Ashley Graham and Ellen Give ‘Fearless’ Hero a Huge Surprise

Ashley Graham and Ellen Give ‘Fearless’ Hero a Huge Surprise

We’re back with Ashley Graham. That is “Fearless,”
Season 2 on Ellentube. So tell us about Jaime. So Jaime is a vet. And she was in the
Army for, I think– a long time. And she gained 50
pounds after she had been on chemo, because
she had a very terrible, terrible case of breast cancer. And so we were able
to help her and have all these amazing people
talk to her as well. Well, let’s hug her
and smile with her. Let’s do it. Come on down, Jaime. Yeah! [MUSIC PLAYING] Yay, Jaime! I’m Ellen! It’s so nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. This has been exciting. Hi. Hi. How have you been doing
since you shot that with her? I’ve been doing so much better. I feel like it lit a
fire under my butt, to feel so motivated
by so many people supporting me and wanting me
to do better– that it makes me lift out of a, kind of, a fog. Yeah. Well, and also, you realize that
you’re a good representation for your boys. Like, you know, they’re going to
see how strong their mother is and that you overcame this. You know, everybody
goes through dark times. Everybody goes through
depression for some reason. And then add on top
of that, cancer. And so to come out of that and
to be as strong as you are, that’s a pretty cool thing– Thank you so much. –to show those kids. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Have you been doing
affirmations in the mirror? I’m not going to lie to you. No. How hard is that to say,
I love you, right now? It’s hard because I
don’t recognize myself. And it feels like I’m
looking at a stranger. So how do I say, I love
you, to a stranger? Even though I love me– I’m not saying I
don’t love myself. I just don’t love the person
that’s looking in the mirror right now. Yeah, but you can
love a stranger. I mean, a lot of us– This is true,
because I love you. You’re great. See. See. I mean, you should
love this stranger. Whoever you are right now is– that’s who you are today. It doesn’t mean that’s
who you are tomorrow. But love who you are right now. I mean, listen, life is too
short to say, if only this, if only that. This is who you are and. And you’re healthy right
now and you’re beautiful. And you can love yourself. That’s OK, Andy. Well, and now Ellen’s told you. Now, I’ve told you. So now you can say it. What do you want me to say? I want you to say
you love yourself. I love myself. Good, good. All right. It’s a long journey. I know you have one income. You have two kids. And Ashley has helped you
out with a few things, but I want to do
something as well. We talked to the nice
people at Total Wireless, and they want to
give you $25,000 so you can continue this. [CROWD CHEERING] Oh, my goodness. Woo! I love you, Jaime. I love you. You can watch the
first two episodes of “Fearless,” Season 2,
including Jaime’s, on Ellentube now. I want to thank Ashley
Graham and Steve Carell. See you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye.

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