Bean Hollow Gourmet Coffee & Confections Video Business Card

Bean Hollow Gourmet Coffee & Confections Video Business Card

Hi, I’m Gretchen Shuey. I’m the owner of
Bean Hollow Coffee Shop here in Historic Ellicott City. We are the place
where community happens over great coffee.
We roast all our own coffee here in-house. We do our own blends, we do our own
flavorings and we also have all of our sandwiches and soup items made fresh to
order. We locally source our food and our pastries are delivered fresh every
morning from local bakers. Our bread is delivered fresh from local bakers. We
also have ice cream and we have organic frappes and we do six specials every month,
six drink specials, and we are hoping by the end of this year that we will, I will,
be able to expand my coffee to include wholesale and to also have it available
for you online. So come on down, check us out. We have artists every six to eight
weeks, we have a new artist displayed on our walls. So come be part of our

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  1. Very well done. Look forward to checking Bean Hollow out the next time we're in Ellicott City, MD.

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