Ben Carson on US-China trade, says Trump is a great negotiator

Ben Carson on US-China trade, says Trump is a great negotiator

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  1. Two great Americans both succeeded in life, making the American Dream a reality. As a white old American citizen born overseas , if they ever read this i would like to let them know : Americans like you made me come to US,and become a proud thankful American citizen.

  2. Ben Carson has a very sexy air about him…..can put my finger on it.🤗

  3. China is increasing all their prices immediately by 30% on all Chinese goods destined for the US.
    Merry Christmas

  4. Dr.(sic) Carson is the biggest boot lickin Uncle Tom in history. Give him a plate and napkin and he'd wait on tRUMP while he eats his Kentucky Fried chicken just to say he was a part of a presidential administration. His family must be so very proud.

  5. Ben Carson is a great American!

  6. Reading the comments is always entertaining. Let's be fair and say that the people in the Trump administration are very successful and most likely all millionaires if not billionaires. Meaning they have a sense about them people who live pay check to pay check don't. Even the news casting are still paid employees but somehow so many think they can way in on matters 1. They do not know all the factors on and 2. Are clueless to basic economic principles that are the working pieces to economic success. Even many in congress have know clue which is why our government is in trillions of dollars of debt.

  7. Great negotiatior, that's why he went bankrupt 5 times and had to appear in mcdonalds commercials.

  8. Mr Carson should not say these things just to keep his job.

  9. After we finish assimilating the population of Central and South America into the US, we will have plenty of cheap labor here at home to replace cheap labor in China… which isn't so cheap anymore.

  10. unscrew what he said. trump is not upset with feds. he reported what the feds are doing which is causing upset..

  11. China taking US money and stealing intellectual property so they can build up their military and share with Russia and take over the world.

  12. He largely spends his days as president in unstructured “executive time” where he fields
    calls from outside advisers and ingests massive quantities of raw Fox
    News coverage. The work of solving the nation’s problems, except insofar
    as it rallies his supporters and keeps him in office, is a largely
    secondary concern. Soon after Trump took office, White House aides tried
    to persuade him that the national debt would become unsustainable in
    the future. “Yeah, but I won’t be here,” he reportedly replied.

  13. hard to believe this guy was a brain surgeon wow, wonder if Trump will follow his own advice since all the mega hats, flags and everything else used at his rallies are all made in China. Some of his clothing line is still made in China as well

  14. Only this president had the balls to stand up against China's unfair trade practices. We need him to continue to battle for america. Vote Trump 2020!!!

  15. China is a communist country with a nuclear arsenal. China has been stealing our ideas for decades. China is determined to rule the world. But China would still be a primitive society living on rice and fish if it didn't have America as its biggest customer. Time to bring back our corporations and jobs and put China in its place. And tariffs are the way to do it. The more tariffs, the better.

  16. Hong Kongese : Please help Hong Kong

  17. If you move five steps forward and then move one step backward to avoid an open man-hole… you are not going "backwards". Trump's economy remains far, far ahead of where it would have been had Clinton won, with the lowest unemployment and highest growth in nearly 50 years, and we continue to live in a free country with the first and second amendments intact to boot.

  18. Trump is NOT STUPID Folks .the communists media etc……have no Russia gate to this is there dig at Trump

  19. Kick CCP out of WTO, those liars cheat for years

  20. What Trump is doing with China should have been done eons ago but they did not have smarts or balls to challenge China now we have a president that does.

  21. Right, just to clear up one thing

    China has not and does not 'steal' intellectual property from the united states or any other western power.

    This is a fear mongering myth perpetuated by the right wing and a lot of corporate democrats

    Decades ago when the US began trade negotiations involving using very cheap Chinese labour to manufacture its goods it did so by incentivising China to agree by offering rights to intellectual property in return.

    The US stood to make a killing by importing super cheap goods which allowed its consumers to buy more stuff. Thereby more than offsetting any harm lost due to loss of manufacturing jobs overseas.
    China agreed to these terms with the understanding that it could also use intellectual property of the goods that they were making with their sweat and low wages!!

    Just know whenever you hear talk of China 'stealing' intellectual property it is grossly misleading

  22. The PRC is the true threat. Everyone who was crowing about Russia and is now defending China are the real traitors.

  23. Trump did not "order" anyone. He said (translated)…I will retaliate against China. You are hereby WARNED that you will suffer if you stay in China and sell your goods to the USA. so save yourselves by either moving back to USA or set up shop away from China. "Ordered" is a trumpian term to get China's attention. Just remember old joke.."Why did the farmer hit his mule with a 2×4?…to get his attention". Let the president work and watch what happens.

  24. "Trade war" is for political speculation rather than economical necessity. If Trump had not started it, China would have bought much from US. It is Trump who hurts American farmers and consumers for his political fantasy

  25. Trump is a idiot. He is gutting farmers and erasing many many years of work to establish trade partnerships. These guys have no idea. And anyone who supports Trump cannot be considered smart or informed.

  26. In the meantime idiots walk around wearing MAGA hats. MADE IN CHINA. Guess most trump supporters cant read so it may explain the hypocrisy

  27. President Trump is a great negotiator !

  28. When Trump speaks everyone listen's, by now you would think people could look between the lines and not freak out over every word! What will you do and say if things get real and tuff ?

  29. This black-man sheriff and his black Africa Obama inmate population are WAGING WAR on the USS North America. They want an ALL black crew. MUTANY ! …..The Black-man is a PIMP and the Black woman is his Beach ! Who are these men married too ? Where did these men come from ?

  30. Loooooooooook at that suit! Mr pain always stylen lol

  31. All
    tax money just pays interest to debt created by criminal banking
    cartel that was started in 1913 by the Federal (Private) Reserve
    (There are no Reserves) Private Banking Cartel (Unconstitutional for
    exactly this reason) so they could Enslave us with phony dept . THE
    DEBT was created with deception and unconstitutionally so WE DO NOT
    OWE IT. TRUMP should KEEP CUTTING taxes till there are NONE,
    especially on individuals which even more hideous than on
    corporations. This is a ignorant unconstitutional , controlling
    burden on all countries and their people that nerve stops expanding
    and making all economic problems larger and just last longer than
    they would normally be. This is exactly why they created it. Read THE
    CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND to learn how the criminals lied to the
    american people and their government and even killed and black mailed
    countless to start this deceptive criminal process . I believe the
    book is even FREE to download to PC in some places so please check it
    out it is full of facts , documents and photos and is a easy read.

  32. I like Ben Carson but his voice puts me to sleep 😴

  33. Ben really looks like he's busy with
    all the construction projects. You
    Know, drawings, specs, bids.
    Ya right if he ever saw a print
    he'd probably Try to turn to the

  34. I like the lack of "economic data" proof.

  35. Just who you want trumpeting your business savvy …. Ben Knumbskull Carson.
    Trump's done. He's way behind in the polls, His approval rating is well below 50%. No President has ever won re-election with an approval rating south of 50%. None.
    The GOP leadership will move on Trump in the next 60 days. They need a good year to gain momentum behind a new candidate.
    Trump knows all this; all part of why he's been going off the rails of late. The walls are closing in.
    That's just the way it is.

  36. This bootlicking Uncle Tom, Carson, is unqualified to offer an opinion.

  37. Yeah and Carson is helping the black community… lol 😂

  38. Go Trump! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  39. i love ben carson hes awesome

  40. Ben carson is a decent man.god keep him.

  41. Dr.Carson is my favorite member of the Trump Team. His quiet competence . relaxed thoughtful way of communicating and obvious enthusiasm for his job , make me believe that he can make a Department, that hasn't worked since it was created, finally produce useful helpful and effective resultes. He is a great man.

  42. "A great negotiator" AHHHHHHHHHHHHahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  43. Yeah he puts America first to go bankrupt all the while his income keeps growing from making deals with foreign entities why do you think he doesn't want to release his taxes it's because he never paid them.

  44. Doctor do little knows nothing about the economy The Clown show is getting tired time to enjoy the foreclosures

  45. They can balance this out without war

  46. Most people do not understand how great Trump is for his country. The brainless democrats together with CNN and MSNBC are damaging the country.

  47. Ben looks like he’s about done

  48. Trump 2020 KAG USA

  49. Dude is wearing one ☝️ crazy red suit there. And Ben Carson is a doctor so shouldn’t he be surgeon general???????


  51. ben carson is very smart, good job

  52. What does this guy know about US China relations? He's over housing and we all see what a failure that is.

  53. China has been stealing from all trade partners, including their communist partner Russia, the Chinese have stolen a lot of military technology from the USA and Europe.
    The new fifth generation tech for airplanes has been through espionage and commercial extortion. The chines are good a5 copying , not good at doing their own original thinking. Americans have been derelict protecting industrial and military technologies from the Chinese hordes.

  54. Trump tax is from the communist playbook

  55. The company I retired from and they moved out of China in 2018. Trump is right to recommend CEO's to consider moving. By the way the Dow is 7000 point higher right now than any time Obama was in office. Humm!

  56. Sleepy, drug addict makes comment. No one cares.

  57. Made in America again ♥️ 🇺🇸

  58. Blind Republican's exemplify brainwashing. You are both fools. Look at our markets, they are dying because of Trump.

  59. Good Job Ben. love OUR PRESIDENT.

  60. Yep, he will bargin with burgers and fries and other fast food !!!!!!!

  61. Nothing but a sellout brother.

  62. Bring on the GIMP!

  63. How are these TWO CLOWNS, making the lives of average Americans better?

  64. So y'all are just going to ignore that Trump bought all his building steel from China, and all those maga hats & Trump clothes are made in China too?

  65. EVERY USA Citizen should buy USA MADE   ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. A great negotiator who never pays his bills..or taxes, in other words: A Al Capone.

  67. black people supporting white supremacist are the only kind of black people I like.

  68. China is one lying evil government that needs to be reckoned with. But most of us knew this anyway.

  69. God bless Dr Carson you are the answer for the truth, people need President Trump Pence and you to destroyed evil

  70. No a trade deal with China, why do you think trump is a great negotiator? A toadeater really is.

  71. It is hard to believe. Unless no plan is the best plan works

  72. Trump is definitely not a great negotiator.

  73. We have to let our President do his Job!

  74. If you raise the minimum to $15 how would that impact us that have worked for years to get paid above minimum? Will that not affect the price of living therefore affect the middle class?

  75. Seriously. Tariffs are an indirect tax on us, Americans. I know that there are tons of Trump supporters here but at some point please be objective. Take a step back and tell me if your household can take a 20% increase in all of the items around your home. YOU will pay for Chinese tariffs not China.

  76. American people buying cheap Chinese products, look at what it has cost us in the long run, jobs and lives, everything these people touch seems to be either stolen or poisoned. Put your money where your mouth is, are you in support of communism? Cause that is what your money is supporting.

  77. 中国不会守承诺的,谈不拢,中国只相信暴力

  78. So let's hope Moscow Mitch McConnell sets the example Trump wants by having his wife shut down her Chinese transport businesses right away.

  79. I read somewhere Carson has an IQ of OVER 5000. So, everything he says is the bigliest and bestest words. The US don't need to trade with anyone. We can make our MAGA-hats at home – it will lead to billions of new jobs, so people now can have three jobs!

    And Carson really cares about the people by not working for higher wages. That's real Christian compassion

  80. It's called Dictatorship. It's why the Second Amendment exists. WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

  81. – NEWS FLASH –
    China Happy Meals
    only contains plastic toys
    but no food & the drink cup
    Is just full of plastic straws.

  82. Good Lord that host looks like a clown … Men in the media are all going feminine … Love Ben Carson !

  83. “Great negotiator” 😂 Ben Carson is such a shill. Trump is running this country into the ground and only a spineless shill like Ben Carson or one of Trump’s dumb worshippers would say otherwise

  84. Thank you Ben, I find your calm narrative, very intelligent and reasonable.

  85. How is this dude a brain sugeon?Any doctor or a nurse who worked with him?

  86. Of course Trump is a "great negotiator" he negotiated himself out of 6 bankruptcies. Trump is honest and never lies and he always treats women with dignity and respect and believes that all men and women are created equal and that no one is above the law no matter how rich and powerful. Now would you like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn to go along with that turd sandwich you're eating? lol

  87. Great job you are doing *President Trump, please keep America Great!!! From one u.s. citizen and Marine Corps veteran, I thank you, Sir. *2020

  88. I wanna bring in the black guy.

  89. The only thing trump is: is a pathological liar with advanced dementia !!




  93. Did you know most of the clothing, shoes and watches and tech products are mostly product of China? So is he asking people of USA to wear their birthday suits in USA????


  95. Do Trump and gentle Ben followers know that China is not actually writing us a check for tariffs. For example The Dollar Tree pays the Tarriffs at the Port of Los Angels when they pick up their Made in China stuff. The President continues to say China writes the checks. It’s American companies who write the checks

  96. ben Carson = oreo cookie

  97. yes stop exploitation and child abuse in China's sweat shops

  98. I shop on eBay a lot, and I avoid all products from China.

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