ATEEZ(에이티즈) log_logbook#36

ATEEZ(에이티즈) log_logbook#36

08. 11. 2019 ATEEZ’s Fan signing event in Daegu Omniscient Yeo Sang’s view
Yeo Sang’s happy fan signing event We’re having ATEEZ’s fan signing event today Oh! I can see Woo Young there! Hello~ Hello~! Hello~ I’m Yeo Sang (Gentle) Are you Yeo Sang? (Surprised) Woo Young! (Gentle) Sorry? (Admiration) Oh~ Your skin is very good! (Shy) Oh, Thank you Do you have your tips for skin care? I… apply only toner and emulsion Oh, toner and emulsion~ His skin shines by only toner and emulsion Thank you so much! Thank you~ (Sad) Oh, I don’t want to leave you~! I’ll get going~ Please come here~ Hello~! Yeah x4~ Hello~ (Shy) I’m… Kang Yeo Sang! (Gentle) Kang~ Yeo~ Sang! Hello~! (Shy) Your dance is so cool… I stanned you and came here! (Gentle) Oh, really? (Gentle) Thank you! San… You know the dance at the end of ‘HALA HALA’~! This choreography! How much do you turn your neck? My neck! I can turn much… You know my neck can touch my shoulder! In order to show the best stage as much as I don’t get injured I do my best! So I mean, I turn my neck as much as I don’t get injured! Oh… I see! Alright, I’ll get going~ Yeah! Take this~ Thank you~ Thank you~! Bye! Bye~! (Gentle) Hello~ (Gentle not cheesy) Your name is~ Yeo Sang? Yeah! I’m Yeo Sang~ (Sweet) Did you eat something, Yeo Sang? Me? Yeah, I did! (Sweet) What did you have? Me? (Thinking what to say something memorable) Seong Hwa’s mind! My mind? Yeah! Take it all! Oh! It’s your signature! This is… Seong Hwa… Seong Hwa’s autograph! My Yeo Sang… It’s my heart! (Truly surprised) Oh! What is this! Heart♡ (Truly surprised) My heart missed a beat! Did you heart miss a beat? Yeah~ I’ll get going~ Bye~ Oh! Oh! You’re… ATEEZ’s leader?! Isn’t he the leader? Oh, yes! He is a leader! Oh?! Why are you here? Are you ATEEZ’s leader? Oh, yes! You’re the leader~! Oh, you came to a fan signing event! Yeah x3 First time! This is my first time to come! X2 This is my first time to come for a fan signing event! Is this your first time? What’s your name? (Shy) My name is Kang Yeo Sang! Kang Yeo Sang~ Oh, your name is pretty~ Thank you! I know it! Okay! Mr. Yeo Sang~ Do you have something to ask me? (Firm) No, I don’t have any! (Cold-hearted) I’ll move~ (Don’t go) The nest one is vacant! He went to toilet~ Oh, really? (Cool) If he isn’t here then~ Oh! The tallest member of ATEEZ! Do you want my autograph? ATEEZ’s hanger! Do you want my autograph? Yes x3 Well… I have something to ask you… Do you have any tips to grow tall? Tips to grow tall? Eat well and sleep well! Oh, I see~ Yes! Growth hormone is released when we sleep! I told you like that because it says medically But actually I don’t know why I grew up~ I was chubby when I was young I slimmed down and I grew up too! Oh, I see~ Okay! A lack of sleep isn’t good! I hope ATINY can sleep well and eat well! Okay x2 Please eat heaps of my love! My eye… You hit my eye! I’m sorry x2 Oh, please don’t do it (lol) (Devoted to his concept)
You can’t touch my eyes x3 Oh, he is!? The main vocal of ATEEZ?! Choi Jong Ho?! Hello! Oh, hello! I, the fan signing event… (Joke) I can’t hear~! (Joke) I can’t hear! I… I’ll move! How can you sing that well? If I think that ‘I’m singing for ATINY’, I can sing very well! Oh, that’s a nice tip…! I can’t do anything without ATINY! (Amazed) Wow, very touching message…! Your hair…! It so suits on you! Right? I’ve changed my hairstyle! I can’t do it without ATINY neither! I can do it since ATINY gives me! Alright~ I see! Thank you! I’ll move! Bye~ Did you just hit me? (Truly embarrassed) No! It’s a high five! Please do it one more time! (Truly embarrassed) What do you mean~! The end for fan signing event in Daegu is ‘WONDERLAND’~ 09. 11. 2019 ATEEZ’s Fan signing event in Daejeon Omniscient Woo Young’s view
I have a question… Why Yeo Sang is so handsome? Well… It’s an unalterable law of face…? All of sudden?! They’re my babies~ Are you envious? Give me~! Have you guys had a dinner today? Yes~! Oh, what did you have? Yeo Sang’s Love~! Well done~ Tell me the truth! You thought that I’m ugly, right? Come on! Did you think that I’m ugly? The end for fan signing event in Daejeon is ‘SUNRISE’~ ATEEZ wants to stay more but they have to go back home 10. 11. 2019 ATEEZ’s Fan signing event in Suwon Omniscient Yun Ho’s view (I support Hong Joong) My brother is cute! Hello~ Hello~! What is this Rudolph?! Oh, god. I said Rudolph lol What is this puppy? This is my puppy! Hey! That’s my dog…! That’s me What are you talking about?? That’s me! That’s you? That’s my puppy! No! That’s me! Me! The puppy is me! Woo Young? He is my pretty puppy Hello! I found a new exclusive today! I found a person who has ‘Meow~’ voice! Hello! Meow meow Can you do Meow punch? Please show me! Oh! That’s not how it should be done! Jab jab, hook hook! (Amazed) Cool Wow… So cool! We’ve had lots of fan signing events for a week! We could see our fans for 4 days which are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was so happy with that And… Those who came from far and near I really appreciate it, that they came to see us. From Thursday to Sunday, I was really happy this week

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  1. Yeosang calling the members, "oppa" is the best thing I've ever heard

  2. 7:01 how exited Yeosangs voice gets

  3. San you are beautiful so handsome you have a lovely smile with your dimples and your kitty eyes you should know this 🥺💜 please love yourself more I'm so sad because you can't see yourself like what we do 💔, you deserve the whole world for helping and changing us to a better people like you, you are so cute and have a kind heart ✨❤ i hope u to be more confident and yeah i wish for you all the best we love you forever sanie our happy virus 😭💜💜.

  4. No one:
    Literally no one:

    Seonghwa: Meow Meow
    Ughh this man is gonna kill me with his cuteness😍😍
    On stage he's such a demon and off stage he's like the cutest person out there 😍

  5. Yunho I'm dreaming about you 😭 after mama I hope I can see you again I want to pinch your legs again😂😘😍

  6. 오랜만에 로그에 많은 포인트가있다니ㅠㅠ 이영상은 혜자입니다 정말 아낌없이주고 믿고보는 에이티즈 로그 언제나 환영입니다👏👏

  7. Yunho: Tallest 😍
    Me:also tallest but also the eldest in my group of female friends 😂

  8. idk why my mind just went blank when i watch this…
    ermmm what is the song title on 6:07?

  9. I’m suddenly imagining Yunho as a chubby baby.

  10. the 7 dislikes are from all members except for wooyoung bc he still hasn’t upgraded his iphone 5 yet…

    ATEEZ FIGHTING WE ARE ONE AND WE LOVE YOU ♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  12. Yuhno said that sleeps makes you taller but I'm not buying it. I sleep for so many hours and I'm still short…. 👀

  13. ateez should do more fansign vlogs like that was so cute and funny🥺🥺. I felt like I was actually with them there when I wasn't 😭♥️

  14. Even if its just a Fanvoted Award…CONGRATULATIONS ATEEZ! We will try next year ❤

  15. Does anyone else feel worried about San? He gets more and more unconfident about his looks and self esteem….I heard he almost quit when he just couldnt get the choreo right for Blood Sweat and Tears for MAMA 😥😭


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