Affinity Designer for iPad – How to Create a Business Card Design

Affinity Designer for iPad – How to Create a Business Card Design

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  1. Thanks. Very informative

  2. All the things I was trying to figure out couple days ago were answered in this video, thanks

  3. Hello Elias. I just want to say that your video was amazing! I've seen others that only show little information and not the print and bleed part. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

  4. Wow! I was looking for a tutorial like this for a long time, which shows how this app can do professional design. I wasn’t sure to buy affinity designer for iPad because nobody that I’ve watched on YouTube point out the existence of guides and that’s crucial for a graphic designer. I would like to know, how exactly do you set the inches value for the guides. I lost myself a little when you started to set numbers for all the four sides of the canvas. Is there any rulers or something that can guide you?

  5. Amazing video. Continue with the hard work 🙂

  6. Great video but could you please provide link for the skills icon you used or one that is similar. Being able to do the tutorial as your talking really helps me. It will help more people to subscribe because we are able to get a full hands on experience and not just a talk through still a very great video many thanks.

  7. Excellent tutorial 🙂🇬🇧

  8. Thiel is so helpful! Can you make one tutorial about logo design on affinity designer? Thank you, subscribed!

  9. I don't know if this is the best way to do it. It seems like a workaround. Illustrator is better in this so I hope they will fix it or maybe there is an better option to do cut contours and save a preset for the dimensions….

  10. Really nice tutorial. I love affinity designer. Definitely the best app of its kind for iPad. I’ve struggled with developing a workflow with it though. It’s tricky to get precision with it. And I’m coming from Adobe which I’ve been using for a long time. Anyway, your tutorial has helped with a few things. Thank you.

  11. Please can you show how to print one artboard from these because on my ipad affinity all artboards print and I cannot find how to only print one.

  12. Hi Elias, I am sorry but unless I am mistaken (and it could be, as every single comment up to now has praised how brilliant the demonstration was, so please let me know) the bleed does not work on Affinity Designer for iPad, period. In fact the solution (with guides) you showed does not work either in a real workflow that is not just a screen demo (i.e. when one one wants to really produce such business cards, printing and cutting them with a paper cutter or board shear).

    When including a "bleed" (which is not a true one) within the artboard area, and displaying it with guides as you've done, then the crop marks won't be at the right place (whatever you've selected "include bleed" option or not when exporting to PDF)! This is because these crop marks are located on the four corners of the whole artboard, i.e. outside of the (pseudo) bleed area which is completely useless for cutting cards. Absolutely no printer-publisher would accept such a PDF file.

    Crop marks in a PDF made with Affinity Designer are always set at the outer limit of the artboard and the inner limit of the (real) bleed, which is what it is made for. Alas, although Serif made it possible to include a bleed of whatever width in Affinity Designer for desktop, they never proposed the same for the iPad version.

    A (single) workaround does exist, but it needs Affinity Designer for desktop too. You have to set a true bleed first on the desktop version, save the file to iCloud, and import it in the iPad to finish the job there. Then the real bleed settings will be kept, with correct crop marks at the right place (I've tested it too). This is the only working solution for now.

    Therefore AD for iPad is not an independent (complete) solution for a print workflow yet, and this is quite sad as this is still the case in 2019. I hope a future update will bring True Bleed to iPad 😉

  13. How can I export the files to a client but so that it's set up easily for them to view and access?

  14. When I want to export it keeps loading generating export and don't give me the option ok.

  15. You’re amazing. Thanks

  16. A growing fan of yours and I have a peaking interest in working with vector as I have a pretty good handle on doodling and procreate. I was wondering if you would do tutorials like this and logo making for Vectornator as well. Maybe I will eventually come around go affinity but as of right now I dont see myself getting it.

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! All of the other business card tutorials for Affinity completely skipped the color profile, dot pitch, bleed area and everything else to assure that the document was print ready for a professional printer. Heck, they weren't even using business card sized art boards. I can only guess how many people had to reconfigure their settings because their print configuration was set to something like web.

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