A Big Surprise for Scarlett Johansson

A Big Surprise for Scarlett Johansson

– You’re the only woman
in the film. Is that fun? Is that–’cause you know,
there’s so many men in the film. – Yeah, there’s a lot of guy–
I mean, now we have Lizzie, and Cobie are both in it,
which is helpful. I surround myself with, like,
a army of women to kind of protect me against
all the testosterone. And, you know,
we’re talking about actors, – and, you know…
– Yeah. Yeah. – They’re very delicate.
– So they’re not really men. They’re getting mani-pedis
over on the side – and stuff like that.
– I mean, like, Hemsworth’s hair – takes much longer than what–
– Yeah. Oh, he’s so sweet.
He was here not too long ago. – I love him so much.
– I know. – He’s adorable.
– Everybody loves him. – And Chris Evans,
you’ve done so many movies. Chris Evans, of course,
Captain America. You did–how many movies now
with him? – I think this is our
5th movie. We’re been working together
since we were, like, I don’t know, 17, I think,
or something like that. – Really?
– Yeah. – So you must know him
pretty well. – I know him very well.
Too well. – Yeah.
– I’m sure. – I mean–
– Everything that he’s gonna do. – Scarlet!
– Ahh! [cheers and applause] – It was his idea.

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  1. 1:12 signature chris evans laugh

  2. You can't see me

  3. I love you Captain America

  4. The crowd was the real MVP here.

  5. 놀랄 때 저 허스키한 목소리
    진짜 매력적이다

  6. Please date each other.❤❤❤

  7. 1:00 ×0.25 speed

  8. Scarlet and Ellen look like twins

  9. Crish give me surprise like dis
    U r shooo cutee

  10. I want to meet Chris

  11. her reaction was so cute omg🥰

  12. 😂🖤🖤❤❤😂

  13. 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58

  14. Who else paused for her reaction and screen shot her
    HMMMM maybe me🤔

  15. Scarlett and Chris Evan's would make a good couple

  16. Chris : ON YOUR LEFT!!! 🤣
    B. W : 😧😧😧😧

  17. "I know everything he's about to do-"

  18. Can’t wait to see BW’s new movie but I will miss Cap, my favourite avenger for sure

  19. I really love that wonder girl, b'coz she is the only actress I could find the best of my height… "160cm"😃

  20. The bulge tho ksisius

  21. Captain America 🌹🌹🌹

  22. Scarlett, on your left .

  23. 😂😂😂😂

  24. Hi ellen. How are you today?.

  25. This guy is so awesome!!

  26. Chris' face at 1:00 is so Johnny Storm

  27. I love you Ellen and you make my heart happy every time I see your show. My family loves your show and you have our support. We love you Ellen you are the best person in the world

  28. How supportive is the audience 🤣🤣🤣

  29. if i was in that audience, i'd scream "CHRIS!" and ruin the surprise 🤣

  30. Happy birthday Chris Evans😊❤ 06/13/19

  31. 😍😍😍😍 Scarlett

  32. She gets scared in a very classy way

  33. Hi Ellen
    I'm ur big fan from India

  34. The Best Couple ever 😍

  35. 0:59 Chris – I can do this all day😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Everytime, Scarlett… Everytime hahaha 😂😂😂😂

  37. I really lovvveee them.😭😍😍 I extremely admire them.😌

  38. Graciosos millonarios 😂😂😂😐

  39. After scaring widow captain America almost had an heart attack

  40. I’m the only one here who ships chris and scarlett, right?

  41. 0:59 “I mean everything he’s gonna do”
    Me: Do you?

  42. So funny chris evans

  43. 0:57 I love how the audience is just quiet and didnt tell on Chris Evans

  44. Ебать у нее голос прокуренный

  45. They shouldn't have brought more than 2 or 3, cuz scarlet witch now doesn't get enough credit

  46. He’s not even wearing shoes omg

  47. Ellen: You know everything he's gonna do?
    Scarlett: Yeah.
    Chris: SCARLETT!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I love how the cast is really good friends.

  49. Alguien español?

  50. When justin beiber wore lipstick!!!!

  51. “It was his idea” seems like something Chris would ask to do, he even took his shoes off

  52. My babies 🥺🥺💘

  53. I can do this all day😂

  54. WHO Is this,a little boy?

  55. Black window sux

  56. How does YouTube algorithm work showing me this after some years

  57. there are two ellen degeneres on this video

  58. She is one of the beautiful girl in Hollywood

  59. Ben bi an scarlet yengeniz hidiyornsandim

  60. Romanogers!!!!!!

  61. In civil war or invinty war????


  63. Ох шкодник 😁

  64. I guess not everything.

  65. Ellen find her twin

  66. Scarlett gets scared in a very classy way

  67. Am I the only one hearing Chris screaming : ''SCUMBAG"

  68. With Scarlet’s hair as it is, she comes off and looks so much like Jennifer Lawrence’s twin sister. It’s been a while when I last seen Jennifer with that kind of pixie style and cut of hair, but with Scarlet’s hair like that, she really looks a lot like Jennifer Lawrence’s twin sister! 😌

  69. That was real and i love iz

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    maybe another time

  71. She would be so fun, her husband or future husband better cherish her for sure!

  72. Her haircut is ridiculous.

  73. Where can I get full episodes???

  74. Jumpscare At 0:59.

  75. I bet Ellen wanted to eat her out! Hahahahahaha!

  76. Where have I seen that hairstyle before???

  77. If Scarlett Johansson took her shoes off. N put her foot n my mouth. It wouldn't bother me…..🤣

  78. I paused at 1:00. You guys should see the look on scarlett's face. 🤣

  79. I like her more with longer hair

  80. Scarlett:
    Chris:" on your left"

  81. Scarlet didnt even expect chris to be there

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