7 tips for dealing with HARD TIMES – instant RELIEF

7 tips for dealing with HARD TIMES – instant RELIEF

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  1. I AM WE ARE #LovesVoice I LOVE YOU TRIBE!!! Pls SHARE and comment below if it inspired 😝🌊👁😻

  2. Thank you for this! I've shared with 5 people already. Blessings to you Preston!

  3. We should all over ourselves…DEEP.

  4. You sir are the most amazing 🔥🔥🔥 love the videos and love the abundance of truth in this space 😌

  5. We need more of your inspiring videos 🙂 even if they are not making enough money for you, they are worth more than money 🙂

  6. Definitely Enjoying the pain and asking what It's here to teach me.

  7. Excellent advice. Thank you! I also needed it right now even though I knew some of it already. One more thing people in trouble can remind themselves of is that a life without challenges is a boring life. I've written about it here:
    'Imagine a movie or book that describes your own life. Would you want to read it when everything that happened would be just “living happily ever after”?'

  8. Thanks dude! I was having a tough day, I needed this, your so awesome!

  9. Hey Preston what do you think about alcohol? Is it okay to consum it? Only to special occasions like partys or none?


  11. Love you guys!!!…perfect timing!!!💙💚💙💚

  12. Perfect timing! <3

  13. Yes! I find enjoying the pain most bad ass thing and most productive thing that you can do 🙂 just smile, and you will even surprise yourself! 🙂 its golden ! <3 love

  14. Thank you… this is what I needed to hear at this moment!!

  15. Great video Preston!

  16. So love the pictures you paint with your awesome words my friend! Wonder how you guys are doing – looking forward to hearing your exciting new edition/addition news! I'm a new "Bubbe" = grandmother – loving our 6 month old!!

  17. Great advise P! It came to me in perfect time (as usual). I never doubted you, but I know your on point with this, bc mama used ta say all that! lol

  18. Script for the perfect Preston Smiles video: Ouuuuu! BLOP-BLOP-BLOP—>Poweful message. Its going down in a….

  19. Thank you King Preston! Struggle is beautiful! Plus, I'd much rather know that Im out of alignment and where my work is with clear signs. The BEST part… ITS NOT HERE tO STAY! yeehaaaww!

  20. Pain is momentarily; how I talk about it creates suffering (woow never thought of it that way) and there's another where you said we are linguistic beings that just matches this perfectly. Amazing man!
    I'll try not to bring my past pains into the NOW moment.

  21. Perfect way to end the day, thank you my brother!! 🙏


  23. You're incredible:) thank you for sharing this. Love you 💯 the last one resonates the most with me

  24. I've experienced everything he's talking about. This shit is real guys.

  25. You always come through with a punch of amazing knowledge when I need it most to get back on track and to get re focused on the journey of self growth and evolution. I'm currently being with feeling lost, out of touch with 99% of my co workers, and having an incredible amount of quiet and alone time to self reflect which is a mixed blessing. Thank you for being a badass force of truth and love that wakes everybody up in this comment section when they forget about these truths. I would love to meet you and Alexi someday soon for a workshop when I have the financial freedom or just to simply shake you're hand and say thanks. This work is way beyond the both of you and is crazy important to this world! , KEEP KILLING IT, KEEP IT MOVING

  26. Exactly what I need right now.

  27. Thank you so much Preston all of these are very helpful 😁😊😆

  28. Really needed this now, thank you. HUGS  🙂

  29. The tip that resonates with me MOST is tip number 5, suffering is optional. I'm currently going through a rough time in my life and I have realized that resistance is causing me to suffer rather than acceptance and enjoying the present moment. Thanks, Preston, I really appreciate this video.

  30. Beautiful! Thank you P. We are lovesvoice everyone of us 🙂

  31. my favourite was to ENJOY the pain and love the breakdown

  32. Amazing message and wisdom as always P! #BeBlessed

  33. Hey brother. I don't know you but I want to get down on my knees and say thank you so much for your light in the world. It has been consistently lighting the candle in all the darkness I'm currently experiencing. Today it all came out and I couldn't stop crying just hearing your voice and positivity. I know this pain is here to teach and grow me but at times it's really difficult to manage. I love you brother. 🙏

  34. I NEEDED this. Thank you 🙏🏼❤❤❤❤❤❤ I really hope to meet you one day Preston. You truly are one of my greatest mentors. Come to NYC one day please please pleeeeease 🙏🏼💕💕💕💕❤💕❤💕

  35. Thank you so much for this! I needed this today and everyday. It is so easy to get caught up in the ego's narrative.

  36. This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear!! Thanks Preston for your constant love spreading ❤️

  37. Beautiful words from a handsome light! 😍

  38. Such wisdom in your words. I can feel you tapping into divine intelligence and expressing the information you receive from them. I agree and resonate with all the points you made.

  39. #Lovesvoice !!!Thank you, as always, for speaking with tenacity of faith on some beautiful Truths!Such an auspicious and uplifting reminder. Keep being a light on the Path.

  40. every single word resonated with my current emotional state. the perfectionist and ruminating control freak side of myself has to go. thank you thank you thank you. You're helping millions of people to become self aware <3

  41. when you mentioned that if you're watching this you're probably the kind of person who's supporting loved ones, so true for me I used personal development for a long time to get stronger now I'm slowly learning to surrender and love myself. there's nothing that needs to be "fixed" <3

  42. Preston glad to hear your flow again! sending love to you dear LOVE!!!

  43. You videos always come at the most perfect timing in my life. It's amazing that just a while ago, maybe half a year or so, your videos gave me immense anxiety and overwhelm. I come back to them now and I can't believe I use to be afraid to watch them. Thank you.

  44. I know you are busy but I hope someone would have some wisdom into this. For some reason, strangers sometimes come to me and start telling me their lifestory. It usually happens when Im in a very happy place in life, but the thing is, their story is usually scary or makes them look scary and deranged and I try not to judge them and just listen and give support as I can. But it leaves me being scared of people! Like I try to still offer the support I can wich is not much but Ive been trying to be more open and its hard when people coming at me have these awful expiriences wich make them sad and thus me sad or them scary and thus me scared😬 Does this make any sense? How do you deal with this? What is there to this?

  45. Very inspiring and peaceful video! Thank you, brother!

  46. Thank you so much, Preston ! Tip #4 and tip #5 resonated the most with me and this video was just e a toy what I needed to hear 🌸❤️ God bless you man, much love and appreciation 🌳🦋

  47. Love that line of a "set back" actually being a "set up"

  48. Best message ever Preston! I wish I could tell you to what extent that your gift has changed my life! God spoke to me through you. I asked Him to keep blessing you…… Keep speaking Love……..

  49. Exactly what i needed. Very good and inspirational video !!

  50. Have you ever done a video about dealing with a loss?

  51. Lotus flower . Love you xxxx

  52. love this bro, Ask the powerful question what is this teaching me and listen to you higher self, and i love the quick sand analogy saying lean back relax and enjoy the hurt

    some much love for your stuff bro

  53. God bless you, brother

  54. Thank you Preston for your kind & wise words .I am so happy I have found you ! 🙏🏻

  55. Enjoy the pain? Enjoy the pain! Breakdown before you breakthrough!! I am deep diving the #lovesvoice tribe youtube and loving it! Thank you!

  56. I really needed to see this video today. Thank you! =)

  57. Straight to the Top my Great friend!!! ☝

  58. You’re awesome! Bless you 🙏🏼

  59. Hey, my name is Taraji. I loved your video. I also liked and subscribed to your channel. Maybe check me out I do the same kind of videos. Keep inspiring us!! 💗

  60. @Preston Smiles this was immensely helpful to me, thank you for posting this and great effort and energy and message!

    I liked this video enough that I just bought your book on audible as well , so looking forward to more of your content !

  61. You’re amazing my friend

  62. We need to focus on the fact that we are alive and have the chance to wake up every morning. I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful to be alive. Like you said everything will be okay. God is love.

  63. Hey Preston! I would LOVE to know your tips and ways that you elevated from taking the steps back (moving in with your mother )
    what kind of things were you doing during that time that elevated you to the next level. ✨🙏🏻Thank you so much friend!

  64. Amen! Who I AM is okay, right now.

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