Alyson Stoner Returns After 17 Years

Alyson Stoner Returns After 17 Years

So this is crazy. So 17 years ago– our first season– I saw the Missy Elliott video. And I was like there’s
this little girl in this video that is so good. And we, our producers found
you, had you on the show. And look at you now. I mean, it’s amazing. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I can be like your unofficial
time capsule of the show. I think you are. I think I’m going to watch you– Wow. And watch the season
grow, and watch me age. [LAUGHTER] Gracefully. This is a clip from the show
you were on the very first year. Oh, dear. Fourth show. [MUSIC PLAYING] First move I’m teaching
you is the Harlem Shake. Right. And you shake your shoulders. And then you pull up. Pull up. I just did. Do it again. [LAUGHTER] All right, let’s
have some music. Let’s put this together. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, and then I stopped. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] So what was it like to be
onstage with Missy again, that– you know, that was so long ago. And now– Yes. Yeah. Yeah, it was absolutely perfect. Yeah. First of all,
obviously, credit goes to Missy for allowing me
to participate and honor her, and kind of recreate
that timeless moment. You’ve gotten a lot of
attention since then. You have a million
followers, right? Conveniently, I reached
a million soon after you re-shared the clip, so– All right. Thank you. So I thought we would take a
selfie, so we can add more. So let’s do– This is awesome. All right. Ready? OK. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] We have matching hair. Yes, we do. Mine was that color
not too long ago. Oh, really? All right. I heard that you downsized. I heard that you got rid of all
of your worldly possessions. What made you want to do that? I did. Oh, I think it’s very simple. The simpler your life
is, the more room you have for your health and
relationships to flourish. Uh-huh. And it was very easy to sort
of go as wild and luxurious as the entertainment
industry can seem to be. Again, that’s how much
I want to counter it. And I can fit all of my
belongings in my car. And you just have
this weightlessness. So what did you do with
all your belongings? Donate it. Oh, that’s good. Yes. Yes. Do you need anything or? No. [LAUGHTER] Sounds like you don’t
have anything left. I don’t– it’s too late. Actually, if anyone
wants a piano, I’m trying to get
rid of this piano. It’s beautiful. But I don’t need it. Where is it now? In your car? [LAUGHTER] Well I got you
something, because I know you got rid of your television. You got rid of– you
don’t have anything. But at least you
should watch me. So we have a 65-inch TV
that you can put here. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] And a five-year
subscription to Netflix, so you can watch my special. So that’s all you need. All right. That’s– I’m shaking. You can put that in
your studio apartment. You don’t need anything else. It won’t even fit in my studio. Well, then put it outside,
and you can share it with your neighbors. [LAUGHTER]

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  1. I know her from Cheaper by the Dozen and Eminem's Just Lose it

  2. That was an inappropriate gift

  3. And that's Mike's Super Short Show! 👌

  4. Alyson: I wanted to simplify my life so I donated all my stuff.

    Ellen: Here's some more stuff.

  5. Wonder is she dances the same way

  6. Am I literally THE ONLY person that knows her because of Cheaper By The Dozen?!?!??

  7. Is it just me or she resembles katty perry a lot!

  8. Ellen is ageless though ❤

  9. she’s really good

  10. Was she the DJ girl in camp rock

  11. Who else thought she was missing for 17 years?

  12. Zac and Cody and camp rock ❤️ loved her 😍💯childhood

  13. I thought this was Katy Perry 😂

  14. SHE'S REALLY GOOD ! ! !

  15. Camp rock
    Zack and Cody
    Cheaper of the dozen 1 and 2
    Isabella from Phineas and Ferb

    Love her she played such good roles

  16. This is everything wrong with the modern world 😂😂😂


  18. Y'all please tell me you remember Alice Upside down

  19. I prob. going to get a BUNCH of backlash for this… But what's up with that hair???? She looks SOO much better with long hair!!

  20. Ellen needs to quit this show.

  21. she’s so pretty 🥺💕

  22. I would marry her any day. <3

  23. If only I could have the piano @Alison and @Ellen

  24. She was also in music clip.. Eminem: just lose it!😎♥️♥️♥️

  25. We have matching hair 🤣

  26. Is she the dancer in step up … moose's gf?

  27. I always remember her from drake and josh

  28. people are forgetting she was on step up too…..

  29. what a beautiful inspiring talented goddess. a gift to this world!!!

  30. her face is still exactly the same !!! so cute

  31. Love how bright she is. Very refreshing after that Kylie and Kris interview. 😄

  32. She's shaking because she has to get rid of another TV, and she still has that big piano

  33. ellen is always my best

  34. Am I the only one that noticed that she was in a Kumbia Kings music video when I was little

  35. Both of them look like they're pretending to smile and laugh

  36. Alyson: talks about getting rid of worldly possessions Ellen: gives her a giant TV 🤣🤣🤣

  37. i want the piano please


  39. Every pothead would marry her to get her last name.

  40. Everyone is forgetting that she was also in the step up franchise. She played Camille

  41. She also came out in drake and Josh back in the day wow she looks different always wondered what happened to her now we all know

  42. Isn't she from cheaper by the dozen?

  43. She gonna donate that tv to… me! I need it. Nice to see some entertainers becoming minimalist. Lovely!

  44. Love that this women loves down sizing also. There is such a weightlessness in having less things.

  45. whoa, she’s really good

  46. she’s beautiful 😍

  47. i would love the piano omg 😳

  48. Mikes Super Short Show is where I know this girl from!

    Me: we have one
    Mom: Did I stutter?

  50. 🙇‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙅‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙍‍♀️💆‍♀️🤷‍♀️🚶‍♀️ CAMP 👏 ROCK👏

  51. oh my gosh I've watched her grow up since she was on Mike's super short show <3

  52. She was in step up the movie as well!!

  53. She looks older like Drake bell.

  54. this girl was always in all of our lives apparently

  55. She plays the girl that likes phineus from phineus and ferb

  56. Nice hair as always peep

  57. I think Ellen severely missed the point.

  58. Is this the girl from Sunny with a chance? And it's definitely the girl from Zack and Cody right?

  59. Kingdom hearts. Did everyone forget? KINGDOM HEARTS D:

  60. I could swear she was on Barney too. Like maybe more than once. But its been like 13 years so idk

  61. I would love that piano 😭😭😭❤️ I'm too broke to buy one so I'm playing on my tiny keyboard


  63. Ohhhh I get it. Giving a gigantic TV to someone who literally just said her personal choice was for everything she owns to fit in her car. That makes…. no sense.

  64. wow how can people not see this is a little boy and secret transgender and Allen is no exception😣🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

  65. Everyone is talking about growing up with her but nobody is mentioning Mike’s Super Short Show.

  66. So she just said she wanted to get rid of everything to make room for her inner peace and stuff… and Ellen got her a huge tv?

  67. Omg I remember having the biggest crush on her when she was in Suite life Zack and Cody

  68. Omg Sarah from Chester by the dozen 😍

  69. Well um I’d l love a piano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. She obviously doesn’t want or need a tv lol just another thing to give away (or smash) lol

  71. Wasn't she also in yours mine and ours

  72. Erm… she was in the cheaper by the dozen movies, step up, camp
    Rock (that’s a bit s*** to be fair), phineas and ferb…

  73. She is one of the few that can say to the cops- "I am a Stoner" and then walk away.

  74. She was Sarah in cheaper by the dozen

  75. If anyone watches Young Justice, she voices for Batgirl.

  76. I follow her on Instagram and she is the most positive thing ever.

  77. katy perry looks good here

  78. She's actually beautiful, inside and out. Also really talented without coming off as obnoxious. I do have to say that I am really surprised Ellen bought her a TV… I mean, she literally said she downsized and was making her life simpler..

  79. Alyson also dances on the Shark Take DVD!!!

  80. Ellen being completely tone deaf. That was just straight up rude giving her that tv. Ellen doesn’t care about her or what she said at all.

  81. Ginnifer Goodwin vibes!

  82. I remember her dancing for the Kumbia Kings.

  83. Nepotism often benefits the talentless

  84. What a lovely and awesome name!
    Greetszz from Holland..

  85. You guys arent going to talk about how they both had long hair

  86. Ella también sale en el video de Juan Gabriel y Kumbia Kings "No tengo dinero"

  87. She was so cute and chubby cheeks aww.

  88. What an amazing last name

  89. She was also the voice of Batgirl on Young Justice.

  90. Isabella!!!! Whatcha dooooin?????
    Phineas & Ferb forever!

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