A simple guide to electronic components.

A simple guide to electronic components.

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  1. I always wondered about these things. Thank you for explaining so clearly

  2. I know it's a habit to say current flows, but in actuality current conducts. I think the term flow comes from the water annology which is a easy way to look at it in terms of electricity. It simply conducts what's already there, passing on its electrons from atom to atom.

  3. Wow …What an excellent teacher – love you – more please

  4. Amazing tutorial. I am diving in head first into this skillset and I am grateful for the knowledge.

  5. "Stupid" question. I have a small 4-inch, 7000 ma fan from a treadmill console.
    Looks to me to have a very small, orange-brown, American football shaped capacitor. It is wired between the two terminals, and one terminal is marked "+".
    Any thoughts on its size and type?

  6. excuse my french, but what's a "nanofart" he's talking about in around 7 minute? instructions unclear, penis stuck in wall outlet

  7. the mechanics of the diode were not explained as you did with the resistor and the capacitor – I started getting a bit lost at transistor section

  8. The very good nature of the orator shows thru the video. This is a very good natured person who loves his subject matter and joyfully teaches it to others. πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for the review,on capacitors I was taught that as it charged the electrons in the dielectric formed an eliptical orbit around the nucleus pushed by the voltage.

  10. This is the way I was taught to remember the resistor code in the Navy was, Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls, But Violet Gives Willingly so (Get Some Now (refers to the tolerance bands Gold, Silver or None)) This one will probably get us both in trouble. Keep up the good work.

  11. If I want to hook a 12V battery to a single LED, I attach a resistor to thd LED to drop the volts down, but if I have it attached to an on and off switch also, do I need a transistor?

  12. 40 minutes…
    Ok, let's do this

  13. There is such ridiculously stupid videos out these days at least this channel is not like this.

  14. Videos I wish I could like twice

  15. This is excellent tuition. 73s. ZL2GB

  16. 25:14 sadly if you use the triangles in an exam you get 0 marks for the question πŸ™

  17. Nano Farts? Had to rewind it a few times to know what he was saying. Great vid.

  18. When resistor is connected .is it the voltage or current is limited?

  19. Very nice video and good explanation of the basic workings of the components. You have a nice calm voice and your videos are always nice to watch.

  20. Lol the best way to remember the color code value is to learn the rainbow and the chakra system should be obvious other than those racist (rude) phrases

  21. Since this is an into video, you should tell people what a micro-farad[sp] is. I'd also trim down the inner workings of the components. At this stage, the basic function is all that's needed.

  22. Very useful video,it’s really help me understand the parts.thanks a lots

  23. Everyone saying wow this is 40 mins. But I’ve learnt much more in this 40 minutes than 2x 80 minute lectures at school.

  24. My problem with the water analogy is that with a squeezed part of the pipe, this would imply it increase the pressure and thus voltage. I would model it was a squeeze with a hole in the pipe too so that the voltage stays roughly the same, and the flow, or current still decreases.

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  26. You should put an arrow on the diode symbol to show it is a LED.

  27. i can sleep and learn from this video, its a two in one!

  28. Hi Clive, great videos. Could advise on using MKPH SH capacitor in an AC circuit.?

  29. This vid was truly excellent and explained beautifully for beginners like myself

  30. The try and fail is very important to learn and one of the best ways to learn something. Screw up and then figure out where you screwed up and see if you can fix it. The other best way to learn is via an apprenticeship where you work under someone and learn from them. Then after your through with the day you can come home and do your own trial and error. The absolute 2 best learning methods.

  31. You are a gifted teacher. Thanks man!

  32. Color code……… Bad Boys Rape Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly……. of course you can't say that today because it's Politically Incorrect LOL.

  33. On smd resistors (and capacitors) it would be written in numbers, but with same logic as with colors, so for eg: 103 => 10 with 3 more zeros => 10000 ohms (10KΞ© ). For capacitors it would be the value in picofarads, so 104 would mean, 10 with 4 zeros, 100000pF (which equals 100nF).

  34. Can you please make a series explaining electronics? Your the only person I can actually understand and there are no videos that I can find and understand

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  36. I wonder if electronics drives people to drink.
    The one I was first told was Bad Beer Rots Our Young Guts But Vodka Goes Well.

  37. Enlightened 🀩

  38. The colour, is shahki, rather than beige, it's a mix between baby shit and khaki.

  39. Very impressive!


  41. Thanks a lot
    Very informative
    Good explanation

  42. You speak like Elon Musk's long lost brother.

  43. Inshulation shaid in Sean Connerys voish

  44. What is a nanofart?

  45. I took a few electric and digital electronic classes in college. I'm wanting to get back as I haven't touched it since I graduated 15 years ago. I wish I had a teacher like you back then. You make this all very clear, concise, and simply informative. Amazing video!

  46. So… basically, making a circuit board just about balancing all components towards a use goal while satisfying the given conditions of Voltage, Current and Power.

  47. So about the illustration of the water pipe pressure and flow of water applying to resistance and the flow of electricity… would this concept apply to gas and air flow as well?

  48. Very good concept i like it, its help also for my YouTube channel. My channel it's more hospital equipment troubleshooting. If you have time check my channel. Thanks

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  51. I think you have the makings for a cool video game…

  52. This is probably the most useful 40 minutes I have ever spent on YouTube

  53. i am not negative as i like the video but start of the video was simple and understandable for who like me wants to understand the word of electronic, part of the word actually. i just watch until the start of the capacitor because i did not get and did not need to get those explanations. thanks for the video.

  54. I learned the color codes as Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly.

  55. you don't need mnemonic to memorized something like this,
    that is so lazy, one should use spatial/ visual memory, yeah the one you use for the alphabet and numbers,
    each color it already in order with the exception of gray, gray should have been in either 5 or 6th position,
    instead gray was placed in the 8th position.
    0 = black = no color or energy
    1= brown= color in between black and red if you were to combine them
    3=orange=color in between red and yellow if you were to combine them
    4= yellow=
    5=green= color in between yellow and blue if you were to combine them
    6= blue (cyan)=
    7= purple=
    8= gray= should have been 5 or 6 since it 50% the between black and white (50% Red, 50%green, 50%blue hue when combine)
    9=white= full or combine energy
    this encodes better in your memory and it becomes permanently fix and fast to identify.
    I learn this when I was 15yrs , it been 28yrs since and still remember this as if it was yesterday

  56. Thanks for sharing the simple guide to electronic component .its help me understand the function of resistors , capacitors. diodes and transistors .

  57. I built a shortwave radio from kit in 1968 and recently replaced its bad 4 section capacitor and it works again. Tubes are usually not a failed component on old equipment. As far as understanding electronics, I have not learned much more since the 1960s but the industry has sure changed!! I remember reading then how LEDs would one day replace Incandescent Bulbs. I thought: Crazy!!! Now we are there!! The average person would be stunned how many transistors are in a smart phone. Especially if you think of the transistor size in the period when I first handled one.

  58. What is trending on YouTube: Gaming, music, movies……….

    What it should be (in my words) : IC chips, transistors, resistors, diodes, PCBs, computers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, …………………… And also everything related to creativity (I don't like arts)

  59. SIR, I would like to tell you that this is the MOST INFORMATIVE, MOST INTERESTING AND MOST KNOWLEDGABLE video I have EVER seen on youtube, you are a VERY SMART MAN,, I'm teaching myself the componets of circuit boards and this is perfect for me to learn all the componets. THANK YOU for doing this for beginners like myself,, WELL DONE

  60. So I'm 60% ready for making my own circuit after watching this video. Thanks for this! πŸ‘

  61. I bought a couple of LED bulbs that have a photo resistor, that I want to cancel. I want the light to still turn on in sunlight. I looked for the resistor to cover with tape. I couldn't find any of the obvious components with a zigzag line.
    How do other photo resistors look? Google photos just shows the ones with the zigzag line

  62. What's the best way to reduce a 48 volt e-bike battery down to 36 volts? The batteries are generally 10 to 20 amp hours, but the current is usually 15 amps. So the bike can operate anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes depending on the size of the battery.

  63. Very interesting and humorous video. Maybe another one covering inductors (wind a coil ?) apply a source and watch a small compass swing…low voltage transformers (IF type ?) in a little circuit to show coupling of different elements…

  64. "Vertical" = like a "virgin" having sex (standing up)
    "Horizontal" = like a "whore" having sex (laying down) same as horizon.

  65. What is "IN SHA Lation"? Also, I'm watching part about caps and I'm finding that I'm very frustrated firstly that you keep saying "in sha lation", but secondly, the fact that you didn't bother to explain firstly what capacitance is. I think that would have been very helpful for someone who knows basically nothing to begin with. You're cutting your little example over and over, and stating and showing that it changes the capacitance each time, but, so what? What does that mean? You get what I'm trying to say. Thanks.

  66. Thanks. I've got a lot from this video!

  67. Are there any good uk suplliers for electeonic componants ?

  68. great tutorial! Thanks

  69. 3:45 I've heard dick head, dick face but never dick nose…

  70. i call that color eggshell lol

  71. INCORRECT!! electrons flow from negative to positive not positive to negative . this is a very common mistake besides that EXCELLENT video!! i was debating on making a video like this on my channel but instead i will just refer people to this one

  72. When you say "insulation" you go into Connery mode ! very cool lol

  73. Wouldn’t the narrow section of the pipe actually increase the velocity of the water?

  74. Pape=pipe thank you.

  75. Excellent choise to use water for this pupose!

  76. You have at least 3 talents: Electronics, Physics and Teaching! great vid

  77. thank you clive, very informative

  78. At 9:04 – Stop there! NOW that's a geeks T-shirt design for sure! Thank me later πŸ™‚

  79. Tantalum Capacitors have a bad habit of exploding at random when they get old, overvolted, or they are connected up backwards.

  80. Bad

  81. What was going on after you trimmed the capacitor model? The voltage went nuts while you handled it.

  82. Explains resister in great detail
    "I don't want to go into too much detail about the resister"

    Great video. Really interesting. I had no idea about this stuff

  83. This is very useful. Thanks.

  84. hey, thank you for making this video. I used this to try and educate myself on a repair that i am working on. As i understand, the voltage portion of a copacitor rating is the amount of protection from the amount of voltage indicated? I bought a 1.0/630v when i need a 1.0/35v I am assuming this is to great of a difference.

  85. I like 'Every good boy deserves football' doesn’t help me remember the resistor colour code though πŸ™‚

  86. Help! i need an equivalent to this IC MC34063A which one do i go for?

  87. Perhaps the reason Cathode is abbreviated with a K is because Cathode comes from the greek word "κάθοδος" whitch starts with a K meaning going down.

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