Animation: Explaining the Health Insurance Marketplace

Animation: Explaining the Health Insurance Marketplace

the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare is bringing big changes to Texas beginning in 2014 most Texans will be required to carry health insurance or pay a tax penalty to help people find coverage and see if they’re eligible for tax credits the federal government launched an online marketplace on October 1st the federal marketplaces like Travelocity or Orbitz except instead of comparing flights and rental cars you compare monthly premiums out-of-pocket costs and covered benefits of different health insurance plans all of the health plans in the federal marketplace cover essential health benefits such as annual checkups prescription drugs maternity care emergency hospital visits and mental health services in most areas of the state Texans will have more than 50 health plans to choose from they’re divided into five categories catastrophic bronze silver gold and platinum bronze plans have lower monthly premiums but higher out-of-pocket costs while platinum plans have the lowest out-of-pocket cost but the highest monthly premiums catastrophic plans usually have the lowest premiums but they only cover a few services until you meet a high deductible and are only available for extremely poor people and those 30 and younger sliding-scale tax credits are available to help some people pay for coverage but the amount varies depending on the household size and family income by forcing everyone young and old sick and healthy to purchase health insurance the federal government hopes to level up the cost of health care but unlike the majority of other states Texas didn’t expand Medicaid to cover extremely poor adults those individuals won’t be required to purchase health coverage but taxpayers will still foot the bill for their care when they show up at hospitals and charity clinics Texans have until March 31st to enroll in a health plan on the federal marketplace but since its launch many of them have experienced technical difficulties trying to sign up online President Obama said there’s no sugarcoating the fact that many people have struggled to sign up online while the federal government fixes the glitches they’re asking people to keep trying and encouraging people to try applying by phone use this Tribune quiz to find your best options for complying with the health insurance mandate or compare health plan options in your region using our interactive map you

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  1. What a load of [email protected]#$%& crap!

    ObamaCare is forcing young males to pay for services that ate unique to women. It's causing people to pay MORE for less coverage than they had with their previous coverage; and forcing people to go to a doctor that the GOVERNMENT tells them to use.

    It's more expensive; and fewer people will be covered.

  2. "Paying for services for women" – If you are already insured in ANY group insurance plan that includes men and women (read: all of them), you are already doing this. This law does nothing but change that. Except you could be paying, in part, for a woman's BC rather than an entire pregnancy. Nice deal, huh?

    "Government telling you what doctor to go to" – No. Because you are buying insurance from a company, you just have to go to any doctor that accepts that insurers coverage. Exactly like before

  3. Deny it all you want. Unfortunately for you, it's already happening.

    Time for you to actually READ the Bill that was passed into Law (I have). It may take you a while, as it's over 2000 pages, but at least you'll have done something that the Democrats didn't do before they voted on it… actually 'read' the damned thing.

    Then try accepting reality when people tell you their being forced out of their current plans; forced to pay for options they don't need; and to go to a Govt approved Doctor.

  4. This is a great video not sure how I missed this!

  5. Healthcare insurance can be too complex for many people. Thank you for this very interactive and comprehensive animation.

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