ABBYY Business Card Reader: scanning business cards to outlook

ABBYY Business Card Reader: scanning business cards to outlook

hello if you are a business person probably you’re collecting a lot of business cards these contacts are important to keep and have at your fingertips easily search through and use now I’m going to show you how to enter them into Microsoft Outlook contacts just by several mouse clicks and do this just within moments using a B business card reader I don’t need a special business card scanner for that I can scan up to ten business cards at a time right here in the business card reader using a usual a4 flatbed scanner or a multifunctional device also I can open any previously made scan of my business cards for example h-back or even a multi-page TIFF or PDF file like that so actually it doesn’t matter how many business cards I have I can easily process all of them so the business card reader started to process the scanned image now I’ll just wait a bit the business card reader will do everything automatically firstly it automatically divides the image into separate business cards then it recognized everything found on the images and classifies that data in other words the business card tray that captures context data from business cards and automatically puts them into the appropriate fields it can detect name surname how the name position company name up to four phone numbers office mobile flex email web addresses all the details of postal address and also keep other information as notes language of every business card is also detected automatically the business card reader supports as many as 25 languages the business card reader has finished processing before exporting data to my contacts in Outlook I can quickly verify if everything is recognized correctly to help me the business got really highlighted and certain chapters in red and also kept the initial image of the business cards if needed a clicks and make necessary Corrections the last step to get the result is to click the button expert that’s it the contacts are ready in the outlook I won’t lose them anymore I can easily sort select search for necessary contact to copy and paste them when I look for these people in LinkedIn for example and so on images of processed business cards are also saved in Outlook so even if I made some notes on the cards they are toast finally I can get rid of ties on key in in contact details from the business cards that I’m getting and work with my contacts effectively

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