9 tips for dealing with difficult customers | Freshworks Academy

9 tips for dealing with difficult customers | Freshworks Academy

If you’re in a customer-facing role, you
will often have to deal with people who are aggressive, abusive, unreasonable or
even reasonable people who are simply stressed out. How do you make these
conversations easier and less stressful for you and your customer? Hi! I’m Raghav from the Freshdesk Academy. Today, we’re going to talk about ways to deal with difficult customers. Show them you understand If you feel the customer is justified in their anger, let them know that you’re on their side. Say things like “you’re right” or “I’m going to prioritize this issue for you” and show them that you are their advocate within
the company. Be quick to apologize Apologize even when it’s not your fault.
Nearly every customer calms down when you shoulder some of the blame but make sure you do not apologize too much and sound insincere in the process. Set expectations If a customer’s rude, simply let them know that you will not respond
to further inquiries until they change the way they talk to you. This way, they
will have to become less abusive or threatening in order to get help. Don’t play the blame game Even if the fault is on their side, the topmost priority is to keep the customer happy. So never indulge in the blame game, even
if the customer starts it. Tell them that resolving the problem at hand is way more important than assigning blame. Escalate, it’s okay. Escalating an issue to your manager or lead just helps because the customers feel like they’re being
taken more seriously. it is not a failure on your part. It just means that you care enough to see that the problem is solved, even when you are not the one solving it. Change agents Resetting a conversation with a new face can help ease a customer’s frustration. But before you pass the baton, remember to brief the new agent about everything that has happened so far. This way, the transition is seamless. Establish equality Some customers tend to think that as a young inexperienced support rep you
might not be the right person to handle the problem. Some might hold a high
position in their company and would not want to talk to anybody
less than a vice president. But if you are the best person available to help
the customer quickly, immediately establish that you are an equal and that
you are qualified to solve the problem. Train yourself Train yourself in skills like anger management, stress management, and negotiation that are important to
successfully manage difficult customers. Face it head-on Don’t shy away from dealing with a difficult customer unless it’s necessary. The relationship forged
with a customer after a difficult conversation is much stronger than the
ones forged after a nice conversation. Your most frustrated customers are
your best source of learning. Follow these tips to handle difficult customers every day and turn every hard conversation into a chance to learn more.
What are the methods that you use to deal with difficult customers? Let us
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  5. Number 2 is BS. Apologising even if it's not your fault implies it IS your fault.

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