60 Second Photoshop Tutorial : Save Images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc) -HD-

60 Second Photoshop Tutorial : Save Images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc) -HD-

When using Photoshop, there are few ways
to save your final images. For users constrained by file size, you may want to
explore the save features under file, save for web. But for most people, you will
simply go to file, save as in order to save your images from Photoshop. So when you
click on this, a dialog box will come up and here you can choose where to save the
file, you can give it a name, and you can choose the format to save it in. So by default the format is set to .psd which is the Photoshop document itself. Now I recommend saving a psd as
well as your final format so that you still have access to your layers and changes made
within Photoshop. So in this drop down you will also see your
standard image formats such as jpegs, pngs for transparent images, tiffs,
bitmaps, and more. So I’m just going to take and select jpeg for my image. I’m going to give it a name of image, here. An then I’m going to select a location on my
desktop in order to save this image. So once you’ve selected a place just
click save and a new dialogue box will come up. In this dialog box you can adjust
the image quality in order to adjust the file size of the overall file.
So in my case I’m just going to leave it at maximum quality and click ok. So now, my file has been saved into the folder on
my desktop and you can see that the file turned out great. So, this has been a 60 second tutorial by River City Graphix. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and comment for more!

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