Aswath Damodaran: “The Value of Stories in Business” | Talks at Google

Aswath Damodaran: “The Value of Stories in Business” | Talks at Google

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  1. How can I get the slides? He doesnt upload without slides. Common google guys!

  2. wow he looks really old now

  3. love his passion for valuation and his profession, with his accomplishments and his name he should be a managing director of some PE or VC firms collecting millions

  4. He saw the light. I remember watching his podcast and it was all about numbers and no context. Now, he is there.

  5. Is this host mornish baprai?

  6. Its hard for techy's to understand the dynamics of Investing. Investing is mostly an art, requiring a lot of equanimity and cajones.

  7. No matter how huge Amazon grows, it will not put the corner C-store out of business.

  8. Mr. Damodaran does not much talk about the quality and vision of the management of a company. This is the big X factor which makes or breaks companies.

  9. I wish a teacher like YOU. I can feel your Investing's passion. Thanks you for all the knowledge you share for free! Nobel Prize!!!

  10. What book did he recommend at 1:08:30? I am not able to find it online

  11. Telling stories is Peter lynch way to approach stocks picking, read his books better and simpler than this guy and his bad accent.

  12. Venerable Mr. Damodaran. Thank you for this talk.

  13. Of course I loved your talk about valuation, but the thing that will stay with me is your message about faith in your own convictions.

  14. the guy on the Mike is odd. he keeps on laughing on Mike and stuff

  15. Great talk. I especially liked the Q&A session at the end.

  16. Why not just say ''I don't know'''.

  17. Damodaran….. Valued like a pro

  18. I lol'ed at the united airline reference

  19. Thanks Aswath Damodaran.
    You are great.

  20. That was fulfilling!

  21. I too took AAPL in 1998, but was too lazy to sell them 🙂

  22. Looks like he was wrong about Tesla after all, shoulda read the SEC Filings on Tesla, talked to a misinformed analyst

  23. What a legend! He is a great teacher, Very impressive. I learned a lot. Thanks Mr. Damodaran .I am stock broker of Dhaka stock Exchange. BANGLADESH.
    Best Regs,
    Shakil Rizvi
    [email protected]
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  24. Как же интересно он рассказывает!

  25. Great lecture, would love to be in his class

  26. bullshit rules the stock exchange

  27. Should be a must watch fof founders and start up teams 🙂

  28. Great content from Damodaran par usual, I know valuing and pricing are different, but look at NFLX now I think it is overvalued, but modeling these things is so difficult. Maybe this discipline will find more value in more difficult times, people are ignorant in late cycle booms. Time to put blinders on and make money

  29. GREAT talk. This gave me more new information and ideas to consider than 10 talks on value investing would have.

  30. I wish I could attend this talk 👍👍👌👌

  31. 26:15 – And if it's not China it's Russia lol 😅 This guy is awesome, great talk!

  32. There should be a love sign for videos.

  33. And then she ran away with 4.5bn$ , sorry its valued 4.5bn$ . how crazzy is that

  34. “Uber has this misogynistic toxic culture”, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t James Damore! What an idiotic way to describe and stereotype a whole company. Like it’s their policy to be “misogynistic and toxic” as if this could ever be a sustainable business model.

    P.S. I suspect that this guy has in mind the incident with the female nut-job that essentially harassed an Uber driver about a Hawaiian figurine (if I recall well) that he had on his dash (and even another female passenger got fed-up with that hysterical person!).

  35. The lesson with Valeant is that immorality ALWAYS ends up bankrupt (and that’s where I fundamentally disagree with the professor – and I agree with Buffet when he said “looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” This goes for investing and management/owners. Therefore primarily look for descent/driven people to invest into. A way to know this is to look back at conference call transcripts and see whether these people have actually did what they said they will do or do they always find excuses to cover their mistakes/inadequacy or even deceit.

  36. Wow blew my mind. I needed a way to value a company, what better way than the way you do it!!! Thank you so much, you are a true teacher!!!

  37. Now some people teach as a job some are natural born teacher

  38. History and Liberal Art majors do well in understanding non real narritives

  39. Amazing, love every minute thanks for the share

  40. Camera sire… if you don't zoom in too much; you won't have to follow him everywhere and it would be less distracting.

  41. The best talk on investing ever! Loved his sense of humor and his passion for the field is incredibly contagious.

  42. Doesn’t Uber have a market cap of 70 Billion. I heard him say 6 Billion.

  43. Aswath is brilliant thinker.

  44. "valuation is the bridge between stories and numbers"

  45. Human are greedy, greedy leads you to blind spot, no matter how good you are in valuations, fundamentals, technical analysis, etc,. Less is more. Even human natures.

  46. Sample size one :))


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