An app that helps incarcerated people stay connected to their families | Marcus Bullock

An app that helps incarcerated people stay connected to their families | Marcus Bullock


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  1. Love this already! Marcus is 💯👌

  2. Stay strong and make them wonder how you're still smiling.

  3. Is there an App for murdered people to stay connected to their families?

  4. Who cares if they can't stay in contact with their families? I thought they are incarcerated for reasons. Murderers might want this app to stay in contact, yet their victims families will never be able to speak to their loved ones ever again. For all other crimes – you had a choice not to do them and you could be at home with your family. Use the pay phone [and that is already too nice].

  5. he was 14 but he looked 25 ?

  6. Keep on truckin young man. Have a great Christmas.

  7. Y'all are only hating BC this is a black man with a brilliant idea

  8. Imprisoning makes no difference if you can't have life after it.

  9. Many of them should be forgive and free. This is my position. you did not ask me many things? Do you? so here are.

  10. "he axe me" nope im out

  11. Incarceration is a punishment for a crime, you shouldn’t get any benefits. If you commit a crime and you are put in jail you are the reason you don’t see your family, no one else is responsible, and jail shouldn’t get easier it just makes it look less of a threat toward criminals

  12. So amazing that some one doing something about this evil problem of greed.

  13. Oh, dude! You made a horrible mistake. I'm glad you realised and your life has changed to the better and you are happy with your family and your kid. Good Luck!

  14. I love your mother. You are very lucky to have her! I wish I had her too because mine proved to be a total hostile monster from the very beginning.

  15. Let the dead rest in peace..

  16. Marcus, you are very brave to survive an unforgiving prison system and you are just precious to create all that work for returning citizens and help families keep contact with your FlikShop app. Your mother and the rest of your family must be so proud of you! And so many people you helped must be eternally grateful to you! You are also very generous coming to give this talk so everybody will get the chance to listen to your amazing experience of how you turned a mistake into a career full of kindness and assistance to the ones who need it. You, sir, are a model citizen and I'm very impressed and happy for you!

  17. Great work. Takes someone who's walked the walk to truly feel the compassion an understand the perspective from the other side. What is also needed is a new method for taking calls from jail that don't tax an extra 13 dollars on top of the 1 dollar initial fee.

  18. 6 months psyche, 3 months revovery. free mumia. 😐

  19. Be positive and think positive

  20. Just dropping by here to remind you all that in the USA, kids in prison are used as slave labour.
    So are adults, but I thought it was worth mentioning. American jails exist to make slavery legal.

  21. Watch this and learn a little bit more:

    Why should someone lose connection with their family and their life go down the drain because they couldn't afford the biased and discriminatory formalities and due process that is enforced which puts them in jail because they didn't have the correct paperwork??

    The title of this is absolutely ludicrous because there are even church people affiliated with the jails that don't care and know that it's a tool to lose connection to your family because you will sign papers giving them money and letting them torture you.

    how are you going to treat a symptom instead of looking for the Cure??

    Yeah that's right I've been there.
    These little piddly drops in the bucket or not enough.

    ….. maybe it's lack of brain power that keeps us on this position because people want to think about things that aren't even going to solve the problem to begin with.

    I challenge you all.

  22. ZERO sympathy for criminals. Dont break the law and none of this would be happening.

  23. This video has made my day! I feel lighter and richer seeing Marcus and hearing his story. Though I hadn't had any prison experience, I got aware about how bad it is when as a teenager I heard that while inside prison serving a sentence, you are not allowed to vote. Loosing your voting rights makes you less of a citizen and that cannot be right or any good help to encourage people to make their life better after they are out living a free life again. Reformation and not punishment is what a prison should concentrate on. Education, skills, information and Art is what people who made major mistakes need. Also, capital punishment is a barbaric action and it doesn't make any difference for anyone. People with life sentences can get extra education and help Society from inside the prison so they can feel better about themselves as useful members who make life better for everyone they can, rather as totally humiliated prisoners with no prospect of bettering their own life. It takes a good Government to help change that monstrous  money making machine that's only there to help private companies' CEOs fill their accounts with blood money.

  24. Stopped watching when he said he pulled a gun on a person and stole his car. Prison is there to segregate the scum from the rest of society as they have proven themselves unfit to live among us. I don't care much for their feelings or families when they are locked up.

  25. Your mom was amazing! Too bad most don't have one like her

  26. Wtf! You described your crime in the simplest of ways. Dude, that was “Armed Robbery” .

  27. here's a crazy idea: don't commit crime.

  28. Maybe it was the hard lesson of not having contact with family and friends that helped rehabilitate this man.
    Having time and no mummy or contact with others to really think about the fact that you robbed some poor scared innocent man held at gun point in a life or death situation.
    Now if you described armed grand theft as stupid, horrible,despicable, scummy, cruel and evil maybe I might think you have an inch of empathy but you don't.
    It's all about the poor wife killers that can't talk to there obviously useless parents who sporned and allowed their children to think that armed robbery was okay and murder is just a mistake.
    F you. And F all you sympathiser Muppets.

  29. 🦋so sad that you had to go through that, from that experience you can help youth today.

  30. Damn…This is amazing

  31. I can't finish watching this absolute bullshit. I'm not proud of it but I'm a former felon for marijuana! I have no sympathy for a person no matter what the age who sticks a gun in somebody's face to Rob them. This is the most tragic thing for him and his family? okay well what about the guy whose face you put the gun into and robbed? it was probably pretty tragic for him too. Fact is criminals are barred from lots of correspondence due to security reasons in a prison. You break the rules of society, Society removes you from society and that includes your family! you deal with it when you're locked up! Being sympathetic to an armed robber Will never happen in my life.

  32. "A friend of mine and I we approached a man sleeping in his car, pulled out a gun, demanded the keys to his car, and sped off." …WTF head-space are you in to do this to an innocent person!? Was the gun loaded? Who carried the gun(s). Would you have killed that person? Glad it ended well and with a cool new business, but jee-zuss.

  33. Free slave labor, you have bank cartels, pharmacy, prisons, food , water and air cartels , their everywhere . It’s such a sick controlling world we live in. If it wasn’t for me knowing Jesus’ I wouldn’t want to live in vil world. Much love and God Bless…

  34. You rock the house! Thank you for your work.

  35. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  36. What a wonderful story!!👏

  37. Oh yeah, because I lay awake at night, so worried about the feels of those locked up for CRIMES!

  38. It's "ask" not axe, ffs. When you decide to victimize someone else in society, you forfeit the luxury of the internet and other pleasures. Why are we supposed to feel sorry for this criminal?

  39. Now invite the victim of his crime on for a talk.

  40. thank you indeed for a big relevant goal for the entire Society!

  41. "Just don't go to jail/prison." It's like it's hard or something?

  42. Just because you're a 'teenager' doesn't mean you're allowed to commit crimes

  43. Communication is restricted to keep people who are already convicted criminals from engaging in other crimes.

    How many cell phones have been pulled out of how many anuses?

    Underwear string fished between cells.

    Free up communication? Earn it back by doing yer time ya degenerates.

  44. 8yrs!!!! I couldn't do 10 days! Waste of time and doing the same thing and seeing the same thing everyday can drive you insane!💯

  45. Yikes, a bunch of fashies in the comments for this one… Guess it shouldn't be surprising though. Regardless of whatever reactionary nonsense that anyone hears throughout their life, this type of enterprise is crucial for any civilized society; revenge is not justice, and having a punitive justice system is an injustice in and of itself.

  46. How about fixing the root cause of why this happened? Lack of a father figure in the house and lack of structure. Stay out of jail and prison and you don't need an app to stay in communication with family. Write a letter and send puctures. That is what you get for being convicted of a crime that sends you to prison. Change the system, not add an app

  47. This guy is AMAZING!

  48. I thought ankle bracelets kept criminals connected to their family since they're not allowed to leave their house hahaha

  49. I’m thinking about the poor guy who was already SLEEPING IN HIS CAR, and then gets car/house jacked on top of that! Hopefully was just a nap not where he was living!!

  50. Since when did we feel bad for CRIMINALS? My dad went to jail because he deserved it. He should’ve been deported too but thanks to my mom and A LOT of money he still here with us. I can’t believe how privileged we are in this country that we even want to make the lives of CRIMINALS easier.
    Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.

  51. this is one of the best presentations I seen on Ted Talk in a long time. If you ask me, he has a PHD on this subject. He understand it at a level someone could not achieve through a university degree.

  52. Apparently his next venture is softer pillows and mattresses for the inmates, because he wasn't impressed with them either.

  53. Ok. Have barely started to watch .. why is his stage so small?

  54. Really why'd you go there

  55. Why do blaqs support crime so much. No apps. Just lock up criminals. And use them for experiments and target practice I say.

  56. At 13:30 he asserts theres a "need for criminal justice reform", lets not lose sight of his admission that as a teenager, he aquired a gun, set out with intent, held the gun to an innocent strangers face, threatened his life then robbed him, stealing his car. . . . without jail time what are the odds on him graduating quickly to killing people ? I think it's highly likely that jail time saved innocent lives, and probably saved his own life. Be much more virtuous for ex-cons to maybe make ammends to victims of crime rather than improve the lot of convicts.

  57. This is brilliant!!!

  58. The title is so black mirror. Let's see what it is

  59. Hi possible follow love❤️💋

  60. Yeah more luxuries for criminals, it's bad enough tax payer money pays for their deodorant and lotion. Its supposed to be a punishment not a retreat

  61. This is great and looks like a prosperous business idea for him.

  62. The fundamental argument against punishment and obviously against the death penalty (in french) :

  63. This I ironic…I have a brother in prison…and I just told him I would send him random photos…

  64. Did he kill the driver…. If no….. 8 years, daymmm.

  65. Anyone comes here to study English

  66. I have a question. Do incarcerated people 'deserve' to be connected with their families that much?
    Just a pure curiosity. No means of offending anyone.

  67. Hopefully something important can be done instead of this. Like bringing the death penalty for rape, murder, pedophiles….

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