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Duty of Care

Post contributed via Email from Horatio Hornyblower Canal River Trust has a ‘Duty Of Care’ to the boating community. Unfortunately, it seems to be pursuing some policies and practices which appear to be specifically targeted at the boat dwelling Itinerant Traveller community known as ‘Continuous Cruisers’ as well as affecting the wider boating fraternity. Policies which could well be seen as contravening both the guidelines laid down and possibly the law. According to the information on the NEVO website, “Under common law (sometimes called case law), charities also have a duty of care to take reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable harm to anyone who has a ‘relationship of proximity’ with them.” and the government’s own guidance for charity trustees clearly states the following specific instances from the duties and responsibilities laid… Read More »Duty of Care

Please print and share

License-hikes-Sept-2023 CRT have been putting up our licence fees over the last two years and they plan to further increase this over the next five years. Our licences went up 8% last year, 9% this year, and they plan to put them up another 14% on that already vastly inflated figure next year. That is a staggering increase of a third (34% compounded increase) in just three years, with further increases planned. All of this in the midst of what the government calls a ‘cost of living crisis’ ! Please print and share, thankyou.

Can’t Repair Taps ?

Just one example of CRT ‘maintenance ! It isn’t a great photo I’ll admit but it is an example of what CRT think ‘maintenance’ looks like ! Unfortunately this type of bodge is only too common, it is a small thing but all the small things soon add up and before long there’s a whole load of half fixed, bodged up, unsolved maintenance issues all around the system. Submit your photos to