Beautiful Colombian Woman Joins Me For Lunch 4K

Beautiful Colombian Woman Joins Me For Lunch 4K

yeah what hey you ready pick it up pick it up pick it up pick it
up you see the Jupiter I’m in my car look Kitty I secure the bag I get the
bar you see the droopy unfitted up in my car
and kitty secure the bike we have been eating a lot about winning yeah I don’t
want to ruin my yeah the way I don’t want to rub I have what do we write okay
okay in Colombia the typical lunch it goes with soap then some write some
protein and juice Sochi was telling you that there are like four kinds of soup
do you wanna a yahoo and I think that you already take Santiago and I put the
one with chicken a lot of potato and also very sancocho
I think that YouTube well for some quality do one fish do you want me to
don’t be chicken pork what do you want do one bean yeah beans and chicken being
some chicken okay yeah there’s no K if you want if you want a soup with chicken
you will have to go for a haircut right in this game we are going to go for some
colleges and so you can be either fish we’re going to have I love fish sandwich
for the first fish all right
so sancocho sancocho eldest town
I just think of words all right we’re gonna try this for the first time we’re
waiting for their life because it’s good dumb bitch is really good so my review
so far it’s really good its fishes it’s like I don’t know what kind of fish it
is though you know what kind of fish Messier typically bar magnet what is
this by boggidy boggidy fish alright so we had the fish in the rice and vodka
knows we’re going through Shiro he’s really really good so maybe it’s
important to say that we are sitting here and there are more people sitting
watching like a mainly in the states you have if you don’t have your own table
maybe you are going to another place because maybe doesn’t want to chair with
as many big brother Oh buddy here everybody gets together no
not really so myosin like everyone eats together so
just like you see this table over here everyone is eating at the same thing I
mean they’re not a family yeah that’s interesting I didn’t I
didn’t even think about that so we going different day okay so after
eat a meal be traditional okay okay so that’s what we’re gonna do right now
we’re gonna have some coffee right after lunch
so let’s go it was really noisy in the coffee shops
I wasn’t able to really talk a lot about what was going on the whole process so
we’ll go through the process right now so you have two things that you need to
select when you get into the coffee shop the first thing you see you need to pick
an origin so you need to pick an area of Colombia where you want to whatever
coffee that you want you just need to pick that origin now I don’t know
anything about Colombia as far as two different origins and how the coffee is
made in these different regions so I just asked them what do you think and we
ended up I don’t even know what region we picked to be honest with you but we
picked the region and then from there then you need to you need to pick a
method of how the coffee will be made we picked the Chemex method so the the
employee comes out with what the Chemex puts it on your table and you’re seeing
it right now basically pouring water in there and it’s filtering the the coffee
down at the bottom and while he’s doing this he’s tenth he’s telling us he’s
speaking English to telling us exactly what the process is and how to know if
the coffee is good or not just by looking at the film on the top as you as
you pour the water through so it’s really it was a good lesson like an
education on coffee and I don’t know much about coffee to be honest with you
I don’t know anything about coffee disappea honest I know how to drink it
but that’s it but he went through that whole process and told to told us
exactly what was going on with the coffee and what to look for so that was
good so once once that’s all done then you drink the coffee we are going to hide dinner
tastes good I mean I could drink it no we need now you saw my reaction to what
I drank the coffee and it was good it was it was very very bitter and I didn’t
add any sugar just like Maya said don’t add sugar that’s you know you’re trying
to hide the the trying to mask the the actual coffee the the the quality of
coffee so I didn’t add anything but we did get chocolate afterward and you know
I had some chocolate while I was drinking that was really good that way
but just drinking it playing just straight it’s pretty tough but it did
taste a lot better than the coffee like I’ve had black coffee out here in the US
and it tastes a lot better than that it was just there were just more flavors
going on you know when I drink coffee out out here I don’t really taste all
the different flavors and like I said I’ve had coffee black before and I don’t
I don’t get that same and I’ll get those same flavors going so it was it was
interesting in that Colombia is the largest producer of coffee and the best
quality coffee comes from Colombia so a lot of places where we drink coffee now
Starbucks and all these different places they have Colombian coffee here they
usually use Colombian coffee so I just thought that was I just thought that was
interesting but I had a great time we had lunch we had coffee and the way that
they do it in Colombia is a little bit different
drinking coffee in the morning is not something that’s like a normal thing
like in the u.s. we drink coffee when we wake up to get us going
they usually have a large lunch and that was a considered a large lunch in
Colombia and then they have coffee after lunch and that gives them that little
pickup that they need in order to get through the rest of the day so and it
makes a lot of sense like in the you we do it all the time like I’ll go out
I’ll have a nice big lunch and then I’ll come back and I’m done for the rest of
the day and I’m tired I just don’t feel like working so having that coffee give
you a little give you that little boost that you need to get you through the day
I think that’s really really good so I want to know what you guys think though
what do you guys think about Columbia have you had Columbian coffee please
post it down below if you like this video please give me a thumbs up please
subscribe for more and I’ll talk to you the next one

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  9. hey man, keep doing this stuff. This was really cool. The majority of these vloggers are too all over the place, this video was organized and easy to follow and it actually shows you something.

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