Apple customers will benefit from credit card: Lance Ulanoff

Apple customers will benefit from credit card: Lance Ulanoff

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  1. Yes, this seems like a great idea.
    NOTHING could possibly go wrong!

  2. I love apple but I will never own an Apple Card. I’m fine without another credit card

  3. Those iPhones look the same as the old generation iPhones & what’s the price? I bet apple will over charge like they always do.

  4. I heard Trump wants to put our national debt on one so he can make one final money grab before he is thrown out Nov 2020.

  5. Another credit card that "pays you to use it" scam? nah. Apple is for suckers attracted to shiny baubles.

  6. Without knowing the prime plus number for their interest rates this video was absolutely useless

  7. The northeast and westcoast hold the highest credit card debt at 8000$ average 🤡

  8. Fox News just came out with some great news!

  9. Do you people know that the first Apple computer the cost was $666.66 check it out , the symbol that the Apple biting is from Genesis 1-1 the 2 Adam and Eve it’s always a Apple why is that ? I goes back 6,000 years ago , just look at our dollar bill it’s pyramids and Horus , the devil knows what he’s doing

  10. Slave labor made Foxconn made in China garbage. Samsung high end models are Made in Korea.

  11. Do not worry, China will steal the tech from Apple's phones and use it for their benefits. Huawei was built from stealing tech from Apple,Google,Samsung,Microsoft and Sony.

  12. A stylus and file revised storage is needed.

  13. Apple's business model has become a joke. $$$ has gotten the best of them and that will be their downfall.

  14. Omg 3%!? 😱😒

  15. How would it be any different than any other credit card?
    We should be glad, while we need credit, credit in the past people secured with equity and work. Today ANYONE can get a credit card.

  16. Wow. That dude has a credit card.

  17. These are the kind of companies who love to see American living paycheck to paycheck. You want to know why a recession is scary because company like apple wants to see people go bankrupt.

  18. Burn apples stock to the ground they are traitors to the republic

  19. Nope, just another way to get a piece of your paycheck for the rest of your life! Don't be stupid! You like working and giving your paycheck away befirw you even earned it?

    Don't be stupid. if you dont have cash, you can't afford it!

  20. Because everyone trusts credit card companies.

  21. They recommend keeping it out of contact with leather or denim. So pretty much you can't carry it in a regular wallet or keep it in your jeans pocket.

  22. trump is "making MEXICO great again"trump 2020 this time MEXICO will only take the women pilgrims?white men are BRAINWASHED right now black&brown are way stronger ?

  23. How is the next iPhone not having 5G is gonna put them behind
    When 5G is even available widely.

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