ABBYY Business Card Reader for iOS now on your Apple Watch

ABBYY Business Card Reader for iOS now on your Apple Watch

ABBYY Business Card Reader is a must-have
tool for business card and contact management. Out of business cards? Don’t worry. Open
ABBYY Business Card Reader app on your smartphone. Scan the card of the person you met. And instantly
send yours to them via e-mail. They will receive it in a format that allows to easily add you
to their contact list. ABBYY Business Card Reader makes contact exchange
fast, effortless and accurate. There is no need to store hundreds of paper
business cards anymore. Digitize them regularly and keep them safe on your smartphone. Using
the fastest optical character recognition technology from ABBYY that captures information
in 25 languages, Business Card Reader transforms a messy pile of cards into a searchable, easy
to use contact list. Now when you have all the business cards perfectly
organized on your smartphone, you can find the number or email you need in a matter of
seconds. Network, meet new people, exchange contact information and stay in touch. Introducing ABBYY Business Card Reader for
Apple Watch. The application works smoothly across platforms
and lets you search, manage, and use your contact list on any device, anywhere, any
time. ABBYY Business Card Reader is the most advanced
contact manager. Get it on iTunes AppSore now!

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  1. Can you save them to outlook

  2. Can the scanned contacts be exported to a CSV file in Excel?

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