AEW All Out Rumors, Returns & Surprises! | WrestleTalk

AEW All Out Rumors, Returns & Surprises! | WrestleTalk

Next weekend sees the spiritual sequel to
All In, which I guess is also the sequel to Double or Nothing. AEW’s All Out emanates
from the Sears Centre in Chicago on August 31, and with it comes an AEW title match,
key headline matches, and more excitement as the company builds towards its TV debut
on October 2. AEW’s shows so far have been incredibly
difficult to predict, with matches ending with angles unforeseen, time limit draws and
genuinely unpredictable matches, and this card is no exception. Who will be the first ever AEW Champion? Who
will secure the first spot in the match for the AEW Women’s Championship? Who will win
between two of AEW’s top stars in Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley? It’s hard to tell. And you know what comes with uncertainty.
Rumours. AEW have shown a flair for the unexpected already too, so we can expect some surprises
as well. With all that said, let’s break it all down. Ya boi Chopper is here to save
the day. Before we get into though, make sure to press
the thumbs up, subscribe and bell icon to enable notifications and leave us a comment
answering the question of the day, which today is: “Which match are you most looking forward
to at All Out?” But now, let’s not do anything too rash,
let’s not make any bold claims or anything too crazy- CM Punk Will Return
CM Punk to AEW confirmed! Well what did you think we were going to start
with exactly? It’s pretty obvious that CM Punk keeps being on the verge of returning
and then he gets scared because WrestleTalk puts too much pressure on him. But this time,
we’re almost 50% sure he’s going to return. Probably. Relations between Punk and AEW haven’t been
as friendly as they once were, with Punk publicly shaming the promotion in an interview with
ESPN for sending him an offer over text. It’s all about Instagram DMs now anyway. However, just because he likes to troll us
wrestling fans into thinking he’s coming back…not that we’d fall for that sort
of thing, doesn’t mean he’s actually going to do it. Or is he? Last weekend, Cody tweeted: “Cut shitty
people out of your life & work. Life is too short.” To which Punk replied with that
Cody zooming ear gif. You know the one. So, could that be him saying, “That’s
what I did, and now I’m totally ready to debut for AEW”.
Or could he be saying “I love this tweet so much that I’m returning to AEW.” Or could he just be hoping that we get all
excited like this and then make a rumours video about him returning? Yeah, probably
that one. Shawn Spears Will Beat Cody
Fans were shocked, horrified and weirdly aroused by the end of AEW Fight for the Fallen in
July, when former Tye Dillinger Shawn Spears entered the ring armed with a steel chair
and clonked Cody on the head with it. Despite the chair being gimmicked, something
went slightly wrong as all the blood in Cody’s head decided to leak out onto the canvas.
AEW received some criticism for this, but Cody himself has come out to say that it was
a mistake and nothing more than that. Following on from this, it was announced that Spears
had got himself a new manager in the shape of wrestling legend Tully Blanchard and that
he and Cody would be going head to head at All Out. The latest betting odds have Spears as the
clear favourite for this match, which may come as a shock to some given many will have
assumed Cody would be one of the biggest stars in the promotion. A win for Spears would cement
him as one of the big stars in AEW, something few would have imagined following his dismal
run on WWE’s main roster, despite his 10 chant being one of the most over things in
company. Another PPV Will Be Announced
It was recently reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that All Out will likely
not be the last AEW PPV event of the year. So far we have had Double or Nothing in May,
the two smaller Fyter Fest and Fight for the Fallen shows, and now All Out. PWInsider reported that it is thought that
the show will take place in November, around the same time as WWE will be hosting Survivor
Series, but this hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. If there are plans to have another
show, it makes sense for the Bucks or Cody to make the announcement at All Out when the
maximum number of eyes are on the product. While they haven’t exactly struggled to
shift tickets, they will want to keep the incredible momentum they have going into 2020,
which will be the year that really shows whether AEW can be the force many expect it to be.
Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the current plan is to have
four PPV shows in 2020, presumably spaced out evenly throughout the 12 month cycle. With NXT set to go up against AEW on Wednesday
nights, it is crucial that AEW makes their PPV shows as entertaining as possible to ward
off competition. Kenny Omega Will Beat Jon Moxley
In what was likely the biggest wrestling audience pop of the year, Jon Moxley appeared at AEW
Double or Nothing less than a month after his contract with WWE expired. The former
Dean Ambrose attacked both Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega after the main event, but it was
former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Omega that Moxley really targeted. The two men have traded blows since, and are
set to go one on one at All Out. While he isn’t a clear favourite by any means, betting
sites have Omega down as the favourite to win this one. You would expect that both men
will be in the main event scene for AEW for many years to come, given that they are arguably
two of the most well known non-WWE wrestlers on the planet. Either man could realistically win this one,
and whoever does win will likely be in for a future title shot at whoever is holding
the AEW Championship at the time. What is less of a rumour and more of a fact is that
this will be stiff and hard hitting and will almost certainly be the match of the night
given who is taking part, so make sure you’re in the mood for some thigh slaps and bone
snaps come August 31. There Will Be Loads of Debuts
Since announcing that AEW was a thing in January, the promotion has slowly announced roster
members throughout the year, with names ranging from superstars like Chris Jericho and Jon
Moxley, to lesser but no less talented names such as Kip Sabian and Nyla Rose. The current AEW roster stands at 46 names,
but in a recent tweet, Cody said that only around 40% of the roster has been revealed,
so if I do some quick maths……that means we will at some point have 115 wrestlers…which
is actually more than WWE if you don’t count NXT…which I guess we should probably start
doing now that it’s going to be on big boy TV. If you assume that at least 10 of the un-announced
names are CM Punk, then that still leaves around 50 wrestlers who haven’t yet been
announced. One of the matches on the show is a 21-woman battle royale, with the winner
getting a future AEW Women’s Championship match, so you could quite comfortably give
a few debuts in that one, on top of all the other debuts they’ve already announced. AEW will want to make All Out a show that
persuades fans to tune in to weekly TV when it starts in October, and big debuts would
be an obvious way to make sure that happens. Kong vs Kong
A match that is yet to be announced but is expected to be on the show is a meeting of
the Kongs, with Japanese legend Aja Kong taking on Awesome Kong, or for WWE fans, Kharma.
This match was set up at Fight for the Fallen, when Aja confronted Awesome Kong in the middle
of the ring. They didn’t actually do anything, but I am a master of reading facial expressions,
and I’m pretty sure she’s saying “Hey, you free for a wrestling match on August 31
at AEW All Out at the Sears Center Arena in Chicago?” Quick note on this one, we record this video
on Wednesdays, so if this match has already been made, then you can just call me a psychic. Tony Schiavone Will Commentate
It was announced by both the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and PWInsider…so it’s probably
true…that former WWE, WCW and TNA commentator Tony Schiavone had signed a contract with
AEW. As one of the most iconic voices in wrestling history, this is a huge signing for AEW, particularly
as it is reported that WWE were very keen on bringing him in as well. Schiavone currently commentates for Major
League Wrestling and Baseball, so you could say he doesn’t commentate on any real sports
at all, but he is being allowed to commentate for AEW if reports are to be believed. AEW’s current commentary team is made up
of the legendary Jim Ross, Excalibur and Alex Marvez, and from comments across social media,
it seems that everyone wants Schiavone to replace Marvez, poor bloke. There is no word
on what kind of set up it will be for the commentary booth, but again, it would make
sense with how important All Out is to bring in all the big guns, and Schiavone is certainly
that. He also has experience of going up against
WWE/WWF, and although I can’t remember how that ended, I’m sure he will be valuable
in their battle. Chris Jericho Will Be The First AEW Champion
In what will likely be the main event of the show, Chris Jericho will take on Adam “Hangman”
Page to crown the inaugural AEW Champion. Jericho qualified for the match by defeating
Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing, and Page did the same by winning the Casino Battle
Royale at the same show. Since then, Jericho attacked Page at Fight
for the Fallen to hype the match, and if the latest betting odds are to be believed, it
will be Jericho that wins come All Out. It makes sense for AEW to make their first
champion someone that everyone who has ever watched wrestling knows. He doesn’t have
to hold the belt for long, but for mainstream media appeal and to be able to say “Former
WWE World Champion Becomes AEW Champion” will be a huge headline that the promotion
can use going into weekly TV. Once things have settled and wrestlers have
made stars for themselves, we can expect to see more lesser known stars going for the
belt, but for now, as Luke would say, having Jericho as champion “Just Makes Sense”. So those were just some rumours and speculation,
let us know if you’ve got any speculation in the comments! And check out ScreenStalker
for the latest edition of us being nerds and probably playing a game terribly, by pressing
the video on screen now! A special thank you to our lovely pledgehammers on Patreon, some
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and that, was wrestling.

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