#8 SPA, Massage Center, Events and Trips Marketing Strategy | Start a Business with No Money

#8 SPA, Massage Center, Events and Trips Marketing Strategy | Start a Business with No Money

Hello guys, My name is Sahil Khanna and welcome you today’s video Today we will talk about experiential marketing Experiential marketing means any kind of business in which you offers an experience It might be a spa or massage business or like Sandeep Maheshwari sir talked about in last part about giving a village package to foreigners tourist or we can also consider other types of experience business So If you have any business like this so how we can market I am talking about all these in one video because marketing strategies will be dame for all of them and the way to market these businesses is called experiential marketing according to me, market, these types of business are very easy because, all you have to make a video of your customer experience while they laughing, excited, crying and all In the video, their real emotions should be seen And all you have to do upload those videos on your social media that’s it and things will automatically go viral and if you had captured good experience then we will market those videos on Facebook which will cost 0.5p per view so let’s assume we operate in a mall so nobody will come to experience our product from 1000km away only those people will come who lives in a distance of 5-6km of the mall So in the facebook market, we will only show our ads to those people who live nearby it so we will target those people who live under 5km from our location And in interest, you can fill up according to your business category so all those people will come and try your product who live nearby of your location for example, you offer a massage so massage is not for everyone so we can make a video in which a girl is giving a massage to a boy and will show that video to male-only we will not show those videos to girls because they are not our target audience so we have to also think about that now people will see that ad and some of them will take action and some people will also share that video in the same way, we will upload our videos on YouTube and will market those videos on the related channel on YouTube, I will only show my videos on those channels where that audience comes who likes massage again I will target an audience under 5km radius of my location now facebook and youtube both are promoting my products and ultimately my product will go viral but these things only work if we are doing in a local area but like Sandeep Maheshwari sir Ji talked about we will offer village experience foreigners come to India to see Taj Mahal so we will also offer them village experience in that package, we will cover everything like tour, village experience and all basically these things work well in foreign few of my friends went to foreign countries and they noticed glass work so they teach you how to make things of glass and all I hope you have heard about pottery so we educate people to take it easy like how to make pot buy still we give money just to experience it so if we offer the same thing to foreigners they will become excited because they never do this so now let’s talk about how to market. for example, if we want to show our ad to the USA people so we will show our ad there now finding a relevant interest is a difficult task I need those people who love traveling and we will target those people and say come to India and you will able to experience these things they might not buy your product that time but will surely think about you when they come to India they will also recommend their friends about this and clients will start coming to you. Till yet I was only talking about social media now let’s come to google search so whenever we plan to visit a country we always search for it same things happen for a city like where I will stay and where I will travel and all so what will happen if we show search ad while he is doing research for example, he searches about the best hotel in India and he sees your ad and if he like your product he will buy he can search for anything like the best spa or best salon etc. So after clicking the ad, he will come to you and from there organic traffic will come to you which includes all those people who need your product here we will have to do keyword research. I have made a video on keyword research you can see so through keyword research, we have to know what people actually search about and if I am selling village package which means experiential product so I have to check what people search regarding this product for example, people search experience in India so from there people will see my add and will come to us and situation also might be like where people don’t search about our product it means people are not aware of these types of things so you have to aware them and for this social media is best and social media means both Facebook and Instagram after ding Lil bit of research, I got to know people are not doing enough in this field so we can also do SEO which is very easy for this industry because of less competition and you should also have a website which is a mandatory thing because without that people won’t impress your website should include form, videos, and photos and information about different packages here we have to focus on the quality of our experience like it should worth according to its price once I talked to Ceragym band team and asked them what they do so they offer body massager which has health benefits if you go and buy them it will cost you 3 lac so they built a free store where you can experience those massage for free of cost you will get 15-20 day free session and you will feel transformation after that and due to this, you test their product for 15-2- days for free from there you get an idea like is this product good for you or not and when I asked them about conversion they said they got 40% conversions so it means 40% of people buy our product after testing for 7-10 days and 20-30% people are like they buy our machines after taking some kind of loan and rest o the people who can’t afford so they come regularly and do word of mouth about our product so that’s it. like and share this video and tell me in the comment section about the video Bye, good morning and goodnight whenever you are watching this video

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