American Sustainable Business Council

We know that sustainability can get lost and that it’s viewed as secondary or not integral to the work they’re doing. We are one of three countries in the world not have a national paid leave policy and that’s inexcusable in the richest country in the world. If we’re not being thoughtful about how women, how minorities have a place in the general economy will be in danger of losing our position in terms of a major economic powerhouse in the global economy. It’s really important for any interest group to have a voice on Capitol Hill ASBC is really the premier business oriented platform to push the envelope on doing well by doing good. To address the challenges we’re facing we have to change the rules that is what a ASBC does. It changes the rules of the game so that all businesses will be responsible businesses. We think it’s important to get involved in the work of ASBC not only to speak on behalf of our company but it’s also to speak on behalf of the suppliers we use in the United States and I feel like we have a responsibility to take a stand for issues that are important to them. I love the voice that they’re giving to businesses who understand that the high road is the smart road. They have a powerful impact in pushing policymakers to understand this concept of shared prosperity. We need organizations like ASBC to make sure that there are policies in place to help everybody have equity and access.

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