hello friends my name is mukesh deswal welcome to amway atoz if you are new here subscribe amway atoz and press bell icon to get notification of new videos my today topic is amway business plan The Amway plan is to first understand itself well and to understand that we can understand the other. Only understood but can not explain to others then the purpose of understanding our plan is not complete. How to show plan it is important to understand some steps Our goal is to bring people from Floating Customer to Loyal Customer. Floating customer is ever here, there is a habit of buying similar, ever A man wanders through life all the time But as soon as Loyle decides to become a customer, he gets a new direction in life. The benefit of the accompaniment seems obvious. What is the old business model: One is productive and the other is consuming. Middle Men are in the middle like, . Advertising, Transport, C & F Agent, Stockkiss, Wholeseller, Dealer, Retailer. The customer makes 100% of the payment in 40% of the cost that producer produces 60% of the money goes into the middle men Only a few people can share in 60% The producer makes money in this model the middleman makes money, and runs the old business model full of the customer but he does not get anything. How big is the fault of the system. The customer is making changes in the lives of others making others rich, they are moving in a long, car, their children are studying in good schools and colleges But the customer only knows to compromise. In Howard University, there was a lot of research on this, who are rich, they will continue to be rich. And normal people will not have the opportunity to change their life. that the birth of Free Enterprise, the birth of free trade. Or the birth of Amway. This reduction has been overcome in the new business model which is developing with the development of the Internet. Now any person can become rich. Now he can not say that I am born in a poor house, so I can not become rich. If you are not moving ahead in the free enterprise era that means you are sitting in wrong company Take advantage of relevant change and free business opportunity. What is the new business model: The biggest secret of the development of the new business model is Internet as long as the Internet continues to run in the world, the growth and expansion of this business will continue fast. The producer makes 40% the same cost the consumer purchases in 100% and the middle people are removed from this business mode and the consumer has been directly added. Therefore 60% of this business model will be directly shared in the consumption team. Here’s the consumer we call prosumer
The profit sharing consumer who makes profit in his purchase. Earlier we were giving these benefits to others. We will benefit from this 60% of us and you. 60% of our purchases triggers like this: 4% discount on MRP. 8% Trade Discounts, which comes in our account. 6 to 21% Performance Bonus The performance commission chart of Amway is such that … Sales of 6% 10000 sales of 9% on 50000 sales 11% on sales of
1.2 million Sales of 13% to 2.4 Lacs Sales of 15% of 4 lakhs, 18% of sales of 7 lakhs, 21% on sales of
10 lakhs 6 to 9% Leadership Commission. When your team gets bigger, and a turnover of 10 lakh starts with that team then you begin to get leadership commission from that team. commission from that team. Every year family travel abroad 5-star hotel is welcomed for 5 days. Incentives every year i When your business grows compared to last year, you are given incentives. The smallest incentive is 2.5 lakh rupees 2.5 lakh rupees and the largest incentive is above 50 million rupees Forums: When you retrieve the new PIN, company call you as a forum and train you.
Star 15% Forum Silver Forum
Gold Forum, Platinum Forum The next important thing that you need to understand in the Amway Plan is the following: You can join Amway Business by 2 following ways. first becoming ABO Becoming Amway Business Owner. second becoming PC. Called a prefed customer There is no fee in the pairing of both PC and ABO. That is, joining of Amway is free No loss of money to anyone. The only difference is that the PC only gets a discount on the MRP and 1 loyalty point is available on the purchase of 100 rupees. While ABO meets both the differential commission and the trade discount. ABO gets 1 team point or PV for purchase of 96 rupees. When you sponsor both ABO and PC, differential commission of the PC and Differential income of ABO will come to you Sit with your sponsor and understand it better. Your commission from PC : If you have done 20 pc sponsors and they are they are buying 2500 of your month, then you get the business volume to 50000 rupees. Your commission completes 8% of the full trade discount in your account. 8% of 50000=4000 rupees and you get the
full team point And the full commission performance of that team point. Here you get 9% performance commission and it is 9% of 50000=4500 The total income is 4000 + 4500=8500 rupees. Now understand in a little detail What is Differential Income: Finds ABO. If your Amway PIN is 9%, and your downline pin is 6%, then you will get a difference commission which will be 9-6=3%. If you are on 15% pin means business of 400000 indian rupees your 3 sales team is at different commission level. Assuming that the first sales team is at 9%, the volume is 10000 then you will receive 6% then you will receive 6% you will get 6% of 50000 rupees The second sales team is 11% on the assumption that you have 120000 rupees business then you will get 4% commission of 15-11=120000 If the third sales team is 13%, assuming the volume of 240000 rupees then that sales team will get you a commission of 2% 2%comission Different types of differential income you can calculate. If you order your personal 10000 rupees you will get a full 15% of your personal order. for more information, sit well with your up line and understand the calculation well. The plan should be explained in such a way that the other can also explain the Amway plan well. This secret is to prepare planners and to create duplication in the team. Thank you very much for listening to me carefully .. if you enjoy the video pls hit like comment me for any information and share this video in your team fpllow me on blogger and facebook thanks for watching this video

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