‘Are Plastic Business Cards Waterproof?’ Labs #42 – The Water Test

‘Are Plastic Business Cards Waterproof?’ Labs #42 – The Water Test

Hello and welcome to the laboratories where we show you the uses, benefits and capabilities of plastic cards. Today, we’re going to do a water test. Kevin from
Rhode Island wants to know “How well do your plastic cards hold up
compared the paper cards? Are they waterproof?” Well that’s a great question Kevin! For this experiment we’re going to
need a test subject. Well, let’s go find one. Enjoying a break? Yes I am. How can I help you? Glad you asked! Would you
please do us a favor… for science Sure! Could you please hold
this paper card and this plastic one? Like this? Perfect! Doctor Johnson could you please
commence the experiment thank you and of course… we’re going to have to do a few more experiments
for an error margin. This is also really fun! Let’s see how well each card did in the water test. As you can see in the paper card is soaked completely and tears easily. And the plastic card? Well, it’s wet, but it wipes off easily. The ink isn’t running I think it’s laughing in the face of the water. As you can see the superior plastic card persevered and passed the water test. Thanks for stopping by another Laboratories

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  1. Great Video I will for sure order cards from you Company!

  2. This is hysterical!

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