Angela Brown’s Top 10 Business Card Tips for House Cleaners

Angela Brown’s Top 10 Business Card Tips for House Cleaners

How do you get a business card for your cleaning
business? That’s a great question and we’re going to
talk about that today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask
A House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Now today’s show is brought to us by Savvy
Cleaner Training, which is house cleaner training for maids and house cleaners, and we cover
a whole bunch of business things. And today we’re going to show you how to create
a business card. All right, here’s a question from a house
cleaner who’s just getting started and she wants to know. Speaker 2: Hi Angela, I’ve been watching your
video for many times, and I’m really interesting. I want to start my business, but I just don’t
know where to start. I don’t know where I’m going to buy the business
card and license the business. I want you to help me know where to get those
stuff, because I have experience for housekeeping for six years and I know I can be a house
cleaner. All right, so we have other videos on how
to get a business license. This one we’re going to focus on how to create
a business card. There are a couple of things that we want
to talk about before I actually go to the computer and I’m going to show you step by
step how to create a business card. Now I should mention, if you’re listening
to this podcast in your car. I’m going to put links in the show notes to
the YouTube version. So you can walk step by step and you can see
exactly what I’m talking about, so that you can follow step by step and make your own
business cards. Okay now the very first thing that I want
to mention, is before you even sit down at the computer, you want to know what your company
name is going to be. You want to know what it is that you sell
and you want to know to whom do you sell it. And then, we want a phone number and an email. Bam, that’s it. We’re not going to add gobs of things, we’re
not going to ad scripture quotes, we’re not going to add a whole bunch of irrelevant information. You have a very small two inch by three-inch
advertisement and you get to use both sides. And I recommend you use both sides because
people will turn it over. So whether they pass it around, they put it
in their wallet, they carry it with them, they hand it to a friend. People will turn it over and they will look
at both sides. So use both sides of it, but we’re going to
keep it super simple. We want one message for your business card. The message is what do you do? Who do you do it for? Where do you do it? Okay? So we want to keep it very simple. The next thing that I would recommend is instead
of some cutesy logo, if you have a logo, that’s fine if that’s what you want to use. But what is it that you do and is there a
picture that you can find that says what you do and who do you do it for? Now in this example we’re going to have a
make-believe company and it’s going to be Jody’s Cleaning Service. Now Jody cleans for new moms. So I need a picture that shows cleaning and
new moms. So what I did is I went to Shutterstock and
I’m going to leave links in the show notes to Shutterstock as well. This is not sponsored, I just want you to
be aware that you can buy images. You license the image, you pay for it one
time, you can use it on your business card for the rest of your life. And they have a wide variety, hundreds and
thousands of photos that you can find that say what you do. Okay, so we found a photo of a pregnant woman
holding a bucket of cleaning supplies. And this is the photo that we’re going to
use, because it says new mom and it says cleaning. Okay? And this particular image, it’s the new mom
that’s cleaning . But maybe she hands her cleaning bucket over to the house cleaner
that’s about to be hired. Okay? So this image is a new mom with a cleaning
bucket. Okay, now we’re going to go to the computer
and we’re going to sit down and we’re going to write out everything that we want to have
on our business card. And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. Now in order to do this, we are going to go
to Canva is a website that has a bunch of graphic
design elements already prepared for you. And you’ll see here there are a bunch of templates
that are already designed for the business. Now there is one called business cards, but
we’re not going to use it, simply because it comes out at a very low resolution. So about the same shape is going to be one
called presentation and that’s 16 x 9. Which is your 1920 x 1080, that’s actually
high def. Now there are a bunch of upload-able templates,
but we’re going to upload our own photo. The photo we’re going to upload here is a
pregnant woman with some cleaning supplies. Because, the card that we’re going to make
caters to new moms. So you see as we upload this, this little
bubble here, once it completely fills up with water. That means our picture is uploaded. So, we’re going re-center this and we’re going
to stretch the picture to the top of the business card and make sure that the edges just go
over the edge of my template. And you’ll notice that there’s a line here
where the background doesn’t necessarily match the background. So, I’m going to click on what’s called ColorZilla. It’s a Chrome extension and I’m going to click
about right here in the middle of the page. That’s going to give me the hex code and I’m
going to copy and paste that right there in this area. So now you see, it just blended the background
very nicely. I’m going to over the fonts and I’m going
to type in Jody Cleans For New Moms. All right? And then we’re going to center that right
about there. I want to move this picture over so that those
words don’t run into her back. But I want to keep the words and picture from
getting too close to the screen, because I don’t want them to bleed off the screen. So that’s about as close as I want to get
to the edge. Now I’m going to shrink the sizing of that
just a little bit so I can fit more words in the same space. Then I’m going to choose a different font. It’s the same font, but a smaller font. And we’re going to type in the neighborhoods
in which Jody cleans. This is very important because we don’t want
to get referrals from all over. We only want to be in these two neighborhoods. We’ll center that right underneath her. And you’ll see as you start moving this around,
there are little lines here that help you align your words so they’re all even. Then we’re going to change the color of that
text to about the color of her mop bucket. There you go. That’s about right. Then we’re going to center that a little bit
and let’s add a phone number here. This will be our phone number and we really
don’t want to go much bigger than this. Because again, this is a business card, we
want to be able to see it. And I’m going to cut this space here and just
squeeze that up a little bit, so that it gives me more white space. White space is important because it makes
it easier to read your business card. We don’t want anything else that does not
belong. Jody cleans for new moms in the Weddington
and Hanover neighborhoods. That’s it, and then a phone number. We don’t want anything else on the front of
this card. We’ll put everything else on the back of the
card. All right. That’s looks pretty good. What do you guys think? And we’re going to save this as Jody Cleans
For New Moms business card. And then underscore one, which going to tell
the graphic design printing people this is side one. And we’re going to save that to our desktop. So that is the front of our business card. Doesn’t that look amazing? It says what we do. It shows a picture of what we do. It shows who our audience is. We’re going to save this as PNG file, which
is going to save the resolution to its highest resolution. And we’re just going to hit okay and save
that right there on our desktop. All right. Now we’re going to create a backside to the
business card. So we’re going to go back to the same template,
which is the 16 x 9. Then we’re going to create a QR code for the
back. And we’re just going to create a free QR code,
we’re not going to pay for one. And we’re going to type in the web address
that will generate the QR code so that people can scan and go to Jody’s website. So the website is This is a fake web address, I’m just making
this up for the sake of this illustration. This window will pop up that says, “Hey, do
you want to sign up for free? It takes a couple of seconds.” We do not want to sign up. Just wait for a minute and it will process
your QR code. Then once it starts to download, you will
save this as Jody Cleans Website QR Code and save this in the same file. This is going to go on the back of the business
card. And then whenever she hands it to a customer,
if they scan the barcode with their phone, it’ll take them directly to Jody’s website
so that they can learn a little bit more about her. All right, now we’re going to stretch this
out just a bit on the back, because we want it big enough that when you scan it, it picks
up the information. And we’re going to add just a few ideas about
what the services are that Jody offers. So if she offers house cleaning, laundry,
dishes, and organization. That’s it. We’re not going to spell a whole list of stuff,
we’re not going to have lots of pictures. We’re not going to have a bunch of other stuff,
we’re going to keep it really simple. There’s a barcode, if they want to scan it,
they can find more information about Jody’s cleaning on Jody’s website. All we want them to know is Jody cleans for
new moms. She does laundry, dishes, and organization. Now, who is Jody? This is going to be Jody’s name. We want to put on here that Jody is also bonded
and insured. That’s going to be their biggest question. Is she bonded and insured? That’s all we’re going to put on here as far
as credentials go. We’re not going to put pricing, we’re not
going to put anything else. She’s bonded and insured. And then we’re going to put an email. That’s it. We don’t want phone numbers and all this stuff. The phone number is on the front, we’re not
going to duplicate that information. We’re not going to put Facebook on here, we’re
not going to put any other social media. I mean it’s assumed that she’s on social media
right? But if people scan that barcode, on the website
will be all the links to the social media. So we’re just going to type the email address,
[email protected] And then in the event that somebody wants
to email her instead of call. They can call, they can text, or they can
email based on the information that they have so far on this business card. Now again, we don’t want to get too close
to the edges because there’s what’s called a bleed. And if we go to the next website, which is
Vistaprint, to go to print these out. If you don’t save room for bleed, which is
just a little ring around the corner of your business card, it will cut it off and then
you’ll have to redesign your business card. The good news is with Vistaprint they actually
show you a picture of what your business card looks like. So that you can go ahead and say, “Yes, this
is how I would like it to be printed.” Or you can say, “You know what, I made a mistake.” And then you can go back and you can redesign
your business card before you pay for printing. So now we’ve created the back and the front
of the business card. We’ve saved them in the same file and now
we’re ready to go over to Vistaprint and we are ready to print the business card. So you see how easy that was? That was super easy. All right, now we’re at Vistaprint, you see
everything is 50% off. I’ll share a secret with you. Vistaprint has ongoing sales that are 50%
off. So look for the 50% off for business cards. There are different options for the business
cards. We’re going to choose the one that says upload
your own design. There’s horizontal and vertical, always choose
horizontal. That’s standard in the industry and it’s easy
when you hand it to someone for them to see it and read it. You’re going to click on upload your own design,
you’re going to choose one from your computer. Choose your image. You’re going to go the one that says side
one. You’re going to upload that and as you watch
it upload, it will show you those little lines that I told you about. You see we’re very close to the edge there,
but we’ll still fit inside those bleed lines. So that is how the business card looks from
the front. Looks pretty nice right? Okay, good. Now we’re going to go ahead and hit next. Now that, that all fits inside the bleed,
and we’re going to do the back side. All right, so the backside is just like the
front side. The blank is included, but we want to pay
for gray-scale because for $7.00 more, we can get the rest of the information and the
barcode and all that information. So it’s wasted space if we don’t use it. All right, now we’re uploading the backside
of the image and that is how the backside is going to look. We’re going to hit next and that is going
to show us what our business card looks like. So that’s the front and the back of the business
card and you see that everything fits in there nicely. It tells a great story, it’s a simple business
card, It’s easy to read. And then it takes you to this screen where
you can go ahead and you can pay and check out. Now I won’t walk you through the pay now and
check out and all that stuff because this is just a fake business card that we just
designed right now with a fake web address and a fake phone number and all these things. This is just an illustration only, but that
is how easy it is to create a business card. So check it out. Canva and Vistaprint, those are the two that
I’ve used. I’ve only used Canva for a few years since
it came out, but I’m a huge fan of Canva. And I’ve used Vistaprint for about 20 years,
for business cards and their quality is fantastic. This is not sponsored in any way, shape, or
form. But I’m a huge fan because the quality is
good, the customer service is excellent, and the pricing is always spot on. So they’re very, very competitive and like
I say, I’m highly recommending them. So if you want a business card, that is what
I would recommend and that’s probably the easiest way to do it. So there you have it and until we meet again,
leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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