A Day in the Life: NYU Stern School of Business Student

A Day in the Life: NYU Stern School of Business Student

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  2. ahh thank you from someone who is interested in this industry!

  3. Americans and weird degrees.

  4. Jennifer always does a FAB job for you'll!!

  5. Wow…..blatantly plugging her Instagram!! Thats___bold

  6. Can’t believe she’s still live on campus dorm, lol. Anyway, good work from both of you!

  7. She kinda looks like Daria Kasatkina, the tennis player. Immediately gave me that "russian vibe" when I saw her.

  8. Same person different vid? milked.

  9. Why waste that much money on school when u can spend the same money to start a business

  10. I've seen her in previous video?

  11. I just noticed that all NYU students on the videos are wooow😍

  12. But Jennifer was the first student you guys interviewed? Have you guys run out of people? If so I’d totally be down to offer myself up for an interview then! 😁

  13. 4:00 dropped her ring

  14. Please do NYU Tandon! There are barely any videos about it

  15. please can you do a day in the life at Exeter or Edinburgh university in the uk

  16. No way I’ve seen your first NYU video with her and now I’m super excited to say that I’m going this fall and I can actual relate!!!! Love your videos🤓💜

  17. Was so much fun filming this!

  18. I applied as a transfer. This video just makes me fall even more in love with NYU/Stern. Please 🙁

  19. How does she go to stern and not know Hongkong is not a country

  20. Sounds like she's already picking up the American accent, a mix.

  21. Can you do Johns Hopkins BME next?

  22. Johns Hopkins International Studies please!

  23. Really want to get into NYU. I will be graduating high school in 2020!!!!

  24. What same person???????!!!!!!!!!

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