AOC says ‘bite the bullet’ on $93 trillion Green New Deal

AOC says ‘bite the bullet’ on $93 trillion Green New Deal

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  1. What scientists, what corporations ?

  2. Omg shut the hell up AOC, you speak not of what you know!!

  3. Maybe she will be the first to die, in the climate change……………..I will start to believe her when she starts riding Amtrak and riding her bike and walking…until that time fck her…..she has no idea of anything.

  4. Genius! Fantastic insight! Grounded!! How much digital space is being taken up by AOC on servers in the desert? Thats not very ecological. What a dolt.

  5. Instead of "biting the bullet" we need to tell AOC to "Bite off" then return her to her barkeeping job that way all can sleep through 3 AM without worrying about AOC's latest way to devastate the country. Besides that I thought she said the world was going to end I 12 years.

  6. go to hell you pay the bill not me

  7. who in the hell die and made her the queen of the us she in insane remove her from congress

  8. hell the us is not the only country on this planet

  9. How about N O !
    and while you're there Cortez…eat a bullet.

  10. Crazy crazy crazy

  11. Let's start with your pay check? how about that? Put your money where your big mouth is.

  12. Wait till your children die of heat stress, you morons! The science is clear about what is to come…

  13. Fox is so dangerous

  14. That's at least 3/4 of all the money in the 🌍 maybe more.

  15. She need to bite on something.

  16. If her brain was in a bird.. it would fly backwards. Dumbass

  17. AOC believes killing all cows in the world would save the world..

  18. Stupid people want green new screwing of the american people!

  19. What a moron, she knows absolutely nothing about history or research, nothing. the great dustbowl of the Texas Oaklahoma panhandles lasted up to 8 years in the 1930's…the earth is 5.43 billion years old,Wallace Smith Broecker coined the phrase "global warming " in 1975, 44 years ago….
    that is 5,430,000,000 years of earths existence V. 44 years ago. No one can still predict , at all, ever an earthquake, ever, never, we cannot make it rain, stop raining, snow, stop snowing, when the sun will rise or set, the tides, the currents (which pretty much control the weather), yet somehow in a little over a hundred years of questionable accuracy in following the weather, you believe we can control the climate destiny of the earth….tell that to the dinosaurs…..a number of extinction periods in the earths' long history are either known or believed to have occurred as a result of asteroids… how you gonna stop and asteroid ? by using paper cups and recycling plastic ? solar panels, wind turbines ? planting more trees ? killing off the cows ? eating more grains ? ain't none of it going to stop an earthquake, hurricane , lightning bolt, or 8 feet of snow dumped on the eastern seaboard… idiot

  20. 0:25 her eyes nearly pop our of her head

  21. The climate on the planet is always changing. Regardless if the human factor. You find climate change in deep in the soil and in rocks. I live in central Connecticut. The common rock found here is brown sandstone, basalt and granite. I found sand stone showing fossilized mud cracks. Millions of years ago, the area that makes up the Connecticut river valley was under a lit of water. Then the area experience a severe drought that got record med into the sandstone. Now, present day Connecticut is has rivers, lakes and vegetation.

    The planet knows what it's doing. The politicians are in a panick mode because Earth is not following theur climate change agenda.

  22. I will take 1 White Russian Madam Bartender.
    Plenty of I.C.E

  23. So she thinks she's God?

  24. She is nuts 🥜🥜🥜💩🥜💩
    Look at calf. Went to hell
    Need need go back school
    She miss math class
    People who voted her in office are nuts 🥜🥜🥜🥜

  25. 0:06 AOC undifferent to the «get rid of humans» guy?

  26. Let’s do all this imaginary stuff using our imaginary inventions with all the imaginary money we have. ~ Every Democrat

  27. You bite the bullet honey. You can't have wind power without windmills or solar power without solar panels. They need to be manufactured. Your ruby red lipstick is made from some of the same fossil fuels you want to ban. Your clothes are made from fossil fuels or grown (as in cotton) using precious water resources and fertilizers. You have no problem traveling by car, plane or train. They need to be manufactured and powered. Ride a bicycle from New York to Washington. She is such an uninformed hypocrite.

  28. Brains without Frontiers—concerns without tears…….Cortez when will you get tired of being a stooge… look so so stupid
    its about as stupid as gun control—it will never happen

  29. The green deal is a money grab tax laundering scheme. Obama just bought a house mansion on Martha's vineyard on the water.

    If global warming was real and the water line would be that bad, why would you build a house

  30. Its fiscally ridiculous

  31. Corrupt establishment democrats and republicans hate her. That means she puts the A in AWESOME! Keep up the great work AOC, Omar, Pressley, Khanna, Turner, Warren, Tulsi, and BERNIE 2020!

  32. 93 trillion is cheap in a socialist paradise !!!!!!!!!

  33. Forgive me if it's already been said, but …. haven't we already determined that the GND has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with Socialism!?

  34. What an idiot. The earth does what it's gonna do. We can't make it rain or set up earthquakes neither natural disasters. Spending 93 trillion dollars is just pointless

  35. I can't believe she's still talking about a bill that go 0 yes votes. Even the Democrats said it's a crazy bill

  36. The knowledge of AOC…Im sorry…My mistake…Their is no knowledge..Anybody want to admit who voted for her?!? AND WHY?!?😆😂🤣😅🤔🤔😎😎😎

  37. Drought the Midwest has never seen….😀😁😂🤣 Where was she at in History class!? "The dust bowl" You just cant make up this stupidity!

  38. I wonder if she's has figured out what a garbage disposal is yet

  39. AOC and the liberal folks seem to be confused between earth sciences and political science. Climate Change is nothing but political science. On the other hand, AOC needs to go back to high school and finish her math and science classes. She should invite Al Gore to join her.

  40. AOC is nothing more than just another religious zealot. She is dangerous to the USA. Her religion is worthless. I remember all of the environmental threats we were supposedly faced with nearly four decades ago, and NONE of their predictions in the so-called name of "Science" have come true. Because her religion is NOT Science. It wasn't back then, and it is not now. Let her take her little insignificant cult of delirium to another country so she can bankrupt it due to her nightmares, and then everyone else can finally find the courage to laugh directly in her face when NONE of her zealous, apocalyptic predictions actually occur.

  41. PSYCHO!

    Does anyone, including leftists, think she's educated or sane?

  42. And the waitress is practicing politics, as the businessman slowly get stoned.

  43. Cant

  44. Replanting forests, legalizing hemp, aquaponics, vertical farming in empty structures, switching to biofuels, and reducing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers can all reduce the overall impact of carbon emissions. I'm surprised that coal plants haven't been made to run on methane yet… The GND is excessive at best and will only screw over the US as a whole. The solution lies in eliminating/controlling invasive species that are killing swaths of forest, making more resistant and tolerant varieties of trees, and getting rid of stupid municipal bylaws that can prevent someone from having a small chicken farm in a town. Self reliance is key…

  45. Aww the guy that likes the green new deal & thinks Alexandria has a great attitude. What a weirdo with a crush on AOC. You can tell he knows nothing

  46. Who going to bite the bullet? AOC not you look in your own back yard and see how people is living in California Baltimore and other Democratic state fix them first then talk

  47. STOP giving these CLIMATE SCAM LIARS air time it is so stupid it is not news and just more Propaganda

  48. C L I M A T E SCAM there is NO evidence and it is about turning the USA into a 3rd world bankrupt COMMUNIST police state why do the Green commies stop flying if it is so horrible?????????

  49. She's a babbling dingbat

  50. I have a bullet she can bite.

  51. Thanks to AOC, I know when I'm unsure of what a garbage disposal is, I'll be taken super serious.

  52. This "green new deal", I have a better idea that will cost the taxpayer 1000x less than the original idea. Begin by getting to the breakthroughs that we are very close to but can't reach yet. Wind power dirtiness needs to be cleaned up, same for solar, otherwise the benefit from moving out of the fossil power to those technologies is weak. I want to see a lot more people reach Elon Musk level of capability under capitalism to enable the transition between fossil fuels to alternative energy to happen faster. I know how inefficient the government is from how universities function and much I had to go through to complete college and still suffer from a student loan debt that I need to pay.

  53. its not keeping any of you up because youre coming to the end of your old days and wont have to worry about the aftermath of fossils fuels and climate change.

  54. AOC is a special kind of clown

  55. 93 TRILLION ??? That's not even world GDP

  56. Derr de der der blah blah blah

  57. Look how fox getting changed day by day!

  58. She would be more convincing if she had buck teeth and ate her buggars while spewing stupidity.

  59. A.O.C. — "Absolutely Oblivious/Obnoxious Congress girl". Yes…girl. I have yet to witness her being a mature woman. Everything she does & says is like that of an immature teenager.

  60. wow these people are clueless hacks…. we have to be optimistic that corporations can figure this out ????? jesus christ !!!!!!

  61. AOC water or not, almost certainly not, come and take all my rights personally. You have a big mouth, but you do not know fear.

  62. World GDP: $82T
    Her budget: $93T

    Sorry Ms. Cortez, you have good intentions, but it's simply not possible with that kind of a budget.

  63. You guys are so brainwashed . It's happening it's real it's going to transform our lives for worse . 99.5 studies back that . You gush self harming idiots


  65. Such an unbearable human being, aoc, truly is. There are no words to say, anymore. Just….. ugh 😑 🙄

  66. I’m guessing AOC has Downs Syndrome. Do you not have to pass a basic intelligence test to become a member of Congress?

  67. The bug eyed psychopath says agree with her, or you will dieeee!

  68. So a couple of years into her rhetoric, can she point to a single one instance where her crazy talk has inched toward reality? She gave 5 years to Doomsday, so at 2 years there's not a single one thing that she can point to about her inflammatory rhetoric that is actually a real, viable life-threatening issue? Give bartenders tips, not control of the economy. Oh and by the way, out of principal get rid of the loud mouth low-intellect floozie. She claims this stuff while a rookie instead of doing the work and actually gaining real experience to couple with her bartender resume; well a swing and a miss, she's out, get rid of her.

  69. We're not mocking her concern. We're mocking her delivery.

  70. Hooray for AOC. If we don't do what she wants we will all die. If we do what she says we will all live forever.

  71. Go play with your crayons sweetheart. The grownups are talking right now.

  72. She shows her stupidity everytime she opens her mouth

  73. Ha! Obama made a wrong choice of buying a house near a beach


  75. I like the 7 year old girl (impersonator) who sounds more sound

  76. Theres more holes in the climate change myth than there are in the bible and about a God creating everything.
    If all the people who push the climate bs also demonstrate that they themselves dont believe in it, than the jig is up folks. It takes oil to make green energy and to sustain it.

  77. A.o.c I'd like to hold your head under water you atheist scum bag

  78. Studied economics? Can't decide if she is a complete imbecile or a manipulative thief. Watch 10 Myths About Government Debt on YouTube. Her nonsense will cause inflation that will reduce seniors and millennials savings by more than half. Just another government plan to steal a persons life savings, while providing nothing in return.

  79. When she starts that head shaking crap I can't stand to listen to her .

  80. Has any one on this so called panel made a single suggestion on what should or could be done other than attack her. Is this the best Fox can do…. really. P.S Corporate American knew about the effects and causes of global warming 50 years ago and like with smoking has done every thing it can to deny. They aint going to come to the rescue any time soon. They are in the business of making money not saving people from their own dishonesty and denial !

  81. bite the bullet.

    That's some rational, balanced, educated advice about other peoples money their

  82. LMAO thats hilarious. So 93 trillion of our tax dollars will incite 4.2% of the worlds population to change the weather? ….we are only 4.2% This is the dumbest Crap I've ever heard. AOC is a complete moron.

  83. Maybe if we didn't Buble the population we wouldn't be having an issue with climate change, but hey keep your boarders open

  84. aoc…….there has been horrendous hurricanes throughout history..GALVESTON in 1900..earthquake in 1906 SAN FRSNCISCO..EASTER TORNADOS IN 1913……..GIANT EFFECTS IN HISTORY …aoc wants money to rule and drive people like cattle……


  85. Hey AOC, why don't you "bite the bullet" and give up your posh apartment, bike to work, donate 3/4 of your $174,000 paycheck & collect rainwater to bathe & do laundry… what a dolt.

  86. When will this circus of AOC and her opinions stop. When this individual graduated i can only assume she opened a box of rice krispies and found it there in the facility canteen

  87. There is 7.7 billion people in the world. China and India 2.7 billion, which is 37% of world population. There is 1 billion head of cattle in the world. India, China and Brazil have 63% of cattle in the world. Ninety percent of the cattle in the world are not in the United States. China, India and Russia are the biggest user of coal. The biggest abuser is not the United States. Why don't they mention who the biggest abusers?

  88. Remember James Hansen & Al Gore's "predictions" about the Arctic? Remember "the end of snow" predictions? OAC isn't smart enough to articulate a position, so she copies bullet points & runs w/ it.

  89. Hahahaha nuts case 😂😂

  90. She's so dumb it's like always hore

  91. I have a horse when Cortez laughing exactly the same

  92. She says we need to bite the bullet on the costs, but wants a raise on her $174,000 annual salary….

  93. Green new deal isn't gonna do crap. It's a socialistic view.

  94. Millennials are scary!

  95. IF these BAD Actors have their way we will be back to the year 1500 where there was the ELITE ..The CHURCH and everyone else was a PEASANT

  96. Guys I'm republican, I'm against spending. However, green energy is not a bad investment. We need to stop depending on oil. It's causing us unnecessary wars and hurricanes. I know if fox has sponsorship from the oil top dogs.

  97. I appreciate her enthusiasm, but maybe she should lead by example and bite the bullet.

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