An African Marketplace (Nigeria) By Black And Ginger

An African Marketplace (Nigeria) By Black And Ginger

Can You speak our language ? Yes, How are you ? Oh nice !! Bye! How do You reply to the question, “how are You?” in Yoruba ? I’m doing good. I’m in good health Yes! good job. This is Stock fish Hey! Oyibo, would you like to buy some hot peppers ? Oyibos don’t eat hot peppers I guess You’ll never forget that word “oyibo” Are those the kind of peppers they like ? If it’s not hot, then i guess so We have these in Serbia Oyibo!!! Good day ma! Oyibo! Oyibo! Oyibo! They are saying hi to you, wave at them. Oyibo! Welcome Oyibo! Oyibo! Oyibo Pepper! Hello! My baby wants to say Hi Same thing happens to me in Serbia some of them refuse Serves You right. It’s Your turn Kemi! Take a look at this hairstyle This is “Garri” It’s a kind of flake, African Flakes made from Cassava There’s two types of Garri The yellow one and the white one The yellow one, You use to make “Eba” This is Our local rice This is a local spice They sometimes use it to cook Jollof rice In English, it’s called “locust beans” and in Nigeria We call it “Dawa Dawa” Please don’t be offended Oh no!! We don’t mind You can eat it raw Mr. Your girlfriend is very beautiful Leona! You stopped the market You guys blocked the market

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  1. OYINBO you no buy pepper? Oyinbo no dey chop pepper..Lol🇳🇬🇩🇪

  2. they are so kind, i love them and talking of your government, they are not trying hey, you guys have a GDP of more than $500 billion, but to see such conditions is unexpected.

  3. Amazing Thanks for sharing brother❤️🥂

  4. You guys legit caused a stir in that market 😂😂

  5. Nice video😍👌👌👏🔥

  6. Oh the children got so excited. Really nice

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  8. Bunga bonga , chunga bunga ….

  9. this girl is getting it very right, there is nothing Yoruba people love more than somebody making the effort to get to know their culture, im sure all those market women probably want to adopt the girl for at least trying a little bit of yoruba language

  10. Lmao 😂 baba dey call garri African Flakes 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  11. Wow Bro..the Nigerian people are very positive,beautiful. Please more videos from ur country.Respect

  12. This is beautiful, same here in Europe the kids wanna greet and shake hands when they see Africans…

  13. Wow Amazing i just love you all Bless 🆙✅❣✊🏿

  14. Is this a slum market place or just Lagos?

  15. See how friendly and welcoming Nigerians are?

  16. Nigerians loving sweet people but have the worst government on earth
    God pls improve our government
    Godbless this family

  17. they never sabi as you drop for their airport they think say you be thief

  18. Wow! nice vlog brother, thanks for sharing

  19. I love your videos. .. Great couple.

  20. Yes now go to the white girl country and see how they will treat u like nobody, Africa woke up

  21. Nonsense, all this racist white trash in my country..

  22. I have been watching your videos right from the day you guys left Serbia for Nigeria and I must say that it been a great moment .As you can see, even though some Africans don't have too much to live for,yet they are happy with the little they have.I believe your trip to Nigeria with your brother will be an eyes opener.You can help to share your expierince with those who haven't got opportunity to visit Africa.God bless you guys and thanks for sharing this video with us.

  23. Nigerias have long way to go

  24. If they are in our country we celebrate them but if we are in there country they look at us as shit, is not fair

  25. Is it that pepper that has pepper??🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Best videos blog from Nigeria XD

  26. This is how africans love white people. We are not racist

  27. I can picture those kids talking about that experience of touching a white girl in years to come. That's my ninja kids. Once you are white, then you become a friend, they will even respect and show more attention to you than to any other black person.

  28. Nigeria pikins the same every where man. I love you guys. Oyinbo pepper wey no dey eat pepper.

  29. The fact is that Africans got self hate .

  30. The fact is that Africans got self hate .

  31. You guys are inspirational. What a lovely couple. Keep it up, BLESS YOU

  32. Those that potray Nigeria and Nigerians in negative lights are people that don't understand Nigeria and Nigerians. Nigerians are hospitable people. Foreigners that have been to Nigeria on previous occasions want to go back. Many don't of those foreigners have made Nigeria their homes.

  33. Very brave or nieve

  34. Kids are so excited to see a white woman

  35. Nice 👍. I really missed that country Nigeria

  36. We protect strangers in Nigeria. ..

  37. Probably the first oyinbo in that village. Can't blame the kids, first time of them seeing those strange white people they see on tv. Everybody want to touch her if she's real.

  38. We just hate ourselves and love strangers…come to Europe and see how they treat you, anyway love ur video bro

  39. But here some white kids will be running from blacks … like Masquerade is coming ooo. Idiotic idea that they learnt from their parents !

  40. So real, typical nigerian will prefer to go posh places and hide what we're going through. Nice one

  41. Nigerians impregnate europE

  42. So this is Nigeria where kids never have seen a white people?🤔🤔🤔

  43. thy treat us like animals in their country we welcome them like God in Nigeria

  44. Oh why did you end this video, I enjoyed it so much. I was just busy smiling 😀😀


  46. Oao hausa isgod❤💃

  47. what's the music in the background?

  48. Fuck all whites people in Africa

  49. Waste of a white pussy

  50. مسكين هربان ………. مكينش فين ……

  51. هدا انت عزيزي يالله الوسامة تشع

  52. انت خليو يا اللله يا خليو بتجنن

  53. الوسامة …… وشهامة…… بتجنن

  54. You see how warm n friendly blacks r follow her to her country they throw bottles at u

  55. its loke this when afrca pp see white gairls🤷‍♂️

  56. i wish i could visit africa someday

  57. Dont say black and white all are same

  58. I’ll bet they had some police with machine guns with them.

  59. Totalement paumée cette meuf, tout ça pour avoir goûter une bonne bite

  60. It’s very beautiful

  61. My heart melts for our kindness i wish they welcone us in their land like this

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