At This Point in the Broadcast: Business Cards

At This Point in the Broadcast: Business Cards

-Now, I wanna continue
with the rest of this show. But if can take a second,
there is something that I need to get off my chest. This morning,
I’m in the elevator. I’m having a perfectly pleasant
conversation with another guy about the weather.
But then, when he went to get off
on his floor, he turned around,
reached into his pocket, and handed me
a business card. In 2018.
[ Light laughter ] And I’m sorry,
but I just have to say this. Business cards are done, son! [ Light laughter ] [ Cheers ] [ Light laughter ] [ Light laughter ] [ Applause ] [ Laughter ] [ Light laughter ] [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Light laughter ] [ Light laughter ] [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Light laughter ] [ Light laughter ] [ Laughter ] [ Light laughter ] [ Light laughter ] [ Light laughter ] [ Applause ] And don’t call me,
I’ll call you.

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  1. Yeah I am first…. all the way in australia … Seth your the best

  2. This is beautiful

  3. Just got 300 business cards delivered to my office 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Hehe Paul Allen on the card. Glad to see that Patrick Bateman was just hallucinating and didn’t actually kill Paul.

  5. PAUL ALLEN enjoy the networking.

  6. Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now, you stupid fucking idiot.

  7. If a Japanese guy hands you his business card and you don't take a few seconds to look at it and read it front and back, he'll stop you and tell you to look at it.

  8. Business cards, the LinkedIn of real life.

  9. What are you suppose to "Google" if you don't know the person's name? Or how to spell it? Or you simply don't want the hassle of Googling everything. It takes 2 seconds to give your card versus minutes to get it in your phone. Far from dead.

  10. That was definitely 120 seconds.

  11. 1:46 Use dashes – – – in your phone number! I know you think you are cool by using spaces or periods but you aren't smart. It is way easier to spot a phone number when it has dashes and it works much better with computer searches, etc.

  12. I totally disagree. Business cards are extremely important. Been using them for 40 years to make great filters for your spliffs. The new plastic coated ones are to be avoided, difficult to roll, plus if you burn them….phewwwww, horrible !!!

  13. Is that a watermark?

  14. I just want to let you know that the attached advertisement is not working correctly and subsequently, I cannot see the featured video.

  15. I love the American Psycho reference!

  16. I am not in business, but I do have card, calling cards I call them as I hate to spell my name out to someone who want to know my contact information, and who remembers your own phone number, I ask you. Hand a new friend your card and all is there for their use if they want to stay in touch. They can use it as a book mark (you remember books, don't you?) too. Huggz from Canada.

  17. Alright, alright, I get it…

  18. This is the kindest one of them all..

  19. Paul Allen… my heart skipped in pure joy <3

  20. Yes, you are totally right Seth. You don’t do business, that’s why YOU don’t need business cards.

  21. I admit I chuckled when the card said Paul Allen. Nice attention to detail.

  22. Hahaha
    It just shows how fresh ideas can actually be backward

  23. Sorry but even if you google me, you’ll find nothing. So a business card still makes a good deal of sense.

  24. Sure. They WANT everyone on social media so the NSA can spy on everyone.

  25. Sorry Seth, was bored a third into the video. Here's my business card; please mail me with the summary of what you said.

  26. hahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahah… <gasps for air>… hahahahahahahahahahah….

  27. Who knows the scene in American Psycho I'm thinking of right now.

  28. Business Cards are still VERY in…. especially if you deal with the rest of the world outside the entertainment industry. In Japan, without cards, you don't have a business that deals with any other business.

  29. business cards: the customer dont needs to write something somewhere down. less work for him. and so good for you.

  30. Paul Allen lives!

  31. Long live business cards.

  32. I would rather have watched Seth do it. Your idea was kinda funny, but Seth is always funnier.

  33. Business cards: still all the rage in Japan, balls and all!

  34. Just googled him. Don’t think he works there anymore. (Yes, I know). Business cards are hard to keep up to date.

  35. Seth has some of the best bits.

  36. That's rich coming from Seth. He's the ultimate soy-boy cuckflake, and I don't know where he got the idea anyone would take him seriously about punching someone

  37. This video was sponsored by Brett Easton Ellis.

  38. I give people personalized fountain pens instead of cards. Sure, they cost 30 dollars each but I don't give them to just anyone.

  39. Omg it’s Paul Allen’s card. The asshole from American Psycho

  40. Lol "soyboy cuckflake".

  41. This was gold. I think this is why aliens won't kill us.

  42. You can't google anyone anymore as soon as you try you get linked to a pay site and I am not paying.

  43. I love these "incoherent rants" segments. What is almost even funnier is all the people who take serious issues against what Seth is ranting about in the comment section. It adds another layer of absurd.

  44. The old business card is dead. You need to check out the Tap2Tag Connect Card, an electronic business card where you can store all your business information and update it as you like. And best of all you only need one. It is saving the environment!

  45. How to piss off millions of Japanese people with a single bit.

  46. Such utter bullshit. Idiots who want to use their stupid little toy to record everything are just that – idiots.

  47. Business cards are still essential for networking. They make it easy to quickly get your contact information into the hands of someone you're speaking with. And what else would you enter free lunch raffles with? Get with the program.

  48. I love these segments far more than probably intended. 😊

  49. Ok.. Fiiiine I'll text ya instead.. sheesh.

  50. I have a business card.

  51. ….oh god! Its even got a watermark.

  52. this entire broadcast was on drugs.

  53. Am I the only one who can't watch this video because of a broken ad? Every time this Cadillac ad plays, it freezes after 7 seconds and I can't skip it.

  54. No, business cards are still very much in use.

  55. My god… It even has a watermark.

  56. Ok. Let‘s be honest. This was really hilarious!

  57. the whole world is losing its mind

  58. my business cards say "gentlemen at large" and "one of only a few self-proclaimed geniuses in the world" on them, because i really am just the best

  59. I kept waiting for the impending joke.

  60. American Psycho reference ftw! 😀

  61. Business cards are very useful. Ask any stoner.

  62. Ha ha ha. Doesn't Seth know that one doesn't have conversations in an elevator?

  63. i was secretly hoping that business card had paul allen's name on it.

    i was not disappointed.

  64. oh  my god that was awesome ha ha ha

  65. I love this recurring ranting segment. lol

  66. A bar in my town still has a cork board on the wall with business cards dating back to the 60'S.

  67. lol was that the american psycho business card?

  68. "60 Seconds"? A little bit more attention to detail please, NBC!

  69. I remember how proud I was when I got my first business cards! I still like to get them and pick them up from others.


  71. “Paul Allen” printed on the card – nicely done!

  72. Furries have the best businesses cards. Seriously.

  73. He went all American Psycho on this Paul Allen dude…"Look at that subtle colouring. The tasteful thickness."
    "Oh my God. It even has a watermark."

  74. I honestly pity anyone who doesn't appreciate the brilliance of these segments…

  75. These bits are very satisfying. I like seeing the running commentary with the corresponding mime in the background.

  76. WTF is a “cukflake?”

  77. The Paul Allen business card was a nice touch. I noticed.

  78. Literally the only reason I have business cards is to win prizes or happy hours at bars and restaurants.

  79. 😸 Of course it was Paul Allen's card 😸

  80. video ended too quickly 🙁

  81. Why is Wally's legal residence in Washington state?

  82. Don’t go to Japan.

  83. Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my god, it even has a watermark.

  84. Don't come to Japan.

  85. Best one yet.
    But don't do them more often. I want to savor them.

  86. Awesome American Psycho reference

  87. This sketch reminded me to order business cards. Imma have so many business cards.

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