#AskStarling: Banking for business

#AskStarling: Banking for business

You can do absolutely
everything on your mobile as you go about your day-to-day business, and we are such good value. Euro accounts for business
are coming very, very soon. A spending summary based on pay dates rather than the end of the month, is something quite a few
people have asked for, but it’s not gonna be
delivered until 2020. We are working on this. It is one of the important
things for larger businesses. We should get it by the end of the year. Yes, there are plans. We should be getting it early next year, probably in the first quarter. Every week I get a new list of all these various integrations and Marketplace partners waiting to go into the Marketplace. Look out on our blog for
the latest additions. We are currently working with a number of smaller accounting
software package providers, but the larger ones such as QuickBooks, we’re working with them
to develop their APIs, and this should be ready in 2020. Brexit. Oh dear! What a distraction, what a pain. But nothing’s going to
stop us, here at Starling. Not a Windows app, but internet banking. Look out, it’s coming soon.

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  1. Love this bank, I opened a business bank with them for my e commerce online business and it was so simple and straightforward, unlike other banks out there which just make it so complicated,

    Highly recommend this bank for any small business, especially for anyone who has an online business.

    I'm so excited for there credit cards next year , hopefully they can introduces reward points like american express.

  2. Brexit is a good decision for your country.
    You entering the German market would be a good decision for me.

  3. Is the Internet Banking hint going to be a departure from the ‘100% mobile only’ for just Business, or for everyone?

    Really can’t wait for your Credit Card, as I use mine for everything! I know that you will make it better than the new Apple Card, and can it be metal too? 🙏

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