BerlinStartupLeaks S01E02 – “The Business Plan” (English subtitles available)

BerlinStartupLeaks S01E02 – “The Business Plan” (English subtitles available)

I’m working on this company “Unlimited Ltd.”, that’s the first startup that does “Deep Data”. But we have this investor… Let’s get down to data, okay? I talked to Daddy Senior… Great, so, are you investing? – Yes… Look! Our explainer video on Youtube got a second “thumbs down”. That can’t be true. – It is. Look. Okay, the first “thumbs down” could have been a bug. But this… What if…there are really two people that didn’t like our video? Impossible. It must be a plot against us. The hallmark of “Lettuce Internet”. They want to ruin us. Ah, hey Manuel… Hey, hey, yeah, listen, awesome, yeah, Manuel here…listen… I sent the numbers to Daddy Senior, he’ll look at them, but looking good, looking real good… He’ll show the numbers to his tax advisor, so he can have a look… But looking awesome, looking really awesome…yeah, I’m happy, okay, awesome, yeah, Manuel over…talk soon. Okay, great, talk soon then. That was Manuel. Looking great with Daddy Senior. Awesome. – Awesome. Hello. Yeah, hey Manuel…but we just talked… Oh, okay, yes sure…talk soon then. That was Manuel. About the business plan… I thought you already did that. Oh, shit, forget about it. – Ah, come on… Btw, what is a “business plan”? – You don’t know? No. – But you studied “Business Elite”. Yes, but we never talked about business plans. Is that similar to a pitch deck? No, that’s a thing from the 90s, where you write don’t what will happen in the future. How do we know what will happen in the future? We don’t, but we write it down. Investors love it, well, oldschool investors love it. I got one lying around somewhere… See, here, I did this one 1998 for one of my first companies. Was a great idea, a teletext-based social community portal, a bit like Tinder. Was going to call it “Telecom”, from “teletext” and “community”, but there were issues with the name… I’ll put it this way, Deutsche Telekom just had more money for lawyers than me… Wow, that’s awesome, a real “business plan”. Exactly. I’ll just change “Telecom” to “Unlimited Ltd.”, switch a few numbers…ready to go! Daddy Senior will be so happy. ADVERTISEMENTS Ah, haha, I didn’t see you there. Hi, my name is Manuel Brunnenbacher-Gmering, and you probably know me as the likable Swabian from “Unlimited Ltd.”. I’m here today to introduce to you…”Brand”! “Brand”, the soda with oomph. With “Brand”, you’ll grow hair where previously there was none. With “Brand”, the dandruff will fall off your feet. “Brand”…for the man of the world…”Brand”! ADVERTISEMENTS Hey, Lennart, great thing we meet again. You’ve been in Berlin for a while, right? – Yes. Forever. Well, I’m new here. I used to be the major player in the startup scene in Böblingen. But that gets to small after a while for someone like me… No kidding! Why don’t we do something together, soon…grab a beer in Berghain! Hehe, if they let someone like you into Berghain, that club is immediately de-raunchified! Hehe, yeah, exactly. But, listen, you’re an investor, too, right? We chatted about this startup “Unlimited” last time… How would you feel about becoming a co-investor? Arghh…fuck! Noooo! Not with that chick… I mis-swiped! What did you say? – “Unlimited”… These…”Deep Data” people? How’s their track record? – The tr…a…rec…ood… The track rec…ooo..d…it´s great, it’s amazing, their tra…rec… Yeah? Well that’s great. That’s the most important thing. I invest in teams! Teams! Teams! Yeah, exactly. Awesome, awesome. But, okay, again… Nur für mich, nur für mich, brich’s runter für mich… How do you see the core of this “Deep Data” concept?

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  1. Sehr sehr geil. Und das Schlimme ist ja: es gibt bestimmt Menschen die so sprechen. Hihi

  2. JUHU JUHU, ich kann die nächste Folge kaum erwarten!!!!11

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