7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant In Debates

7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant In Debates

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  1. Because he ignores what the opponent says and then talks over them loud and fast with a preprepared talking point that only tangentially applies to what the opponent just said.

  2. reason #1: he is an epic gamer just like us kekistanis

  3. Um he isn’t? He talks over his opponents and hurls accusations, and when he loses he throws a tantrum and leaves. What a moron you are.

  4. If you're a climate scientist who comes across as a shy, gentle, soft-spoken librarian, you're better off avoiding a debate with Ben Shapiro about climate change.

    If you're an evolutionary biologist who comes across as a shy, gentle, soft-spoken librarian, you're better off avoiding a debate with Ben Shapiro about evolution.

    Personality is critical. Lawyers such as Ben Shapiro are people who argue for a living. Being a fast-talking motormouth is an essential attribute when it comes to gaining the upper hand in an arguing match (or "debate"). Climatologists or evolutionary biologists may have the facts on their side, they may have a sound, reasonable case to put forward, but unless they happen to be an articulate extrovert who can aggressively hammer home their points, they're not likely to get anywhere in an oratorical duel. (Sorry, I mean "debate".)

  5. no dawg, it's called bein "Bugs Bunny'd"

  6. 8. Talk extremely fast
    9. Conjure numbers out of thin air and create sentences that contain phrases like "if we assume" or "let's say"
    He's a con-artist of the highest degree and not half as clever as many people think he is. But good for him, he's collecting all that Koch brothers dosh to spread his BS. A man has to live.

  7. Dude you sound like Ben Shapiro

  8. Lets talk about the sorta morons whom walk straight in the very same trap for the 1000 times.
    Intelligence? You have to show em the a word on a explanatory dictionary to get the concept, but what one can await from a leftist troll?

    "fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me"
    But what about be fooled by the very same trick countless times?

  9. MICHAEL SCHEUER and JOHN MEARSHEIMER would destroy Ben Shapiro in a debate!

  10. Until he came up against Andrew Neil from BBC, he couldn't handle it and walked out.

  11. The only reason Ben Shapiro is viewed as dominant in debates is that he talks faster than everyone else and refuses to consider the other side's arguments. The only people that think he's smart are people of low intelligence who can't follow what he's saying.

  12. you could be educated, and be right.

  13. Lol I got a Ben Shapiro ad in this video

  14. The Mind Flayer returns in season 4…it's this guy.

  15. Ben, come to Florida and have a personal chat with me. No money. No reason. Just pure human interaction.

  16. He’s good debater for sure but really he state facts and you can’t counter facts. I doubt he can keep that up if he was arguing for the sky being red.

  17. A warning to all men watching this:

    NEVER use any of these tactics against women or your mothers. You will regret it sooner or later. NEVER

  18. I had to stop right at 7:21 after abortion. In CONTEXT of that short segment I propose this. If NASA found a fossilized single cell paramecium (google it), liberals and conservatives all over the world would declare "WE HAVE FOUND LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE!" Yet a MULTI-CELL "organism" in a HUMANS WOMB here on TERRESTRIAL EARTH is just some some "blob" that can be exterminated at will. Under that qualifier or logic, NASA should DESTROY any evidence of life we find on a cellular level in the galaxy. After all, "it's just a cell".

  19. At the end of the day. Do the research.

  20. 8:42 Does anyone not see how contradicting this entire statement is?

  21. So it really doesn't matter about being right, just winning? Yikes, that's sad

  22. and yet Shapiro is scared of Sam Seder

  23. The number one reason is he hates non Israelis and has a unfair advantage. Just like Israelis shooting Palestine citizens when they throw rocks. ROCK

  24. Ben is the new Hitler. Scary dude

  25. I have fallen in love with this channel for it's neutral analysis. This is amazing! I like to debate, and this is what I do. I use these tactics to get opponents to make rookie mistakes. It is underhanded, but it works like a charm. Many people come at me without evidence, so I bait them into providing it, run the evidence that I get through bias checks on the source, using multiple fact checkers, and use these tactics to control the flow of arguments. I have an immense respect for this channel, because now I am self aware about my debate style. This is very solid, non bias content. At least as unbiased as humanly possible. Non-bias sources don't exist.

  26. Ben is an absolute genius. He’s managed to push the Zionist agenda on what were extremely patriotic people who held the stance of “America first.” Obviously he’s aiding in the destruction of the West, but still, hats off to him for being so effective.

  27. Or, you could just speak the truth, which is what Ben does 😬

  28. The guy sounds like ben himself

  29. He kept not having a go at Ben and I'm not saying that Ben does this because he is terrified of Ben roasting him. Nice vid tho🤣👌

  30. He's usually wrong and always dishonest. Plus, he's unkind.

  31. He doesn't really say anything. His tactic is to use Communist Jewish intellectualism from the Talmud to confuse you from the truth. If he cannot talk with plain language with few words then he has no argument. Simple as that.

  32. That bishop was being moved the wrong way.

  33. The golden rule is: say think of the children…

  34. Daft mfs. The narrator is BEN Shapiro! 💀 I don't believe otherwise. 💁

  35. Show the ones where he gets mad as hell.

  36. ben shapiro should run for president

  37. Ben is only any good when he is debating with soft or friendly "opponents". He completely loses it when there is an adult with integrity and serious questions to address.

  38. Chris Hitchens would wipe the floor with this fraud

  39. LOL, Number 6 is definitely NOT a good example of what you are trying to assign to Ben. His argument that there isn't a correlation between income inequality and rates of poverty is in fact contradicted by his very concrete example. I think Ben comes across as 'dominant' only during a debate as most people find him so irritating that the only thing they hear is his annoying voice without listening to what he's actually saying. Read a transcript of his arguments on the other hand and you'll quickly find huge holes in his reasoning and, like in this example, contradictions galore.

  40. Of course, Practise, lots of practise. Helps.

  41. He has Asperger's.

  42. Asking how he wins is like asking how magicians create magic. Ha ha.

  43. Great vid but is "7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant In Debates" a snuck premise?

  44. Ben Shapiro OBLİTERATES Libtards with facts and logic

  45. Love Ben, BUT to “TRY” and compare yourself with him is ludicrous and way over the top self serving. If your anywhere near as good as Ben like you repeatedly said during your video we’d all know who you are. Enough said.

  46. If I were to put an aborted kitten or puppy in front of a liberal, they would go bananas. But a dead baby is not a dead baby because they don't want it to be. It's insane. They should be confronted with the facts. The result of a successful abortion is a dead baby. The result of a botched abortion is a live baby. So yes, it's a baby.
    The money belongs to the person who earned it. That is the basis of a free society. Communism takes the wealth of the people until there is no more wealth and leaves the people to starve.
    This isn't snuck premise, this is fact.

  47. 8. He didn't debate Christopher Hitchens.

  48. I do not agree that Ben Shapiro is a skilled debater. He does have a skill, which is excellent memory. Aside from memory, I am hardpressed to find another of his speaking or debating skills. The 'secret' to his success is choosing well-known positions that are easy to defend – there are lots of evidence to support them. Yes, they are consistent with his world view but that is a product of education, not any particular skill on his part. If you listen to Ben you will be surprised that anyone listens to him. He speaks too fast and sounds awful. He makes frequent mistakes in pronunciation because he speaks so fast. His words tumble out. And hs is arrogant with all this lack of skills. He needs to practice his craft and drop his arrogance. Then he will be really successful.

  49. Also pandering half truths and outright falsehood helps

  50. So according to this Democrat filmmaker, a "snuck premise" includes:

    1) Saying an unborn baby is still a "baby"

    2) Saying the money you earned is "yours" not the governments

    Ben's condition for believing Trump is a traitor was for the Mueller investigation to prove it. Mueller failed. So Bill Maher will be apologizing…any day now…

  51. Ben Shapiro: "Facts don't care about your feelings. … …. No no, I said YOUR feelings. Not mine. My feelings are important."

  52. When you make more sense than Ben, then I'll listen to you. Until then….

  53. While most of your points make sense, the #1 reason why Ben is so dominant in debate is that he picks EASY TARGETS who don't know what they're talking about. It's easy to win debates when the other person doesn't even know what a logical fallacy is

  54. Shapiro ONLY uses logic in his debates, so to say his arguments might not be logical is ridiculous! Also, Shapiro isn’t one of the best debaters because of certain techniques, he’s one of the best as he uses facts, truth, evidence to destroy everyone he debates with! He’s never gonna use an argument that is simply not true & he does extensive research on any subject that he will talk about. Yes, he does share his opinions, but he will make sure to point out that he, like those on the left, have that very same right of freedom of speech! Ben Shapiro is a destroyer of social justice warriors, radical feminism, pro choice advocates, free speech for everyone since those on the left worship the 1st amendment, yet will show their hypocrisy by silencing every Conservative beliefs since our views are different. Bottom line, he knows that the left wingers & libtards have become a complete joke & so he will make everyone known why the left & libtards are pretty much finished! I could go on & on but don’t take my word for it, hop on YouTube & start binge watching all the Ben Shapiro videos u can find! I promise if u have half a brain, you will enjoy every video of him just putting a serious hurt on anyone he’s up against lol!

  55. According to this video, a snuck premise is calling baby murder "baby murder" and stealing money "stealing money". Imagine rephrasing his assertion like this: "Ben claims that during a mugging the acquisiion of currency is "robbery" as the snuck premise, because the mugger may believe that the money is already theirs".

  56. He does “well” with college students and Fox but gets triggered with adults. It’s obvious he’s just playing a game like Conway.

  57. "Ways to win if you are wrong" if Ben didn't back anything up or was wrong in his statistics, none of these 7 would work. If someone "won" the debate and was "wrong" why would anyone even debate politics?

  58. I always want to punch Ben Shapiro.  The way he talks so fast is so damn annoying and smug.

  59. Shapiro was challenged on a BBC interview. Walked off the interview like a angry little child. Thats being Dominant? I dont think so.

  60. Didn't he cry on British T.V. when a fellow conservative asked him a tough question?

  61. 1) argue against ill-prepared high school kids

  62. Amazon paid no federal taxes for a while…and I'e guess Jeff Bezos writes off many luxurious expenses, but the rest of us have to pay federal taxes, so……who wants HIS money, you say? HIS? If HIS money doesn't have to pay certain taxes, why do mine? Fascism is not capitalism or free market. He/his co. pays for campaign financing and probably for lobbyists, too….that is fascism, not true capitalism.

  63. he does this and people go "omg savage😍🔥🔥"

  64. Abortion is killing a baby usually just to cater your own convenience. Deplorable and disgusting.

  65. JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GOD IS LOVE!!!

  66. Lil' Ben destroys autistic j-left college children GONE TALMUDIC [MOSSAD CALLED]

  67. Who listens to this strange chap? Verbal diarrhoea.

  68. Build your positions on logical fallacies and hope you don't get called on it.

  69. The fact that a video needs to be made about how right he is is hilariously comical.

  70. Then why does he keep on losing?

  71. thanks for putting mr hitchens in there

  72. You're trying to convolute truth. But you can't. And unless you're speaking it you didn't win.

  73. Ive just seen Ben two times, one in a debate with Cenk Uygur and one interview with a NBC guy. He lost both, in fact, he literaly ran away from the NBC interview.

  74. Gotta be good looking too. Ain't no one gonna take you serious if you look like Beetlejuice from Howard stern. Just saying. Shockingly, I have met many a woman who finds Trump to be incredibly handsome… I'm not saying he is or isn't as I can't look at him objectively, but I just wanted to point that out.

  75. Tools are made to be used as tools.
    Ben is one of them.

  76. Ben Shapiro hasn’t made headlines in recent years and is no more relevent than Jacob A. Wohl.

  77. 5) Only debate noobs to look ‘dominant’.

  78. This is not a secret. When you learn the art of your trade people listen.

  79. Dominant? His sources are all biased or lies. He just talks fast so people think he is smart, but if you listen to what he is saying then you will realize he is NOT as smart as people think he is.

  80. White people think winning a debate will stop their eradication. lol

  81. Step 1: constantly create hypotheticals that support you instead of actually interpreting facts

  82. Those on the right are always accusing those on the left of letting their emotions controle their minds.
    That's just as true on both sides. The difference is that the emotion from the left has overwhelmingly been love, as opposed to the right that has been overwhelmingly hate.

  83. Ben shapiro vs jacob rees-mogg in a debate make it happen!

  84. I would disagree with the negative characterization of "snuck premise", at least as illustrated. The reason is that the "snuck premise" is actually the core or a core point of dispute. That is, the opposition to abortion IS that the opponents view it as essentially killing babies. It is a core premise that one's money IS in fact their property to which they have a right. So to that extent, it is actually the other side that is not arguing in good faith when they try to claim that the dispute is over something that it is not. Which is kind of a polar opposite. So for example, then pro-abortionists try to claim that the anti-abortionists want to "control a woman's body", when that is not it at all, but they do this to straw man in a way to try to make it appear that their motives are wrongly trying to control other people than what it actually is – about opposition to killing babies. In that sense, iI would cal lit a "snuck premise" when it is an overt premise that is actually the point of actual dispute.

  85. If someone uses facts they are correct. Ben uses facts Ben is Correct.

  86. That is facts. Women are not worth it. Soon as you put a ring on it, she has you as a slave, if not, but have the power to do at anytime. When we have women voting rights, we gave power to feelings to guide our laws. We need logic to keep society together.

  87. we all should eat more magic mushrooms..seriously, that will help us turn into higher beings..especially on an emotional level..something. most psychiatrists and people in general, sadly know nothing about..

  88. hahahahaha shapiro is a small hat who thinks you should go to war but he wouldnt pick a grape in food fight. he's a gammy male. plotting and scheming. that is NOT alpha, get real

  89. It appears that at least half of Shapiru’s tactics are based on deflection, fast talk and ad hominem attacks.

  90. @11:00 Ben debating Trump would be the best of all time hands down!

  91. Saying it's "their money" is not a Snuck premise. It is their money according to everyone in the world. The beliefs of socialists and communists is irrelevant.

  92. I agree with almost everything Ben Shapiro says, I would debate him When it Comes to Jesus Christ, He his Total Wrong by saying Jesus Christ is Not The Messiah, Jesus Christ is The Messiah, God said I Created Man in Our Image, He is referring to Jesus Christ, God Created everything Including Angeles , No aliens that is a deception from the father of all lies satan , He says this to explain away the "Rapture" , By the Way Jesus Christ has always been, He His The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending

  93. I also pray that he comes to Jesus Christ, The End times are Coming Don't want you to have to go threw 7 years of tribulation

  94. his charisma definitely helps hom be confident lmao oof

  95. his charisma definitely helps hom be confident lmao oof

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