Apple Card Review (2 Weeks Later) – You Might be Surprised!

Apple Card Review (2 Weeks Later) – You Might be Surprised!

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  1. Rumours say the Apple Card has a faster CPU than the iPhone XI/iPhone Pro

  2. What do you NOT like about the Apple Card?

  3. How much was your interest rate

  4. You mentioned several benefits such as security, ease of use, expense tracking and immediately cash back but still you said there are no true benefits to getting the Apple Card. Smh.
    Don’t be a typical taker!!! Recognize value, it’s sometimes intangible.

  5. If I have a debit card and not a Credit card should I buy this Brandon


  7. Passing on that card Iam good with the cards I have now lol 😂

  8. Stay safe during the hurricane!

  9. My credit score is over 700 and they still assigned me the highest interest rate of 23.99%. I may not use it as often as I had hoped.

  10. My interest rate was too high for my credit score, 17%.

  11. There is no benefit getting this card….

  12. Nope , not unless it has a sign up bonus and it adds some nice perks

  13. I like the security with this card and I think I heard you say there are no fees for using it overseas therefore it’s perfect for people who travel. I would like one

  14. I haven't been able to get one… I have the "can't verify your identity" issue, just as many people do. I heard it's on Goldman to fix, so idk what their plan is

  15. Thanks for the tip on how to apply for the card, I never knew it was so simply through the iPhone to get one!

  16. This looks awesome 👌

  17. Took me 3 days to get the physical card. Easy to use, & easy to apply for, I've had mine for a couple weeks now, as well.

  18. Really like Apple card. Real easy to use and everywhere I go retailers like and love the look. : )

  19. IT’s A CARD! Apple Card Diss-Track dropping soon. What’s up guys, my name is Brandon and Apple brainwashed me to spend ridiculously more money in a fancy way because of the wallet-app. Really revolutionary! Amazing! I think you’re gonna love it! Fuck this card. Just carry 10k cash at all times.

  20. I would get that, but in Spain hasn’t come yet. 🙁

  21. I’m loving my Apple Card.. between the Apple Card and the convenience of the Apple Card app you just can’t beat the experience 🙌🏻 loving it!

  22. Love it. It's Apple.

  23. So you can’t set up automatic payments?

  24. Getting an Apple Card is not as simple or easy as portrayed in this ……. video. They require a photo ID and your annual income; not something everyone has at their fingertips. Why not be accurate and complete in your video???

  25. Sub to My Chanel pls

  26. Joke on him, he thinks i got money

  27. Does this guy really think i have money?

  28. I'm enjoying using mine for pretty much the same reasons. But….. I do spend some time dropping it on a restaurant table just to hear the metallic sound. And….I'm always wondering if a real Ninja can use it like a shuriken (probably see it in the next John Wick movie instead of a pencil).

  29. Be safe bro. Hurricane Dorian is coming.

  30. Wow so stress free with this card. Lazy ass people I swear.

  31. Loving it! Also great to build and improve credit! Still waiting on physical card though.

  32. Is this recommended for someone who’s never had a credit card before? Like for a beginner?

  33. So am I correct in saying that to use the card you have to have your iPhone with you because it remotely makes a connection with it?

    Also, if that is the case, would it work if I had only my cellular iWatch with me?

    Please advise.

  34. american express makes one. its the black card. thats a flex, lol this isnt

  35. Here in Australia the only time I get my physical card out is when I am paying for something in the web browser on my work computer. I get it out to read the number. On my personal computer the details are already there. In stores it is all contactless. I'd probably leave the card at home instead of carrying it in my wallet, but take it with me when I go overseas.
    We don't have cards that give cash back here. It's usually rewards points for airlines or other things. I'm not sure how it would go here, especially when some places incur a credit card transaction fee of varying rates. The cash back would be cancelled out by the fee. 
    The fact that the card is fee free would mean it would cost you nothing to have even if you don't use it.
    I get the expense tracking in my bank app. Whether it is there or in the Apple Wallet is not much difference.
    It would be interesting to see if Apple introduce the Apple Card to other countries and if they do, how it will vary in order to compete with the competition in those countries.

  36. Do you have to spend anything? Well they charge you for it if you cancel it?

  37. Not available in Australia yet ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  38. Hope this card comes to Mexico but here we don't have Apple pay at all😅 so may be not

  39. I’ve already applied for one

  40. Thank YouTube look better here why is that

  41. I am not old enough 😡

  42. DAMMNNNNN!!! Brandon is phine. Lol.

  43. I already paid off my first balance lol

  44. Flex or Shrek? You make the call.

  45. Actually the security code doesn't change. . The 4 digit code that Apple gives for make online purchases changes with each transaction and it does that for all cards on iPhones. I have one and I'm loving it!!!

  46. Hit Like if you got denied

  47. I want one so bad, but I’m 15 🤷🏽‍♂️

  48. Seriously, DO NOT use the physical Apple Card, if you have another card with higher cash-back percentage. Apple Pay is pretty competitive with many other credit cards in terms of cash-back, but it's far from the best. Also, if your credit limit on your card is less than $3500, be careful about keeping a balance on the card that is greater than say 20% of your limit. A higher percentage can be bad for your credit utilization especially if the AC is your only card.

  49. So what's the point of this card if you already have an American Express card?

  50. So, does the magnetic strip on the physical card produce a completely random number with each purchase like in the app or just a new cvt code each time? Kinda confused about ur statement regarding just the cvt code. Thanks for any info.

  51. With regards to expense tracking – what happens when you buy 2 totally different item types at the same place. Does the software allow you to reassign the expense type by item if incorrect e.g. when purchasing medication and a book at a pharmacy?

  52. You guys don't even see it… Apple, Google and Amazon are slowly but surely taking over the world.

  53. Brandon can u plz tell apple to make a junior Apple Pay program thanks

  54. whats the point of an apple card, its it says mastercard on the back. and wrong. the american express card can also be made of titanium

  55. What kind of metal is the card made out of?

  56. I never knew what you looked like until this video! i’m sorry bro but I thought you were much much older than you sounded

  57. Wtf is that thumbnail

  58. Why do you have a 1% cash back at shell??

  59. I am using mine instead of my bank debit card. Besides the cash back my favorite feature is wallet. I have been making weekly payments so I don’t get surprised by a large monthly balance. It’s my only card I can do that with. So far really happy with it.

  60. I want to fuck Brandon hard, fan from Taiwan btw

    Sorry if offends

  61. Why do we need a new stupid word for bragging or showing off? Our future has no hope. Yeet yeet y’all see how I flexed there?

  62. 0:12 Who else thought he was going to say applying for the Apple Card was stupid?

  63. Peopl act like there isn’t like 20 metal credit cards that make the same sound dropped smdh

  64. Get an Apple Card Case now

  65. Do you have to upload a copy of your driver's license?

  66. This is bullshit… apple card doesnt approve anyone under 29k/ yearly so is no use for anyone under that number

  67. Where do you keep it, Brandon? I’m afraid to keep it in my leather wallet per Apple’s guidelines for it. Looking at vegan wallets and other alternatives in the time being, since I need a new wallet anyway.

  68. Is there instant interest as soon as you spend money on it?

  69. I got one but I'm not using till I get the card, I might use it when I buy apple products later on

  70. bro all this time I thought you were a fat guy with beard .. wowowow

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  72. Can you change category of spending within the app if it gets it wrong? And has there been any transactions it couldn’t figure out a vendor? Like random local shop or mom and pop shop?

  73. i want one but i'm not 18 yet.. rip lol

  74. Total wine etc all have Apple Pay. Why are you using the physical card?

  75. Wait ? So you have to be on the Latest iOS for this to appear or work ?
    I’m on my iPhone XS iOS 12.1 but won’t update cause waiting on A12 support Jailbreak !,

  76. The one-time token is only used if you use Apple Pay; the card ID, expiration date, and CVV remain constant unless you request a change. If it constantly changed, you couldn't use Apple Card for recurring charges.

    BTW, you can even use Apple Card as the payment instrument for the monthly payments for your iPhone, if you're in the iPhone upgrade program, and it does yield the 3% cash back.

    Of course, you can also use Apple Card for Apple Store or iTunes purchases also yielding 3% cash back.

  77. How do you pay your credit card balance? Can you add a bank acccount? How it works in Central America?

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