8 Artists: Advice to the Young

8 Artists: Advice to the Young

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  1. Great to hear this useful advice

  2. Nobody can be you buy you -Snoop Dogg

  3. Never made clearer, that what Patti tells us, comes from the heart and relates to everyone (being an artist or not), while what Marina tells us (or Wim) is just about them. Not everyone needs to do new stuff all the time. Not every artists is a performer, who wants to shock or do things to left people with mouth wide open in the audience. Many many artists just try to make the world a little bit more beautiful and worth being a part of it all. Art for me is more like a net, somebody's weaving for you, that you won't fall down to hard, when times get rough.

  4. Totally true.. It's a hard work.. But at the end the light will appear..

  5. Whom who sell the skin, without knowing the lion was dead, maybe gets a surprise

  6. Meeto here to remind you all about art is limited with shared laws funny ant it…..

  7. "Actively observe and document the world outside and within, exercising a zealous dedication to painstaking clarity, but do not be overly-analytical in the process of doing so."


  8. Some advice: Stop looking at everybody else's creations or you'll lose your own. Don't want to be them. Want to be you.

  9. I disagree with saying you can’t be a great artist until your only passion is art and it’s an obsession. That’s a very toxic mentality that makes young artists believe they aren’t good enough but otherwise agreed with what everyone else said 🙂

  10. don't take art as your main goal

  11. I went through a phase of deleting all the spiritual groups I had joined on face book and replaced them with art groups. Best move I made on face book. My game of life changed from arguing with people to growing with those who were really transforming themselves through their art.


  13. kind of contradicting advice when one person says "don't do something someone else can do better" and the other says "don't just do something you're used to"

  14. Here's a question: Men in the art world are far more successful (generally speaking) and I wonder if this is because art is seen as "arty and feminine" therefore if a man is an artist, he must be serious about his work, while if a woman is an artist, it's just seen as "pretty" or "crafty" …and therefore unless a woman makes shocking, provocative art, she's not going to be taken seriously … Anyone have thought on this?

  15. I am 14 years old and began to take art classes since I was 4. Art is such an important aspect of my life, something I can’t live without. If I’m not doing homework then I’m painting or drawing. For the past 6 months I’ve been working really hard to get commissions and to build an audience on YouTube through my channel, all to prove to my parents that I can find people who appreciate my art, and that it is something worth pursuing. I am very fortunate and grateful to have found something I love and am passionate about at this point of my life. I haven’t lived a day without art in my conscious years and I feel very blessed every time I get to create. My goal is definitely to go to art school and hopefully become a full time artist someday.

  16. Pati Smith a force of truth…

  17. love this, needed this. Thank you!!

  18. 6:50
    This is the only advice I needed

  19. Abramovich? Really?🤔

  20. Put Jesus first in all things

  21. thank you!!!!! they are right!!!

  22. Eliasson and Kentridge just blow my mind with their perspective.

  23. @3:52 "a real artist" (says narcissist), is someone who does things exactly the way I do, how I am, what I believe-because afterall, I'm a "real artist" ehem

    Well, that's the tone I picked up (anyway).

  24. Patty is the only one worth listening to on this

  25. I have developed my own personal sketch style , unique to my own . I want to be tattoo artist for the first part of my life now I found having to completely reinvent my own style … extremely persistent about it , I want to reinvent something and in my mind I will . Not arrogantly I work on it all the time .

  26. If people don't notice about my art more and more. it doomed

  27. Save me from entrance exams

  28. I can't even listen to that sick woman marina . Making all the satani rituals .

  29. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  30. Stop saying young…??

  31. Art doesn’t seem lo leave me, even if I try to I will soon find myself in the same situation, looking at art books, colors, sketching, drawing, designing, imagining. It’s too Powerful. I love it don’t get me wrong but sometimes I feel used by spirit to bring ideas from the other side/life on to this reality. I know that sounds strange and it’s cool, I’m Happy half the time, the other half I’m depressed for some reason. Peace

  32. 5:29 "When you become routine that is end of everything."

  33. Did Picasso paint Guernica or did he avoid painting it? Challenge the world order.

  34. "Nobody else can do that better than you…" That's all I needed to hear! THANK YOU!

  35. Jake and Deanos Chapman gave the best advice!

  36. Dino and Jake Chapman are the worst. Everyone else are full of crap too. Every one of the artists/musicians featured have been very successful and yet they don’t know how to actually say something, in words, that may benefit someone else. For the exception of patti Smith, every one of those other artists are talking out their ass.

  37. my advice… art is about doing what you love, don't wait to be great like its all that matters enjoy practising and creating because good artists will always aspire to be better. its about the journey not the destination, aspiring to be better is never ending for artists so you never reach the destination and that is definitely a good thing not bad. just think if you ever actually became a perfect artist and you had nothing more to aspire too, think of how sad and hollow that would be. but no-one is ever perfect and i will always aspire to be better and that realisation makes me so happy.

  38. Interesting video and even amusing. obviously hard work but also a lot of oppositional viewpoints ( logically enough) e.g. to be successfull you loose a lot of freedom, or that you have to risk and dare to be ready to fail and then you can move – and do what you like – or just go for it to be an artist is hard as it is to live- summed up try to stay healthy and pursure hard what you want and accept but it will be hard. But you will have the most beautifull experiences and also the opposite.

  39. Kinda interesting the difference in advice offered by Eliasson, an artist who employs others to construct his works, from the other artists here who are all so hands-on throughout their process. Seems more art critic than maker.

  40. Nice. I just wished the line up was more diverse. Maybe more artists from other countries too if that would help!

  41. 5:43 but there's always someone better…

  42. Love to your
    voice David Byrne !

  43. Sad that only two of them are women.

  44. They are all so powerful. And also There is no real goal.
    To me: to be artist is to be ready to quit art cause you love the world strong enough,
    and you remember each time, it's only with art that you feel closer to the world <3

  45. 4:03 is all I wanted to hear.

  46. What about advice for us old guys??

  47. The one about every advise being something you already known or figured out bing annoying is so rrue

  48. 6:55 when you have to wrap up the essay but don't have anything left to say

  49. Why is marina abramovich there

  50. and "things are gonna be fucked up." amen to that. lots of material to chew on. always a pleasure. nice one.

  51. What a sombre way to close off all of that motivation and wisdom😂👌

  52. Satisfied by creating my art.

  53. sometimes i have this opinion sneaked that artist you can be only if your connections are right at the point of the time you feel as an artist.

  54. What if you know your not an artist?

  55. A twisted scientific experiment on the human imagination is art.

  56. I was born an artist , I sucked in school with math and shit but I could always draw since I was little.

  57. The labored revolution presses into the incomparable childhood.

  58. We each have a monopoly, there is only one of us.

  59. Well its talent and turn your back on the world. People dont really care and when they do and you do get fame, youll realise theyre mosquitoes and youre their dessert. They want you to do a certain thing to please them, and a lot of times you wont get paid for it. So basically the best artist is one which doesnt care about what other people think and does it for themselves and has talent and knows it. And in my opinion talent is rare in the visual art world.

  60. Patti Smith seems to have turned Chinese.

  61. 2019 im here because i want to be inspired and want advices, my dream is to become an artist, but im lost for now

  62. Was starting to think this video had something going for it till that women made the statement right at the end using gutter talk and the F….. word how very pathetic .and what a pathetic world view she has I don't care how successful she is or is not she needs to keep her negative views on life and clean up her filthy mouth what sort of hope dose that give young artist ? what a waste of my time watching crap like this .

  63. Be careful what you wish for,compromise will be the death of your work

  64. Take on, what connects to you. Even here there are some artists that have sold their soul..but the majority are wonderful! ! great artists: Kentridge, Smith, Byrne, Wenders, Eliasson…

  65. ‘Phone your mum…’ brits are the best!


  67. David Byrne, your jacket is loud.

  68. I don't even know if college is even worth it for me

  69. A lot of words can be said about being nothing, but little can be said about what is truth.
    The best question ever ask of me is, "How do you want to be remembered as an artist'?"
    I found all my answers from within.

  70. My advise for young artist: keep asking but do NOT follow any advise.

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  72. 👩🏻👴🏻👴🏻👩🏻

  73. I hate the idea of being an artist is you wake up and need to paint, it's so elitist: everyone is an artist in their own way, I think you're an artist mostly if grants you relief. I'm an artist cos I live life and have had such a hard life, and when I do sit down and get some of that heartache out in art, whether it's been a hour or a month since I last did it, I am an artist then.

  74. Being comfortable in my own skin, that's what I am trying to achieve my all life….

  75. There were 1000 people.900 were doing badly 90 were doing ok. 7were doing well 2 were doing fantastic and there was one lucky bastard that was an artist.

  76. freaking 8 white artists

  77. Maria Abram…is a man from the elite, investigate…

  78. Not one person said DEVELOP SKILL. If you're an artist, you better be able to do stuff other people can't. Like paint a Mountain, draw a face, carve something, sculpt something, etc.

  79. Abramovic…..Good Lord….why should this creature be treated with any credibility is beyond mahself….

  80. On that positive note….

  81. Art has no rules.

  82. Good thoughts for us "old artists" as well. But it would be helpful if the sound levels were the same throughout. Some speakers were a strain to hear; others blasted.

  83. Hi guys! I wrote a song!!! here’s the link in case u wanna hear it,the quality kinda sucks cause I recorded with my phone,but still thx sm for your time!!!

  84. I'm an Artist and Business is the best Art – best thing a person can do is make money and be total anonymous – to hell with the general public

  85. mediocre artists

  86. I was hoping they would synch it so they all spoke at the same time like an advice mash-up

  87. I am not even an artist. lol. I would like to be tho, one day I will become one

  88. Porte Richmond; season one [Amazon Prime]:

  89. Artists giving advice never helps anyone 😂 it's all subjective just like art

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