$75K Business Line of Credit, not just Business Credit Cards

$75K Business Line of Credit, not just Business Credit Cards

So everyone’s always asking for proof,
whether it be social proof or concept proof or proof in practice. Okay so
that’s why I’m making this video right now. For those of you that don’t know me
my name is Diego Rodriguez and I’m the author of the “Build Credit For Your
Business” book you can see it back there and I’m also the creator of the Build
Credit For Your Business Workshop and basically, you know a lot of my
colleagues and students are asking… You know, we always want to see proof of the
concept before we jump into it. Because basically, I mean you guys can probably
piece it together. You know you go to YouTube and you grab all these different
videos and you know you try to piece it together yourself for free, right. And I’m
talking about building credit for your business, okay. So basically if you wanted
to, you know you could get started watching videos online about how to
build and establish business credit but what most of these guys are teaching you
are just basic credit cards, right. Basic credit card accounts, whether it be you
know vendor accounts that you can only use in a specific company or website.
Whatever it may be, for example you know Office Depot. If you gotta use a vendor
credit card then you can only use that credit with that specific company. And
then there are other credit cards which are like you know MasterCard or Visa on
the business side which are great you know, because you can use them anywhere!
But what I’m trying to teach is not only how to establish and build business
credit as far as credit card accounts, I’m trying to show you how you can get
an actual Business Line of Credit. So that being said what I wanted to do
today is just show you an actual statement of my Business Line of Credit,
not just a credit card. Okay, so you see if I can get close to the camera here. So
if you can see, it’s an actual Business Line of Credit that way you can withdraw
as many times as you want. You know, you don’t have to go through the hassle of
you know, getting credit card advances and paying fees or whatever. This is an
actual Business Line of Credit. And if you can see here, you know I just crossed
out you know my personal information but I left my name there so you can see it’s
mine. And I crossed out the account number and the name of the business,
right. Because you’re not just, you know restricted to one business right, which
is actually another level of what I teach is that you don’t only have to
have one business and establish business credit with one business. You can have
several, all right. Well let’s not get… Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here
okay. So what I’m trying to show you here is you know the actual date. So you can
see the date here is the statement is for September 2018 right. And the actual
credit line is the Business Line of Credit is up to $75,000 okay. So, you tell
me! What can you accomplish with a Business Line of Credit of $75,000 right?
So basically, I mean sky’s the limit. There’s… there’s basically, the only thing
you’re restricted by is your mind. That’s it! Right? I’m going to show you step by
step in my BCB Workshop how to go about getting a Business Line of Credit.
And Yes, you got to work your way up to it! You’re not going to get it right off
the bat, especially if you’re if your business is brand new. But I teach you
from scratch how to start from the beginning of establishing a business and
then slowly build your way up to getting an actual Business Line of
Credit not just credit cards, okay. So that being said I just wanted to share
the proof today with you of concept and practice. I practice what I preach okay!
So I hope you guys find value in this. Let me know if you have any questions. And again… this is Diego Rodriguez, and what I
always like to tell and encourage my students: At the end of the day, when all
else fails – “Trust your Gut, Follow your Heart, Bet on
Yourself and Double Down!” This is Diego Rodriguez for Build Credit for Your
Business. And again, please let me know if you find value in this. Any things that
you would like me to cover in the future, by all means alright don’t be shy. So
again Diego Rodriguez signing off. Peace I’ll see you in the next one!

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  2. Thanks for great Video!!

    One QQ- I've 4 years old profitable S Corp , and have Business line of credit with one bank for that Corp. Can i use same Corp to get another Business line of credit with another bank?

    Also, have couple of Business/Personal credit cards w/ limit 20K.

    What factors contribute to get Higher LOC?

  3. Thank you for watching! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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