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7 Style Tips for Large Men _ Big Man’s Guide
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I go into a lot more detail. I’ve got some bonus information in there and yeah, I just
scratched the surface here in the video. Let’s get right to it. Why does this matter?
Well, it matters because if you are a large man, if you’re overweight, if you’re big,
you know that many people immediately form a perception of you and it’s not always positive.
Oftentimes, it’s negative. They look at you, because you’re overweight, because you’re
obese, they’re going to assume that you’re slow. They’re going to assume that you’re
not going to be able to keep up; that for some reason, your weight is having an effect
on your level of intelligence, your manners, what kind of a person you are. That is why this matters because you can control,
you can at least minimize a lot of that by sending instead of the image — you don’t
want to send the image that you’re fat and sloppy. Instead, look at “Okay, I’ve got style.
I’m a big guy, yes, I know that. But I’ve got style. I care about the details. I pay
attention to those things and that’s the kind of guy I am.” Why this matters is because you can control
your image. Let’s talk about three — before I get into the seven tips, I want to give
you three foundation fundamentals that all large men should be thinking about. 1. Fit Number one is fit. Over at The Art of Manliness,
I put out a great article talking about the style pyramid. Go check it out. I can do a
lot more detail there. I’ve got entire articles about what constitutes proper fit. But as
a large man, you have little room for error. You’re going to have to find a tailor — you
should know your tailor’s name and make sure all of your clothing fits. That includes your
jeans. That includes all your shirts, your trousers, your jackets. Everything fits and
it works together and you wear it in concert. Again, focus in on that fit. 2. Keep Things Simple Number two is keep things simple. You’re not
going to want to introduce loud outfits. Guys, I mean, just do a Google search on John Daly.
Look at some of the pants that he wears out there on the golf course. It is bad. What’s
the cherry, that announcer over up in Canada with hockey? These bigger guys, I mean, they
do it maybe to grab attention but it comes off as comic and a lot of you gentlemen, if
that is your profession and that’s what you want to do, go for it. What was it? Sinbad
in the 1990s, if you want to go for that type of look, fine. But if you want something that’s
more professional, then keep things simple. So we talked about fit, keep things simple. 3. Light Weight Fabrics Number three, lightweight fabrics. You need
to learn your fabrics. You need to understand what is a tropical weight wool and weight
tropical weight wool you want to be looking for. You want to understand lightweight cottons
and that those are going to be better to layer than going for a thicker cotton. Understand
lightweight fabrics. Make sure that your wardrobe and you can build it up over time. I know
many of you guys have limited budgets. You can go to thrift stores and build the stuff
up but look and always be on the look for lightweight fabrics. So now we’re going to get into the seven tips
and these seven tips are based off of my book over on Amazon. It’s called Large Man’s Guide
to Style. These seven tips are just a tip of the iceberg in which I get into the book
over there on Amazon. 1. Switch from Belt to Suspenders The number one tip is learn to switch from
belt to suspenders. I know many of you guys are thinking, “Okay, suspenders, that’s something
my grandfather wore.” Well, you know what, your grandfather was probably a pretty smart
guy because he understood that suspenders are very comfortable and they are a large
man’s best friend. Think about it. If you are a big guy, you are trying — I mean as
you go farther down your body, your legs and your ankles are not wider than your waist
area and if they are, you probably need to go to a doctor. No, seriously. You are trying
to cause all this tension around your midsection and the farther down your pants go, the more
likely they are to fall down. When you wear suspenders, you can wear it
in the midsection wear it a bit more loose because they’re being held up on your shoulders.
Try suspenders. Learn to wear them. Make the switch over and you’re going to love it. That’s
the number one tip. 2. Wear a Spread Collar Number two, look for spread collars and collars
that are going to be more proportional around your face. I’m not talking extreme spread
collars that go way out. The reason you want to be looking at spread collars is because
if you wear a tie, you want to start tying larger knots in this area. It’s all about
the clothes that are closest to your face being the correct proportion. For a lot of guys, going from a point to a
narrow point to a spread to a medium spread — medium spread works pretty well too — you’re
going to be able wear a larger knot and proportionally, it’s going to start to spread out. Some guys
are thinking, “Oh well, to minimize the roundness of my face, shouldn’t I go with a long narrow
point?” No. Go with a medium spread. Go with something a little bit larger. That is tip
number two. 3. Hats Let’s go into tip number three. Okay. So you’ve
probably heard that if you are a larger guy that hats are a no-no for some men. Well,
that’s because they don’t know how to wear them with confidence. Now there are some great
articles over The Art of Manliness. They talk all about how to choose the right hat. But
when it comes down to it, wearing hat requires confidence. That right there, if I could zero
in on anything is what’s going to help you look better as a large man, is being confident
and realizing, “Today, I’m not going to lose a hundred pounds but you know what, I can
put my shoulders back. I can walk around with confidence.” For you to don a hat, that requires a lot
of confidence. It requires you to study and to understand style. In fact, I’d love to
see some of you guys down the comments below recommending hats for other large men if you
are a large man that already wears a hat. Yeah, the confidence, the style, the way you’re
going to take up your game is the whole reason for wearing a hat and it makes you a little
taller. 4. Overalls Number four. If you’re a blue-collar worker,
you’re probably asking, “Okay, what do all these tips apply to me?” Well, how about if
you’re a blue-collar worker, let’s say you’re a plumber, you’re a master electrician, look
at overalls. We’ve all heard about plumber’s crack and many of us unfortunately seen it
or we’ve been the offender. Let’s look to eliminate that. Bring back the overalls. I
used to have a pair of overalls when I used to climb radio communication towers over in
Iowa. I loved them, very comfortable and I wasn’t a big guy. But for guy, they’re great.
Again, the weight is going to be on your shoulders and with the overalls, you’re not having to
worry about your shirt getting pulled up. It’s just going to be a much better, more
streamlined look for you. And I think it’s going to look more professional. If you’re again a blue collar worker and you
can pull this off, you can get your company uniform on there or if you’ve got your own
business, you should consider it. 5. Well Groomed Facial Hair Number five, grow a bit of facial hair. Now
I’m not talking a huge ZZ Top beard. What I’m talking is a very well-groomed, smaller
bit of facial hair that’s going to help cover maybe the double chin that you have. It’s
also going to maybe elongate the face a bit. Whenever you look at a man, you look at his
face and whenever you see a guy that has a very carefully groomed facial hair, you instantly
equate, okay, this guy pays attention to the small details. It’s a double-edged sword.
You have to take care of your facial hair because if you don’t, you’re going to get
the complete opposite effect. 6. Wear Large Accessories Number six, large accessories. Now, most accessories
out there are made for regular size guys. You want larger accessories that again are
going to match the proportions. Make sure your watch, make sure rings, make sure any
jewelry, any accessories that you have are a bit larger to match your overall size. Because
think about it, what makes a tall man look like a giant? It’s actually the size of his
head in proportion to his body. Because his head is smaller, it makes him look like a
giant. You want to make sure that your other accessories don’t make you look like a giant.
When you’re holding that small pen, not much I can do there although you could actually
go I guess for a larger pen. There are some pretty big ones out there. So upsize all of
your accessories, make them larger. In a sense, make the world big that at least you can control. 7. Wear Untucked Shirt Styles Number seven. I got to do my figures right.
Number seven. A well tailored shirt that you can wear untucked. Many of us are already
wearing shirts untucked, t-shirts especially. Now I’m not talking about t-shirts. You want
to look at something like a guayabera or another shirt that you can wear untucked. There’s
a number of shirts that can — in a sense sports shirts and what you’re looking to do
is just to go a couple of inches past where your trousers are at. You’re not looking where
I see oftentimes men — where they screw this up is that they wear the shirt way too long.
Make sure that your shirt, when you’re going to wear them untucked in, for a larger man
wearing an untucked shirt is fine. Make sure to wear an undershirt or anything in case
you raise your arms up or you’re on an airplane and you’re helping somebody up, you don’t
want to give a belly flash there. But guys, make sure the shirt is tailored.
Have it adjusted on the bottom. Tailors can do that and go a couple inches past. In fact
a great way is just to raise your arms up over your head and as long as you’re not exposing
your midsection, it’s probably a good light. 8. Wear a Jacket Number eight. Yeah, a bonus, wear a jacket.
Guys, I talked about this all the time. Many of you all say it’s too hot or you’re not
used to it. Well, get used to it because nothing is going to help a man who’s bigger look sharp
than a structured jacket which gives lines to his soft figure. Okay? All right, guys. Go check out the article.
I linked to it down below. It’s a great article, The Art of Manliness. I got a lot of bonuses.
I even talk about how to dress better so that — big guys get hot and I’ve got a bonus section
over there in which I talked about understanding fabrics and undershirts and other tips and
tricks to prevent yourself from getting hot and sweating and things like that. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this. If you want
to learn more, again, go check out the article. Take care, guys. I’ll see you in the next
video. Bye-bye.

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