Al Qaeda could do this if US pulls out of Afghanistan: Gen. Keane

Al Qaeda could do this if US pulls out of Afghanistan: Gen. Keane

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  1. 6 minutes in, 9 thumbs up, 0 views, okay..

  2. Who cares. WE are not the world's police. Send out troops to fight Antifa and invade Sanctuary cities and states.

  3. "There are roughly 200 Al Qaeda Members in Afghanistan" – Donald Rumsfeld, November, 2001

  4. A Drone surveillance program?
    Flown in/out by Ships?

  5. The Empire needs to leave all countries in the Middle East and close it's thousand plus bases around the world and stop NGO regime-change operations and War and sanctions around the world and use all those trillions of dollars on the American people for healthcare and education and infrastructure

  6. Hong Kongers always have 5 demands, it does not happen now. 5 demands must be met, or else no deal, they will continue to fight for their freedom and democracy.

  7. Draft Dodger Donald’s father didn’t pull out, and look where that got us. The world is laughing at America🇺🇸

  8. lol general looks like Hanibal Lecter..or Anthony Hopkins

  9. How much money is on the table?
    Taliban's protective service ? opioids production?
    Who's been identified and has been terminated?

  10. trump has the lowest voter approval rating of all time….Im not voting for him.👍

  11. Mattis: "you saw when Obama pulled out troops from Iraq"

    The U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement (official name: Agreement Between the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq On the Withdrawal of United States Forces from Iraq and the Organization of Their Activities during Their Temporary Presence in Iraq) was a status of forces agreement (SOFA) between Iraq and the United States, signed by President George W. Bush in 2008. It established that U.S. combat forces would withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 30, 2009, and all U.S. combat forces will be completely out of Iraq by December 31, 2011

  12. Trump really need to end this war

  13. They can keep their heroin.

  14. Get our people out and loose swarms of AI killer drones where Al Queida operates. 3 grams of syntech smack on the foreheads of these bad operators, times 1000 or 10,000 using drones is the only way to proceed, kids!

  15. Time to end bush wars in the middle east

  16. The military establishment owns our politics and our leaders really sad we need a revolt to take our nation back

  17. Trump promise to end the necon wars from bush and Chaney time for him to do his promise

  18. 🤦🏻‍♂️18+ years in Afghanistan and countless of lives lost. It is like there is no respect for US military personnel. Are they just pawns for the military industrial complex? Military personnel are people with families and friends. Bring back our troops. There is no real reason to be there. There is no real reason to be in Iraq, Syria, Libya or any middle eastern country. Heck, there is no real reason to have 800+ military bases around the world with some in countries we are not even welcomed in. What are we doing?

  19. The endless war narrative is part of a deliberate agenda with a desired outcome. The terrorists are funded by cashed up globalist interests to keep humanity in a perpetual state of war.

  20. Stop giving money to Al Qaeda, surely that'll weaken them

  21. it time to get out of the middle east war monger want to stay but America can not afford that crap it time to cut our losses and get out but make sure that they know that if any harm even one hair on a American head we will boom then back to the stone age never ending war is stupidity I am not buying fox new lies

  22. Al Qaeda is the twisted brain child of those whom continually fund it as a way to do harm against anyone whom they cannot be publicly seen to be against.
    No Money, No Al Qaeda. Simple as that.
    Ferret out the ones who pay them to exist.
    Wherever they pop up with their cowardly B.S. against American, or Israeli interests, just hold the Leadership of that specific sovereignty responsible to act quickly against Al Qaeda efforts, or endure US, and or, Israeli intervention to take them down, without hindrance, or complaint.
    There are some good people in Afghanistan whom would soon wipe them off the skin of the earth in a second, to avoid further grief, and suffering to their people.

  23. No views, 36 likes, thanks youtube

  24. Gove itan five bucks that's a cup of cofee and tell them to have a nice day

  25. But US troops still guard opium crops for the Big Pharma heroin dealers.

  26. And Rumsfelds missing billions stayed missing after a missle hit the Pentagon offices investigating it.

  27. 911 REVOLUTION TIME!! Take America Back from the Satanic Elite!!!

  28. Keene is a bought and paid for war pig.

  29. Who cares! We need out as soon as possible.

  30. Prevented a terrorist attack? What about the Boston bomber? The motivation of the attack was our involvement In Afghanistan….

  31. Kinda like the upcoming civil war here in America. Nothing can or will stop it now. The parasitic Democrat party has crossed the line….😎😎😎

  32. These people are war hawks. They love eternal war

  33. So then what’s the plan? We stay in Afghanistan for 100 years? He’s insane.

  34. MAGA2020🇺🇸🦅🇩🇰👁️

  35. Is French leaders nuts?

  36. Democrats Homeland Policy Sucks and Republicans Foreign Policy Sucks. Thats why WE elected TRUMP. TO END THIS WAR NOW!!!!

  37. The Taliban is NOT Al Qaeda. Listen to Scott Horton for more information.

  38. Let the CCP police Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. It is their turn.

  39. How could they have done it 3 months ago, these things happened why they were protesting only recently

  40. The problem with the world today is Islam.

  41. We need to send our troops to the mexican, american border…not the middle east….

  42. Fox business works for military industrial complex like Lindsey Graham

  43. France is bonkers. Why give the Iranians a lifeline? Bozos

  44. Rock salt all the Poppy fields so nothing can grow. No Poppy no profit.

  45. Pull out and put a travel ban on the Muslim until they can behave there selves problem solved

  46. It's not could, it's would do it. 😡

  47. So Obama didn’t pull all the troops from Afghanistan, another lie

  48. Let's bring our troops home and stop spending 4 billion a month on unnecessary war, with that money we could afford health care for all

  49. Statistically right now, the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. pay $24,000 per year. By the time you include taxation, bills, etc. that's simply not enough to live off of, even if you live in a cheap area. I keep hearing about how many jobs there are. How amazing the employment situation in the U.S. is. Are we living in the New World? A world in which you're employment but the wages aren't enough to live.

  50. Trump was against wars now hes starting a new one with Venezuela for their oil

  51. HK going communist is like the USA going Democrat. Government Control.

  52. Remember one thing Muslims want the world and their doing it one country at a time. There has to be a complete Wipeout of satanic Islam.

  53. Once again, American must waste it's citizens' money and lives on being the world's police….
    I say we just live in Afghanistan forever!

  54. So Mattis…Keane ..When does it End?.You the Nerve to call this a Generational War?..F..k You!.The only reason this nation is at threat from the Islamic Crazies is our Open Borders policies and we let ANYONE in our country and to become citizens…think Omar and her kind….Nothing General love more than Endless Warfare..They get play war like children from the safety of the Pentagon.

  55. Islam will be in control 1/3 of the earth when Jesus comes back!!

  56. So what are we supposed to do baby sit them for all eternity?

  57. This is why is country will come to end no money to fix our bad roads and bridges i don't understand why we can't afford new stuff but love to spend on wars

  58. More boomer (((neocon))) scum wanting to drown us further in endless, useless wars.



  61. You can't beat a people who are willing to die for their ideas…only genocide will beat them, but
    the world will judge you harshly if you do that.

  62. Faux news lol the CIA been working with these terrorists since the 70s lol

  63. When did Pakistan attack us? Last time I checked, the Saudi's flew the planes on 9/11 and Trump just sold them $400 billion in weapons.

  64. How are the French people ok with giving them that kind of money?

  65. So?…let them Blow up New York, Berkeley, and Portland….no big loss

  66. Al Qaeda and ISIS will end once the USA stops funding and arming them.


  68. Air strike the philiplines you know the Traitor country. . .Great president Xi . . .

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