A never-ending Cesaro Swing leaves Dragunov dazed: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff

A never-ending Cesaro Swing leaves Dragunov dazed: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff

>>Looks like he’s going to go for a ride, Nigel.>>No.>>1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. [APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH] Wow!

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  1. Walter vs. Cesaro book it!

  2. still not more than Randy Orton's stupid stupid stupid!

  3. Give credit to both holding that position for so long

  4. That’s where they put the Swiss cyborg? In the trash? Lol good that name was garbage all day

  5. That's a pure talent

  6. Yet again some of you guys miss the point. This is one of the most competitive weekends in wrestling and Wwe trust Cesaro to but on an amazing match that will blow the competition away. Cesaro is getting a push this is it.

  7. First Finn now Cesaro. Who should be the next European Wrestler from the Main Roster to show up at a NXT UK Takeover Event?

  8. What a match!!! Cesaro and Dragunov are fantastics!!!

  9. Oh man are you kidding me 40 times seriously superhuman Cesaro is really Swiss Superman

  10. Cesaro vs Walter for the NXT UK Tittle……..NOW

  11. 40 swings, that's a new record

  12. there was a wrestler named dragonuv ?
    tekken is happy

  13. Cesaro was treated like a mega star. I hope he stays there on NXT UK.

  14. WHO win this match??

  15. It's not 40 times, it's 40 seconds

  16. That was 29 swings not 40 SUPID IDIOTS!!!!!!

  17. Why Cesaro was there?!?!?

  18. aew advatised on this vid

  19. Face Cesaro 》》》Heel Cesaro

  20. Cesaro + his old theme+ his 2015 attire+ face turn + good booking =🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Cesaro and sheamus the bar lol

  22. Ceasrco is An Amazing Athlete Hes So Good


  24. Who thought watching two near naked men twirl could be so entertaining🤣

  25. That could be a world record actually

  26. This is the crowd cesaro deserve ❤️👌

  27. 40 swing jezz real superman from swiss

  28. Expected Dragunov to win but nevertheless, he won Cesaro's respect and that's a big thing 🙂

  29. That was no 40 swings…

  30. I got dizzy just from watching that. Like seriously I feel sick.

  31. This Cesaro we want in Raw and Smack down

  32. That has to be the most fun move ever

  33. I never get why the crowd always count the rotations wrong. Like every half rotation or less they count 1

  34. Amazing but not surprised cesaro should be a multi time world heavyweight champion

  35. That's the reason I like Ceasro, He takes an old school giant swing wrestling move and make it interesting!

  36. The crowd count way to fast

  37. This is why Cesaro is the best.

  38. This match was awesome. These two put everything there…uppercuts, the tiger feint discuss lariat, death Valley driver on the corner, elevated/gorilla press gts, the kenta kobashi chops rush……an amazing wrestling clinic only for good Pro wrestling experts

  39. That was So Cool , Well Done Cesaro .. 👏👏👏

  40. He's a true wrestling machine WWE PUSH THIS GUY TO THE MOON

  41. He was like where tf am I lol

  42. Now try to play spin me right around song while seeing this


  44. Nigel knows to stay silent. While Cole or Renee would have talked all the way through the swing

  45. Why isn’t this man a champion???

  46. Doctor: You have a minute to live

  47. No way is Cesaro drafted to NXT!!

  48. Dragunov looked around going “ where the hell am i?” 😂

  49. This is Cesaro all about

  50. this is the cesaro yall been holding back

  51. Why is everyone saying it's Vince fault. Vince likes Cesaro, it's the creatives decision.

  52. I hate how they stuff all the English wrestlers in there

  53. OMG he must have become drunk 😀

  54. Just stay at nxt uk and feud with walter

  55. It's sad that Vince will waste a so good wrestling careere. Cesaro deservs better!

  56. If you actually count it, it wasn't 40. A few of the times the fans counted twice on one swing.

  57. Cesaro need to be on Raw.. not on this nxt… Nxt is a second show… Poor him

  58. Cesaro needs to swing Vince like that

  59. UK crowd > any other crowd

  60. Triple h: this is your home now cesaro



  62. So wait, Vince sent Cesaro back to NXT? What happened to the Bar?

  63. 7 years…I still waiting for Cesaro to become a world champion

  64. That was amazing wwe stop wasting cesaro

  65. I think it was 28 spins

  66. Look at that he's first tmine in nxt uk and the crowd is already loveing him

  67. HE SWING 28 TIMES…

  68. Next Cesaro vs Walter for the U.K Championship

  69. thought this was tekken wrong vid lol

  70. Whenever the crowd is counting along with the swing, I always ignore it because I know they can't count properly.

  71. I'm here to wash my eyes after Cesaro lost to The Miz for no goddamn reason whatsoever.

  72. A man of ceasaros talents shouldn't have to be wrestling with these wankaz no disrespect to the Brits

  73. THIS IS HOW HE SHOULD BE USED! Well hopefully WWE are now paying attention to what–

    Monday Night Raw: & The Miz defeats Cesaro!
    Me: ….. sighs & this is why AEW Exists.

  74. Is this how they train pilots for the G force

  75. But still loses to miz on raw ☹☹

  76. When you realize Cesaro is way better on nxt Uk than on the main roster🤦‍♂️

  77. Cesaro's only good momentum in this year

  78. "Cesaro "one of the best entertainer to watch
    but …..
    WWE had a great History to lay waste the best talent and continues to bring on mediocre.

  79. Por favor vince mira esto

  80. lets all face it cesaro is not a world champion material ok
    swinging a guy 40 time does not mean you should be a world champion

  81. Super 'FRIGGIN' Human!!!!😱🙀

  82. Vince is a jerk , he never gonna push Cesaro , because he is racist and doesn't think to upgrade the company!

  83. i would've perferd a squash match for cesaro instead of putting this joke over

  84. Wrestling fans can’t count

  85. Cesaro for UK champ

  86. He’s Swiss…so fans don’t connect with him🤔

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