A$AP Rocky – A$AP Forever (Official Video) ft. Moby

A$AP Rocky – A$AP Forever (Official Video) ft. Moby

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  1. i have never watched a video so many times

  2. this just makes me go stick on my old copy of "play" a vastly superior record.

  3. car crash …its ok to crashif you just testing,if you just trying in life.

  4. moby play beat! yeah!

  5. Definitely how it feels to be on acid.. 😇 kids don’t do drugs I’m not promoting it!

  6. Does this make anyone else kinda queasy?

  7. Bring Porcelain by Moby to the rap world: ✔

  8. maaaaan i LOVE the song but he could’ve done another fire verse who agree’s? ✋

  9. The video is unbelievable

  10. his best song ever….. legendary stuff

  11. Plátano Power! 🤙

  12. Which shoes is he wearing at 1:15

  13. I understand what dave chappelle was talking about its the illuminate

  14. asap rocky reste en prison ksos en plus t grv noir

  15. Хоуми не приезжай в Россию

  16. Where the hell can i find the version of moby porcelain with female vocals!? i looked everywhere but couldnt find it…

  17. Am I on acid or something?

  18. Porcelain by Moby was a fire song to begin with… Add ASAP Rocky to it… Fucking dope…

  19. I'm starting to love rocky

  20. Who can do videos like this? I’ll pay money for it 💯

  21. 1:36 this part made me fvcking love this Song

  22. gang gang gang gang gang gang

  23. Only a legend can remix moby’s porcelain 🙌🏼🔥

  24. This vídeo is crazy

  25. That ending is amazing! I remember this sample from back in the day.

  26. Was carti in this vid?

  27. Amazing video 🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣

  28. Producer: How much transitions do you want ?

    Rocky: Yes!

  29. Area 51 raid #dontforget

  30. he the true king of New York, fuxk tekashi snitch-9

  31. ruined the original song

  32. Who edited this video because this shit is fucking fire. I need his/her name.

  33. Come eat with the Mob, shout out where my burger and fries
    In love with my drink 'cause it nice
    My ice like the stars, I tell that bitch, "Cover your eyes
    'Cause eating' with me, you go blind"
    She losin' her mind, we eat to Frank Ocean and Blonde
    Convincin' my bitch to go blonde
    We'll eat in the dark, I won't even open my blinds
    On Yams and that's word to my mom
    Burger King bad boi with cases I'm still tryna beat
    A bunch of food from a long time ago
    The bigger they are, the harder they fall
    Like dominoes, my nigga, Geronimo
    When it's my time to go, adios, vamonos
    Flacko no Dominicano but eat the tostones with platanos
    Dealing with obesity and its highs and lows
    I'm just eatin' like I'm supposed
    I guess it's called livin', shit I suppose
    I'm on my eat alone, die alone
    You talk about spending or buyin' clothes
    I'm 'bout my business but I'm alone
    I still had the vision when I was broke, eating' with bitches and foreign hoes
    Eating' out womens at borin' shows, I pray to God I don't overdose

  34. why is asap an actual god

  35. i got the poop by the back

  36. Kinda sounds like runescape music

  37. This song is weird without kid cudi's humming

  38. This song still godly and underrated

  39. After watching this I cant even tell if im high anymore

  40. Know the meaning pay attention to the meassage

  41. What the fuck happened to this guy? This sucks, and did not do the original beat justice.

  42. He say gang , not gay

  43. I need a breakdown of how tf this video was made holy shit

  44. ASAP : we need a dope vid.

    editor : yes..
    (hold my beer)

    editing skill : 10000000000%

  45. So this is where people got the idea to edit like this


  47. When you have to make slides for school and put the maximum effects on it

  48. this is rockys best single easy

  49. Moby 3:07, 👍❤️👌

  50. travis music vids aint got SHIT on this

  51. Eu particularmente não gosto de assistir clipe, acho uma bela perda de tempo mas quando é do ASAP Rocky é quase impossível não assistir. É de uma criatividade, chega a ser poético. Adoro muito.

  52. Shame, that it's only 1080p. The video is so great! Music aswell 😀

  53. This song hits me like 2018 R.I.P

  54. could have at least made deeper lyrics for this beat

  55. 0:28 Did my man just wipe his nose with a dollor bill?..

  56. This song and Molly is like flying through life endlessly carelessly

  57. still think this one of the best videos out

  58. Sample is Moby – Porcelain

  59. Я один тут русский коммент ищу?

  60. Best song ever ASAP, U R MY favourite artist! Best video, nice base

  61. They should’ve done a behind the scenes for this

  62. Only 63 million views, i feel sorry for all those mofos who think that they are listening to rap and never been here.

  63. how does he not have a grammy yet? goat

  64. This is art and rocky is best artist in this game

  65. OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! fire

  66. No body listens to techno

  67. This is fucking amazing

  68. Nice copy of Moby /s

  69. That's moby's porcelain…..

  70. 1:28 Billie Eyelash???

  71. the remix has me hearing Kid Cudi’s humming on this version too lmao

  72. Rocky’s music video just on a whole new level 🦋🔥

  73. Love rocky
    Miss moby

  74. I was THAT kid with the afro…

  75. 0:28 BRUH after 1 year i noticed Carti in this mf video lmao

  76. Mac miller's here if u dont see where u dont know nothing related to other dimension

  77. Sensory overload! my brain doesn't know what to do with this video. Shits fire

  78. in love with my bitch coz she's bi

  79. i always forget that this song is called A$AP FOREVER. I used to be the first of many that used V$VP as a clan tag on mw3 and bo2 and to see fergs album Always Strive And Prosper and this song ASAP FOREVER is just so….prophetic to me. RIP ASAP YAM$ in case niggas forgot.


  81. What car? Ford? 0:05

  82. testing is a masterpiece itself

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