ANXIETY – “Dealing with it” 101 – Eating Disorder Video #14 | Kati Morton

ANXIETY – “Dealing with it” 101 – Eating Disorder Video #14 | Kati Morton

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  1. a lot of times when im trying to snap myself out of restricting i have panic attacks. even if im just going to try to have one bite of something my heart starts pounding. so next time instead of just not eating and running away from the food im going to try the Weird nasal breathing. Thanks for the videos! i love them!!!

  2. Thank you for your support!!

  3. I hate when I over-listen to a song. Then I miss actually enjoying it.

    I kind of get irritated at too upbeat music. I don't mean to be mopey, but it's like… "Oh, I'm sooooooo glad you can write about having a perfect love life blah blah blah. In the meantime I'm going to go puke." It's not even very uplifting, it's kind of depressing.

    Is that weird and mopey? Probably.

    And do you ever feel like a Lamaze teacher trying to teach people to breath? lol 🙂

  4. Thank you for reminding me about the nasal breathing. I had forgotten how helpful it is for me when I become overwhelmed.x

  5. Thank you for posting this video! I have major anxiety and this video really helped me! I love watching your videos…they are so helpful! I have not been doing well at all with my anorexia lately. Today i pushed aside the thoughts and guilty feelings and ate 3 meals and 4 snacks today. Yay me! I also journal ALL the time. Literally everyday. And i look back on my entires quite often. Its interesting to read later down the road.

  6. Something that works for me is to feel your pulse on your wrist and focus on trying to slow it down.

  7. I'm starting college next week and I'm doing equestrian studies where quite a lot relies on looking perfect with your horse and I'm so anxious because my family doesn't really have enough money and I feel so guilty and we might not have the fees in time and I still have to buy stuff that I need and I don't even have my timetable yet and not being able to plan in advance just really freaks me out.

  8. What about anxiety related to trauma/bad thoughts?

  9. I feel like that is my huge downfall – I usually try to distract myself and elicit diff emotions – usually humour by watching funny trashy tv. But sometimes it grabs hold of you so fast its hard to see the progression and intervene early enough.

  10. Not like anxiety counting like ONETWOTHREEFOUR!

  11. I notice that what triggers my anxiety is the difficutly i have on trusting people,I usually assume that they hate me and they're talking behind my back,and that everyone is using me for they're advantage.When i have these thoughts I immediately try to feel better by binging,but I don't. So besides binging I pluck my hair out or bite my nails or cut myself. I don't know what to do because I am so self conscious,I envy other girls because theyre normal and probably lead a happy teenager life.

  12. My main problem is actually eating in front of people I like. I am not sure why, but I have had it for 2 years. I couldn't eat in front of my boyfriend at the time, and I can't eat in front of my current one. I think it has something to do with my choice of food because it seems like people always look at what I'm eating and that makes me feel awkward, like my food looks weird or something.

  13. Thank-you so much xo

  14. Thanks Kati!!! my anxiety has been off the charts latly!!! I listen to Wild Orchid Stacy Ferguson's all girl group she had before she became Fergie and joined the Black eyed peas! they are r&b but have fast dance songs as well as ballads!

  15. Can I ask why do people think having bulimia I don't want attention seeking?

  16. Hi Kati,
    You know when we do know what triggers our anxiety, but it's not something we can avoid, what then? like my family make me really anxious, and so do my friend's children because they are so hectic and hyperactive. but i can't avoid seeing my mom, that would be wrong of me, and i love seeing my friend, i also love her kids. but breathing exercises don't work when i'm stuck in a car with them fighting in the backseat and i can't even concentrate on breathing. what do i do then?xxx

  17. It's not your fault it's my fault for having this food disorder I've been telling to my mom that I'm just sick

  18. I do see a therapist and I tell her everything but she doesn't have the background of food disorder but I really don't want to leave ur because this has been through so much with her and I would feel really upset that I would just leave

  19. Okay thanks Kati:) xxx

  20. the second breathing exercise is really helpfull for me. I have a lot of social anxiety, and whenever it gets too much, I just step away for a second and do the exercise and it helps, so thank you so much Kati <3

  21. The breathing exercises always make me more aware of my anxiety

  22. that nose technique actually helped. Thank you x

  23. This was so helpful!  I have a tendancy for panic attacks, an example unrelated to my ED I have a phobia of horses, but as a veterinary nurse part of my training and exam requirements is specific horse tasks following set exam criteria (both exam or equine can cause panic attacks so double trouble) so I have a tendancy to hyperventilate till I pass out! oops!  Is there anything u can suggests when anxiety escalates to panic, particularly in an assessment situation like that?  the pressure is on an u cant mess up just makes a phobia even worse! x

  24. Could i please talk to you in private? I have a huge anxiety and i really want to get over this. I am only 15. I really hate my anxiety. It isnt normal from an average scale. Please reply. I really want to talk to you!

  25. LOVE this video. Thank you so much, Kati!

  26. I used to journal, ever since grade 5 every day. I just graduated grade 12, and about 4 months ago I stopped because I didnt feel like it helped me anymore since it was all negative. I get huge anxiety when i think about how i should journal again because i really miss it, but i have ocd and think that if i dont finish a whole page when i journal then i will get fat and bad stuff will happen. i dont sometimes feel like writing a whole page though, so i end up not writing at all so i dont get fat. its so weird. anyway, ive suffered with anorexia for 4 years and i am in recovery, but i need to journal to keep my life together but i dont know how to be positive. if you could message me that would be amazing. not even sure what im asking but yeah

  27. Hey, Kati! I am watching you old videos! Do you mind posting your lists here? And what's the name of that folk singer? I couldn't get his name (English is not my first language) and don't know how to write it.

  28. I love this breathing exercise. It really helps me manage panic attacks.
    If I'm somewhere where are lot of people I just turn my back (if it's possible) or just look away or close my eyes. I take a really deep breath and I think about how the air fills me. My legs, stomach, lungs to my throat. But you really have to concentrate and think about the air. Then I hold my breath just for a few seconds (it must be comfortable, don't push yourself) and then I slowly exhale. I usually do it two times, because if I do more I start to feel all dizzy.
    Hope this helps.

  29. Hello Kati, thank you so much for the breathing techniques! I'll put in practice both of them. I need to reduce concerns and worries. A hug. See you later.

  30. i have phagophobia.its almost 3 years i am suffering with it.whenever i tried to swallow food full force of anxiety comes in my head and i ended up throwing the food out of my mouth or eat it with a mouthfull of water ,same happen when i take any pill or tablet.i am currently on setraline 25mg.its helps a little but giving me lots of side effect like dry mouth,insomnia,aggitation.i want to get rid of this phobia and don't want to take antideprassant me.thanks.

  31. good breathing tips Kati thanks! but my anxiety never goes away it's always there is there anything I can do about it?

  32. Joshua Radin is incredible! I love his music. <3

  33. Kati are you still looking to do the music playlists if you are I have a few songs you can include xoxo

  34. It's weird because slow music just makes me want to cry. I listen to rock and very upbeat songs and they calm me better 😀 It's like they help me let out the inner turmoil by being loud and fast. Anyone else?

  35. I live with a ton of anxiety due to anorexia. Every day is full of fear of weight gain and tons of work to reduce calories.

  36. My mom is causing me real anxiety and eating disorders. I just realised now , I want to cut her off , but I need money to do it , but I can't live with her .

  37. My anxiety causes horrible stomach pains so I make myself throw up. I have had bulimia in my past but this isn’t about what I’m eating, it is more about making my stomach pains go away and plus I am focused on the act of vomiting. Is this bulimia as well?

  38. I am so stressed i feel nauseous and I KNOW I need to eat but I just physically am struggling so much. I’ve gone about a day and a half with a practically empty stomach, and I know that that is feeding into my nausea and yet I still can hardly force myself to eat. I can hardly even drink water and to be honest that’s what scares me the most because I’m afraid of becoming dehydrated.

    This was all triggered by stress over a date but now it’s sort of spiraled out of control and I don’t know what to do. I need to eat and drink! But even just nibbling/sipping makes me want to vomit ughhhhhhghghhh

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