Air Miles: How customers fought back and won (CBC Marketplace)

Air Miles: How customers fought back and won (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. I live in the USA. We have a similar program. Except they are issued by airlines themselves. My mom has a delta card, and has used it for over 1 year for 14% of her purchases. She just bought a jansport backpack and Bose headphones, for around $10. This system seems worse. That isn’t good. I thought Canadians were all nice 👍😊😂

  2. Only in a dream would these miles Be worth something 😊👌

  3. Is it normal that I love CBC but live in the USA

  4. this is why all my life i never sign up for any rewards programs as sooner or later they all scam you,,, dont fall for these things and you will never have a problem,, simple, nothing comes for free with out some scam at some point..

  5. I hope Airmiles has gone out of business and those SOB's CEOs and all have to find real jobs at McDonalds where they belong.

  6. Sour loosers. Hahahaha.. all these sweepstakes are garbage.😂

  7. Givng my friend 6k miles would cost upward of 12 grand

  8. I new this was a scam from the beginning!….I never use the programs…. The problem in this country we are a bunch of pusseies!…. We need to use force cuz the law does nothing for its people they are puppets to the corporations!

  9. signs up for free, spends money that they would anyways spend. gets free points.. CRY when you cant redeem. What is the final outcome? zero sum… go cry more

  10. Pathetic but it's not just Air Miles. There are many more fraudulent schemes running across Canada. The Government should really make it more stringent and establish proper redressal offices to check on these frauds and help poor consumers. Also, it should be made mandatory to inform "clearly" of any important rules or any changes that may affect the customers. Most businesses keep the significant details in shade always.

  11. I always knew that most points systems are smoke and mirrors. If you truly want to save us money and be competitive, LOWER THE PRICES! Cut the bs.

  12. See you later Air Miles, {as I cut up the one I have} When I spend money I want it to go to reputibutable businesses not scam artists and to think, they've been in business for years. I hope this company has to close it's doors for good soon.

  13. So I have to sign people up to airmiles for my job and it's frustrating seeing so many people have issues with this program and still have to convince people it's a good idea. So disappointing

  14. God talk about nightmare

  15. isn't there should be system with air miles that can give perishable item for free on miles as they r going to parish if not used at that time. which they can buy at very low cost as even suppliers wants something for perishing goods
    so win for suppliers
    win for mile owners
    and win for the company air miles they could sustain loyal customer and sell their data and earn
    so win win for all

    perishable item Could be last minute movie tickets hotels even air flight

    I m from india n don't use such service but win win is always good

  16. Joanne acts like ROYALTY in front of every one when SHE gets through to customer service. But they put her in her place!

  17. Strike number 3 million against capitalism. When will people wake up from this nightmare?

  18. So its simple…dont participate with AirMiles.

  19. I worked in the hotel industry….it is the same thing. The reward prices that you think are a discount…..are not. They tend to be higher then going up to the front desk and asking the prices. Also they shove rewards programs down our throats (Front desk agents) and sometimes if the agents get you email and address they can just sign you up without asking……Also those suite prices…are negotiable. You know that room that is worth 3k yeah I have seen it go for 850……sometimes less if we are sold out.

  20. Michael has a BlackBerry! 7:41 !

    This really is Canadian!

  21. I remember at one time, I earn miles by the amount of miles traveled, you earned better miles that way.
    That's now gone.

  22. What's the name of the Christmas song at 17:38?

  23. Credit card cash refund and rewards are much better…lol….who would’ve thought rewards from bankers are actually more redeemable then airlines, this world is turning upside down.

  24. Is Airmiles doing anything different to what the banks do with all their service charges?

  25. I never fell for the Air ✈ Miles gimmicks …. I knew it was a scam

  26. I use the site to find miles and offers

  27. The cfo smiling while people told their personally upsetting stories is a big ol red flag

  28. That smug look the VP had psised me off, wanted to sucker punch him in the face.

  29. screw air miles.. scam tactics.

  30. Shop with your wallet, stop collecting miles and shop places that offer no rewards and much cheaper!
    Why buy a coffee maker f0r $200 +1000 air miles while the same machine cost $185 elsewhere?

  31. My miles expired…

  32. I just try to book a hotel just to look if the fee is the same… On airmiles, 830 airmiles + 29,11$ taxs, on expedia, 102,99$ + 19,57$ taxes for the same room… Air miles is still better is you take in consideration 1 air miles = 0,10$, but why the taxs fee is 10$ higher??? Taxs are taxs???

  33. Its a Ponzi scheme they take in money for miles but cant pay out

  34. That host is a hottie!

  35. Air miles is a con-job, created by corporation and store venders, to make customers loyal shoppers and buy their products to received miles points , so the shopper won’t ventures to others products ,for fear that you lose those points, and the customer will feel like will never get enough points for that dream vacation ,
    Just another way to make the shoppers zombies and buy only the product that display AIR MILES REWARDS don’t fall for it,

  36. Most redemption programs/ good deal programs are meant to make more money for the brand and not save for the customer. Gift receipt vouchers are often forgotten/lost/expired, points/miles/ unredeemed, but the upfront "shop with us more and earn more rewards" ultimatedly gets you hooked and shopping more at that store/restaurant. Only the most diligent people ever benefit and even they have to jump a lot of hurdles and barely make it ahead.

  37. air miles is a free card u get. Just collect cash points and not dream. Use the rewards for daily activities like movie, grocery, and clothing. 95 points equals 10 bucks. Don't overspend just to get air miles, that's when it makes it useless and not worth it.

  38. It's always a scamming Patel from Nagaland at the end of the line.

  39. They should be prosecuted for fraud,

  40. Does the Dutch version of Air Miles have the same problem?
    9:40 That makes sense, in light of what's going on with them.

  41. I used RBC point with my credit card, the best one I had, so far I got a video camera, a iPad, luggage set, a nice fondu set with marble plate to cook and a raclet burner. Always easy and fast.

  42. Im not even a Canadian and ive watched about 100 of these Marketplace CBC videos, all great

  43. This is not very Canadian like…I feel like year after year Canada is soaking up all the bad qualities of America..the sneaky and deceptiveness. All these unfair practices should not be allowed in Canada!

  44. Why don't everyone get a credit card with cash back. I have one I can use with any business I get 1% cash back on local purchase 3.5% on international and sometimes 10% on online. I call the bank and they will.redeem it on next statement. So I get cash back basically as cash which I can spend on anything.

  45. I was told that my miles expired three weeks ago, but they said they will activate it for me by me donating 1000 miles, so I did and it looks like I got them back I had over 36000 miles. Now I will try to use it and once I have used them for something I will never more collect miles until they change their policy. Thank you, CBC

  46. just tried to go to air miles website after watching this "We apologize, we are experiencing technical difficulties" -__- bs

  47. They're impossible to reach by phone.

  48. looks like air canada contracts out the customer service, feeds them a script and expects them to answer these questions

  49. I do not want my miles expired, I bought a lot of booze just for those miles 🙁

  50. With a scam company like this if you plug one hole another will pop up.. they will continue to find ways to screw everyone out of money no matter how many "laws" you throw at them. Scammers will be scammers! Solution: Don't sign up for their shiat.

  51. this is exactly why i never sign up to rewards programs and ignore cashiers e.g. petrol stations asking "do you have xxx..NO… would you like to sign up for xxx NO" NOTHING in this world is for free, if the companies cant make a dollar off you in their favour why would they give you something in return. DUH???

  52. bet they are still bending customers over

  53. Air Miles a business or a Racquet?

  54. sounds like insurance and baking scams

  55. 20 bucks for 1 mile got to spend a million dollars to get something good

  56. 16:16 oh my god it’s a blackberry! Yes!

  57. they stole my air miles Crooks

  58. that ceo is crooked what is his address

  59. Look at that smile that the executive from Air miles has. He knows his company is cheating and stealing from its customers. No company EVER! is for the people. They're there for the money and only for the money.

  60. thankgod my delta skymiles points don't expire!

  61. Maximise profits minimise costs 🤷🏽‍♂️, no surprises

  62. This is a "RACKET".. AIR MILES need to be Dismantled.. It costs Consumers money to support this .. WHAT???? Do you this you are getting AIR MILES for NO CHARGE?? When I am asked for my AIR MILES Card when I make a PURCHASE I say I don't have an AIR MILES Card and it still costs me MONEY and a the added price as an extra charge on my purchase.. This shouldn't be allowed.. It's against the LAW..

  63. Collecting airmiles rewards is my new favorite esport (also not canadian)

  64. Guy: it'll crash
    Me: THE PLANE?!
    Guy: it'll timeout
    Me: oh

  65. Read the terms and conditions. No excuses. They're not hiding the information. They expect you to read the contract. Is that too much to ask for?

  66. Micheal was determined

  67. Cash rewards only here. If the reward program does not have a cashout or gift card option, or the points expire, don't even bother. Points have always seemed like a scam to me.

  68. not interested in any reward points other than American express, I never had to fight for anything. American express even paid me cash because I could no travel anymore and still had 600,000 points, they gave me $6000.00 for them.

  69. 12:18, she just told you that all those funds paid for the airfare go to air canada. and then the man says "you want me to call air canada for example and ask why YOUR charging so much in taxes." DUDE DID YOU EVEN LISTEN TO THE WOMEN WHEN SHE WAS SPEAKING

  70. Redeem your points for whatever crap you can get without forking out more of your own money. This is so they don't keep the profit. Give it away or sell it online, then get a different card with better or more fair rewards.

  71. Why do they use *67 😂

  72. Now THIS is great journalism.

  73. 20:15 greedy mofo

  74. When she started cutting her card on camera, my jaw just dropped. Not sure why, guess I just wasn't expecting it! I applauded her too!

  75. I am soooo loving the episodes of marketplace. Im from Asia.

  76. They are THIEVES. Treat them like thieves.

  77. Again, move to the US. Canada is good for hockey and…………….

  78. It must have been a slow news day.

  79. 12:44 "honestly" … DON'T USE BIG WORDS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. This company IS engaged in deceptive trade. That is why this term is so precise. LIARS! Their Rewards Program rewards them.

  80. $1743, for 65 inch TV?? lol go to Walmart you will get it for less than 700 lol… poor Carrol she deff went home that day and cried herself to sleep …. she don’t get paid enough

  81. The Air Miles scheme was a joke for us.

  82. Air miles looks like a Zionist puppet

  83. Canadian people must be aware of Zionist christans criminal activity through out the American continent Red Indian people of America your continent has been occupied by the rest of the world by christans, Sikhs, African, European, Zionist, you have a right to tax them accounting to your customs it's your country you should have red Indians as chiefs in all offices Zionist are biggest criminals on planet Earth

  84. this shopping app has no expiry date. I find Loyalty Programs with expiration dates are just terrible, and the inability to redeem is ridiculous

  85. so air miles is owned by an indian owned scamming company.

  86. Why didn’t any of them ask to speak to the supervisor?

  87. I just logged in to and saw that I lost ALL my miles. Are the frauds at Airmiles at it again?

  88. I dont sign up for anything never have someone always is making money off of you


  90. Should have got a Chase credit card….Free rewards, AND no more bills!

  91. If they don't offer a % cash reward, don't get the card!

  92. In the US we could see this was a scam in the 90's!

  93. “Dollars” I thought they were called Canada bucks

  94. I stopped using Airmiles because what I seen. Airmiles is nothing but a scam. It is not a award system or loyalty program. They are scam artist. A major rip off.

  95. I like this channel to. Peace from sweden

    Someone in suit says "i think" = they wont do a jackshit

  96. excellent reporting by market place. i am in Africa and i watch CBC.

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