AIB : Every Bollywood Marketing Meeting Ever

AIB : Every Bollywood Marketing Meeting Ever

No no no Listen to me Tell Rajeev Masand that if he gives another bad review I’ll enter his home, deep fry his pubic hair and make him eat it Tell me? Three bags full Then why don’t we have even one good promotion idea? “Gilli Gilli Akka” is releasing in 2 weeks and here, the marketing team is drinking tea What were y’all doing all these days? Has anybody seen Bang Bang? Nope No? But everybody knows about the Bang Bang Challenge? Yes Nope But everybody remembers Beat Pe Booty Challenge? Y’all must have seen Als at least? Yeah We’ll ask Arjun to dance and he’ll tag Shraddha and Alia to make it look like Bollywood is full of bffs What is this? Sir, Arjun isn’t free Alia’s dates are booked too Her movie is coming out? Sir, she’s doing Sonam’s challenge Sir, she’s doing Farhan’s challenge Sir, he’s doing Sonakshi’s challenge Let’s do one thing Just get Fawad Khan He definitely went to JNU Call Akshay He’s busy, sir Climbing Mt. Everest to open a bottle with polar bear’s ass He doesn’t have a gym outside his house? Sir, Ranveer is in prison Prison? Yeah, at 2AM he was shouting in front of an orphange “I have a mother, what do you have?” What challenge was this? Not a challenge Then why? Just because Ranveer… What we need is a hit song Sir, if you add an urban slang in Hindi sentences the song turns out to be a hit Like Baby ko Bass Yeah and Tell me more Ghazal’s G-spot Twerk of the words Amazing I just asked for a good song And I got 15 FIRs and this I am your Spock And you are my Kirk Baby come let’s do A twerk of the words Please let’s do something else Let’s get a hot heroine to do something feminist Sir, but these female actresses don’t want to be associated with feminism The moment you mention feminism Sir, you know what sells more than actresses? Actresses with penis Basically hero But we’ll add a challenge to this I remember in the west there was this “Free the nipple” movement Show your boobs Hastag, so everybody will do it Horrible idea F***** idea Have received 6 death threats since morning Sir, I don’t want to die I am still young Why do we do this job? Because who else will hire without a college degree? Wrong We do this job

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  1. Tits out for social cause


  3. I just have the laugh burst time

    "ek no. Ka brilliant idea cut to chutiya idea"

    fawaadd. fawaaDDD FAWAAD
    navaz shareif

  5. 2:48 just made my day. we should have used this clip for election 2018, but nvm, we still won against !

  6. Why u gys stopped making such videos… am still laughing… please please come back

  7. Did anyone actually read the motion poster of 'Rabin is rich and sad in europe'? 😏

  8. #titsoutforfemininism

  9. gags are too small should be atleast of 30 mins.

  10. If you got the reference at 3:26 toh muma sa jaake boldo ki tum ab shareef seedha bacha nhe kehla sakte. 🤣

  11. 3:26 FUCk BRO!!!!!!!

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  13. Anyone watching there videos in 2019?

  14. F*** why the hell my name is Ghazal?

  15. AIB is well above the understanding of Indian audience

  16. #titsoutforfeminism😂😂😂😂

  17. Wapas as jao yaar

  18. Really u guys r rocking!!!!:;;

  19. Prateek babbar😜

  20. tits out for feminism. today's feminism.

  21. Fahwad …fffff😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Love form Pakistan hahahahaha Nawaz Sharif

  23. RIP AIB ❤️❤️❤️

  24. I miss these guys

  25. Kyaaa Kara yaaar A.I.B? 😭 bc I miss these people…

  26. Have to pause at every frame to read all the hidden jokes. What a content!
    AIB please come back soon….

  27. ranveer 😂😂

  28. Basically about Karan johar

  29. Sir plz make some new video and web series

  30. Gilli gilli akka

  31. I need the 3 minute version to the Dr. Spock and Kirk twerk! 🤩

    Get inspiration from the original great hit:

  32. wait so his point was no one watches the film and just focuses on the video challenges.

  33. You ripped them apart 🤣🤣

  34. "SLOWER THAN TWITTER " newspapers had me cracking 🤣🤣

  35. Last word biggest star Prateek babbar

  36. Dear AIB I really love your all ideas for these videos but we cannot say anymore baba black ship now a days rhyme changed into baba green ship u can check in internet but keep that he good up

  37. Click on like if watching in 2019 🤘 Awesome Video #BringBackAIB 😎

  38. "The Fall Of AIB" will be my next video
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  39. "Actresses with penis … Mtlb hero" 😂😂😂

  40. why is Ghazal ka G-Spot still NOT a thing hahaha

  41. Pakistan is your dad

  42. Lol, the Nawaz Sharif joke was actually really funny

  43. Creativity level is very high

  44. Actrecess with penis🤣🤣🤣

  45. Who knew then in 2019, a movie will release with the main song gili gili akka.

  46. Why all of a sudden I m getting aib videos recommendation…

  47. omg ur guys really crazy… i love this channel alot… this is the 1st time im commenting somthing on youtube…. that to positive… i really love ur channel alot alot alot… yaar… thanq sooo much for entertaining us… im sharing ur all videos vd my frndz n family… keep rocking yaar… i specialy love ur honest series..

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  49. AIB come back 😣😣😣😣😑😑… We miss you…

  50. "I'm not attention whore, i am just crazy"
    What a observation about asshole ranveer singh…

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  60. Guys come back…. 🙁

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  62. Attention whore 😂
    Such a zalim insult

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    Awesome scene.
    Honestly missing AIB badly 😢

  77. Bhai Please Come Back….Missing you

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  79. The content of AIB was best. Unfortunately many people didn't get the humor .but now AIB is gone forever

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  82. And now Bala challenge

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