9 Techniques to Use When Dealing with Drama Queens and High Conflict Personalities

9 Techniques to Use When Dealing with Drama Queens and High Conflict Personalities

9 Techniques to Use When Dealing with Drama
Queens and High Conflict Personalities Drama queens and high conflict people can
turn a small dispute into a real hell. They live with attention. They are fiery, strong-minded and often controversial. That’s why show business is full of them. Think about any reality TV show and you will
find that it is filled by drama queens and high conflict leaders. They blow the situation out of proportion
and create a drama, which is why people find it so interesting to watch. TV producers often encourage melodramatic
behavior, pitting several high-conflicting figures with each other to see how they will
respond. While drama queens and high conflict people
can produce entertainment in the show, when we are surrounded by them in real life can
have different effects. The worst thing they might get, they are deliberately
turning something you say and overreacting to cause a scene. The reality is that this type of personality
is very common and you can not possibly avoid it in life. They naturally cause conflict and it can create
stress. drama queens and high conflict people are
usually very difficult in work settings and can reduce productivity. Here are some conflict resolution techniques
you can use when dealing with this complicated personality type. #1 – Do not rise to their level. drama queens and high conflict people thrive
with melodrama. They want to make a scene. If you find yourself in a debate, drama queens
will often try and raise the stakes. They will overreact and try to get you to
do the same. #2 – Do not accuse them as drama queens. Calling this personality type on their behavior
is more likely to light a fire. They most likely know that they are melodramatic,
but remind them they will encourage this behavior further. #3 – Do not let the audience get together. If there is one thing that the drama queen
loves, it is the audience. They also know what viewers and dramas want
to see. If you are in conflict with drama queens or
high conflict personalities, try and take them away from others. #4 – Do not leave unresolved arguments. If possible, try and resolve the conflict
with high conflict personalities as soon as possible. drama queens also have a tendency to gossip. In order not to be this center, try and resolve
the conflict immediately and do not leave anything unclear. #5 – Do not show them that you are afraid
of them. High conflict personalities often enjoy the
power they can hold on those who shy away from arguments. Do not let this personality dominate you in
conversation or they may see you as a target of conflict. High conflict personalities are also more
likely to challenge pre-existing systems and authorities, often required for progress. While drama queens may be at the top in some
situations, they are often fun to be around and can bring a social atmosphere. Just not interested in unnecessary dramas
that can turn into conflict. #6 – Be Rational When faced with problems, drama queen friends
often can not be rational and more influenced by emotions. When facing them, our duty as a friend is
to be rational. Since he can not see the problem with a cold
head, it is precisely we who must calm down on this issue, and try to find a reasonable
solution. #7 – Do not make their ego bigger The more we approve of their actions for impulsive
action, the more drama he will become. The thing we should do is not to exaggerate. #8 – No Respond The response we give will only make him feel
cared for. So, avoid to respond. If he threatens to harm himself or others,
do not blatantly prevent him. #9 – Invite to Discussion Do not show your attitude is advising them
or blaming their decision. get him to talk casually and have a light
discussion about their problems. Well, that’s all about the 9 techniques to
use when dealing with drama queens and high conflict personalities. So, really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you
have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments
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  1. Hey! I honestly think this is a cool channel and i love the introvert videos but i kinda think the google translate – like voice is kind of annoying. Mayby do a voice / face reveal at 100K subscribers?

  2. Cut them short! They feed of your attention. You will never hurt them but put them beyond own boundary which should be a really wide line in between you and them 🙂 Loving your channel in all ways!

  3. What if they don't listen to anyone but themselves, twisting the truth with lies and others that encourage said behavior?

  4. The best way to deal with these type of people is to just walk AWAY. They thrive off the attention of others. If they spread rumours, so what? People will know they're lying sooner or later depending on your personality and the way you carry yourself.

  5. Drama queens won't/don't change anymore than any other mentally ill person. You are mistaken to believe you can alter their behavior. Don't engage with them. They will think you do not "care". Which is not true but you need to protect your own sanity. When drawn in to a 'drama', breathe, center yourself and rise above this shallow attempt to drag you through the dirt. Do not let your ego follow this challenge! In the end you will feel happier with yourself for not taking the "low" road.
    There is no "winning" in this. There is only finding peace in your own action/reaction.

    God be with you. Love can prevail…

  6. Drama. Is another word for Toxic People avoid these high strung Mentally incapable Sad Characters.They toy with you and need too much attention!.

  7. #10. Do not get cornered by them. Always have an exit strategy available.

  8. Yes I am really in a tough pickle! I live with an high explosive personality!# I do not have any resources to move out!# I would of roted away if I dolid not meet this high volital princess #!

  9. i was dating a so sensible girl, she was so nice with me, but i noticed that once a week she maked drama out of nowhere, but i though maybe its just the hormones, until i went to visit her for the 3rd time, and she just didnt showed up, i wrote her im at sea where we told to meet, but she just said , she cant, then i went to her home, and she said her heart was taken and we should better not meet, and said good bye, i was then heartbroken and said, okay goodbye and good luck in your life, then we keep chating bullshit nonsense for 1 hour, and after that i went back to my home without meeting her, she apoligized and asked me to pleasee let her visit me, im not answering… i dont know in what to believe anymore

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