI will be introduced to a lot of important business people, but to speed things up for you we’ll throw in some adds in the most
important business newspapers focusing on your qualifications and
skills. Now, this is pretty cool! At school parties the students will practice the correct
pronunciation of your name which will unlock free refreshments. Check this out, “your name”! And of course, your name will be the brand. Are you single? We’ve already booked you a spread in woman’s magazine or a men’s. Or both if you want. This is Scandinavia, we don’t judge. One more thing, if your privacy settings are liberal then our distinguished professors and some 20,000
students will friend request you on Facebook and follow you on Instagram before your
arrival. Let’s show “your name” what I’m talking about! Welcome “your name”! You see, making friends already. If you still don’t believe all this is going to happen, then check out the details on our web page. Remember the billboards I said we were gonna make for you? Well here at BI, we like to think big! See you “your name”!

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